1/2 Tips Double Fixed Matches

1/2 Tips Double Fixed Matches

1/2 Tips Double Fixed Matches

Safe fixed odds 1×2 betting
Day: Tuesday    Date: 19.07.2022

League: ICELAND Besta-deild karla
Match: KR Reykjavik – Fram
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:1 Lost

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High odds fixed games betting

1/2 tips double fixed matches Teasers betting is something not all bettors are aware of. And yet it is an option that allows you to boost your chances of winning a bet featuring multiple FIXED MATCHES 1×2 selections (albeit at reduced odds). How do Teaser bets work, what are their payouts and what Teasers betting does FixedMatch.Bet offer? Read on to find out.

1/2 tips double fixed matches explained

In Teasers betting, the bettor receives a specified favourable point. To adjustment for every selection of a multiple selection bet, with the bet then also set at a fixed payout.

Teaser bet example

Here is how a six-point 1/2 tips double fixed matches would work on Super Bowl LIV contested between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

As you can see, if somebody wanted to bet on the Handicap for the Kansas City Chiefs. They would move from a +2.5 underdog to a +8.5 (2.5 + 6) underdog. Greatly increasing the chance of winning this selection. Equally, the Handicap fixed matches betting on the San Francisco 49ers would move from -2.5 favourites to +3.5 (-2.5 + 6) underdogs.

For Over/Under bets fixed matches, Teaser bets open up two separate markets to assist your bet. In this instance, when the Over/Under fixed matches betting was set at 45.5, this would move to Over 39.5 (45.5 – 6) and Under 51.5 (45.5 + 6), essentially boosting your chances of winning by six points either way.

Over Under Goals betting matches tips

All of this does come with a reduced and 1/2 tips double fixed matches. If someone was to place a €100 Multiple bet on either team to win on the Handicap in one game. And the Over/Under goals betting tips 1×2 for another game, the payout would likely be around €365 (€265 profit), based on odds of -110 / 1.909 for each selection. However, the same bet with a six-point Teaser would have a lower payout with combined odds of -110 / 1.909, meaning that a €100 bet would only win €190.90 (€90.90 profit).

What 1/2 tips double fixed matches does FixedMatch.Bet offer?

Teaser bets on FixedMatch.Bet can include Handicap and Over/Under markets fixed matches.

Football Teaser bets

FixedMatch.Bet has three primary markets for Teaser betting on football:

  • NFL Same Game: Teaser bets of 6, 6.5 and 7 points when all of the selections in the bet are on the same NFL fixture.
  • NFL/College 2 – 6 Team: Teaser bets of 6, 6.5 and 7 points involving selections on between two and six NFL and/or NCAA football teams.
  • Super Teasers: These are ten-point Teaser bets involving selections on three NFL and/or NCAA teams and 13-point Teaser bets involving selections on four NFL and/or NCAA football teams.

Teasers betting rules: Things to consider

There are several things you need to remember when placing a Teaser bet with FixedMatch.Bet. Most frequently, this relates to what happens when a tie occurs in at least one of your selections that form the bet or any are deem to have no action.

Combo bets tips 1×2 football

Teaser bet ties

In the instance of a tie, on both football ht-ft fixed match 30 odds and basketball Teaser bets involving three teams or more, the selection(s) are remove and the payout is adjusted accordingly. For instance, a Teaser bet involving four teams would be reduce to three teams.

For football and basketball Teaser bets involving just two teams. When at least one selection is a tie or deem to have no action, the entire bet is consider a push and all money is refund. If any selection of a Super Teaser bet is a tie or deem to have no action. The entire bet is graded as no action and all money is refunded irrespective of the number of teams involved.

Teaser bet base Handicap adjustments

On certain occasions, the point adjustment for Teaser bets may also be different than what you are expecting. If the base Handicap betting odds matches for a Teaser has been move to a different Handicap. This is because in some situations, FixedMatch.Bet has to limit our exposure. And thus cannot allow unlimited Teaser bets to be place at certain prices.

For instance, if for an NFL game the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks were set at Handicaps of -7.5 and +7.5 respectively (a base Handicap of 7.5), FixedMatch.Bet may move the base Handicap to 9.5 to offer six-point Teaser bets.

As a result, the Teaser bet Handicaps set would be Green Bay Packers at -3.5 and Seattle Seahawks at +3.5 as opposed to Green Bay Packers at -1.5 and Seattle Seahawks at +1.5 that you would ordinarily expect.

Bookie handicapping fixed matches today

Closing line value versus profits and losses

Let’s look back at the bettor’s actual profits/losses (P/L) history above. Using my traditional significance testing approach, such a performance could arguably happen by chance about once in 200 bettors. On that evidence it’s probable that something more than luck is at work. But if we had a sample of 200 bettors and this was the best record. We couldn’t really rule out the possibility that there was no skill at all.

1 2 Tips Double Fixed Matches

Compare this to the closing line value (CLV) methodology I’ve describe above. One in 200 versus one in a quattuorvigintillion. Which is giving us more reliable information about the likelihood of the 1/2 tips double fixed matches?

1/2 tips double fixed matches two approaches:

One for a bettor betting odds fixed matches 1×2 of 2.00, illustrating how much faster the CLV methodology provides meaningful information to the bettor. Their chances of being a long-term winner with an 1/2 tips double fixed matches of 2%. The y-axis is logarithmic, measuring the chances that an expected/actual profit over turnover of 2% will happen by chance for the CLV and P/L methods respectively.

In comparison to the CLV method, using actual profits and losses barely even registers. Even after 1,000 bets there’s only a one in 10 probability that luck could have deliver a 2% profit. Where the expectation is a 2% loss. Statisticians testing hypotheses wouldn’t even blink. Should such a bettor be showing an expect yield of 2% based on how they beat the fair closing prices of bets they make. And  just 50 of them would provide the confidence of knowing that this would happen once in about 10,000 times.

Combined fixed ticket matches 100% sure

Of course, you might justifiably point out that profits and losses. They are real and closing lines just give us an idea of what to expect. By this measure, our bettor did very well with close to a 6% yield. The key point here, however, is that it takes much longer to separate randomness from causation with profits and losses than it does for closing line value.

Provide the closing line value hypothesis is correct (it might not be completely so, but that is for another day), it provides a much more reliable indicator of bettor skill than a mere betting history. Arguably, beating the ‘fair’ closing line tells us much more about the long-term expectation for this bettor. Possibly two-thirds of our bettor’s actual profitability over 1,214 bets presented in this article was down to luck. Over long term they can be expected to regress back towards 2.19%.


I know there will still be bettors with 1/2 tips double fixed matches. Who fail to beat the closing line who will say: “doesn’t my record simply prove that the efficient closing line value. So hypothesis is invalid for the purposes of estimating expect profitability?” Yes, it might, but there are two points that must be taken into consideration.

Firstly, if a bettor is beating the closing line in the way our bettor in this article has done. We have to explain it. Chance alone cannot do that as the numbers have proved. The obvious answer is they’re skilled and the bookmaker knows it.

Ticket 4 Fixed Matches Combo Betting Ticket

Consequently, if one profitable bettor can move lines, why not another? Unless such a bettor can offer reasonable and testable explanations for why they don’t, the likelihood must remain. That they’ve simply been lucky. Remember, you might have a 1-in-a-million fixed odds winning betting record, but if you’re the best in a million trackable bettors, what does that really mean?

Secondly, given this information, the closing line acts as a gauge, allowing the bettor to very quickly measure their expected performance. Since even small deviations from expectation are highly unlikely over samples as few as 50 bets. The bettor will be able to very swiftly identify if the market thinks they’ve lost their edge. That’s something completely impossible with profit/loss analysis alone. In the words of our bettor here, “I can use 1/2 tips double fixed matches as a cliff detector, that way I can slow down.Or I can change my direction, so I don’t fall off.”

Secure sources fixed matches 100% safe

Until bookmakers show us the data on profit/losses versus closing line value. We’ll never know for sure how reliable an indicator CLV really is. Much of my data analysis into it published in FixedMatch.Bet. Betting Resources over the years suggests that if it’s not perfect, it’s surely pretty good.

After all, Marco Blume has told us that sharps move lines. Who am I to argue with that? So, if you are mindful enough to keep a record of your betting odds 1×2 tips football. Keep the closing prices too, and you can determine very quickly. If your bookmaker and the market think you’re a winner. Hope this article answered all your questions and you were able to get the tips you require to be a successful bettor. We believe if you use the right tips you can earn a great profit through betting on football fixed matches. Keep coming back for more and more useful fixed matches betting tips and win all your bets.

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