Fixed Hot Tips 1×2

Fixed Hot Tips 1×2

Fixed Hot Tips 1×2

Weekend hot fixed matches Single bet
Day: Friday    Date: 15.07.2022

League: DENMARK Superliga
Match: Midtjylland – Randers FC
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.75    Result: 1:1 Lost

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The most popular betting market for fixed matches in soccer is the fixed hot tips 1X2. But does it offer bettors the most value? Double Chance betting fixed matches can be a better alternative to both the traditional three-way market and Draw No Bet fixed matches option because it covers multiple outcomes. How can bettors use the 1X2 odds fixed matches football to calculate stakes for Double Chance fixed matches betting? Read on to find out.

What is fixed hot tips 1X2?

In essence, Double Chance betting fixed matches gives you the option to bet on two outcomes in a single game. And eliminate the third option. This means you can bet on either the home team and the draw or the away team and the draw fixed matches 1×2. Draw No Bet, by contrast, offers lower odds on your selection to win. And simply refunds the amount staked on a bet if the match ends in a draw.

Bookmakers will often offer a win or draw market fixed matches. But can you get better value by working out your own Double Chance odds fixed matches from the fixed matches 1X2 odds?

At FixedMatch.Bet, a +0.5 Handicap works perfectly for Double Chance betting fixed matches. However, we do not offer a 0 and 0.5. Handicaps on every game and therefore, being able to calculate your own Double Chance fixed matches betting odds will be beneficial.

Double Bet fixed Matches big odds

How to calculate Double FIXED HOT TIPS 1X2

We have established that by betting on Double Chance fixed matches, there will be two out of the three possible outcomes that will ensure your bet is successful. Consequently, odds are significantly lower than the straight 1X2 odds fixed matches.

We can use a hypothetical example to help explain Double Chance betting more clearly.

For example, you want to bet on Manchester City to beat Southampton at odds of 1.971. However, you believe Southampton may upset the odds and secure a draw but a 0.5 Handicap isn’t available. Something that would enable you to cover that option. Other bookmakers offer Southampton to win or draw at 1.25, is that better value than at FixedMatch.Bet?

Odds for the draw are at 3.880, and you are willing to risk €100 for this bet. Bettors who want a Double Chance bet should bet part of their €100 fixed hot tips 1X2 on Manchester City to win, and the remaining stake on the draw. Obviously, only one of these bets will win but we want the same profit in either case. Unless you opt for fixed matches, where the results are guaranteed.

Soccer sure predictions winning tips 1×2

For the purpose of this example we will label the stake on Manchester City as S. The stake on the draw is therefore (€100-S). If Manchester City win, the bettor will win 0.971 x S from that bet (The 0.971 comes from 1.971-1); the profit is calculated as S x (Decimal Odds – 1). The bettor loses the remaining stake that was placed on the draw (100-S).

Profit if Manchester City win:

0.971 x S – (100-S)

If the game ended in a draw, the calculation for the draw would see the bettor win 2.88 x (100-S) from the bet on the draw.

Profit if Manchester City and Southampton draw:

2.88 x (100-S) – S

As stated earlier bettors will want both profits equal. Using the above example, the equation to get equal profits would be as follows:

0.971 x S – (100-S) = 2.88 x (100-S) – S

This simple equation works out the value of S as 66.31. This means we should stake €66.31 on the Manchester City win and €33.69 (which works out as 100-66.31) on the draw.

So, if Manchester City win the bettor will earn (1.971-1) x 66.31 = €64.39, and lose €33.69 on the draw, with a net profit of €30.70.

If the game is a draw the bettor would win (3.88-1) x 33.69 = €97.03, and lose €66.31 on the Manchester City win bet, with an overall net profit of €30.72.

We can now make a simple comparison to another bookmaker to see if a Double Chance bet would have left the bettor with more or less profit.

Ticket multi bet fixed matches weekend

This shows that the bettor would have come away with €5.70 less profit if they had used the Double Chance option provided by another bookmaker (approximately 16% of the profit they would have got by covering both a Manchester win and draw individually at FixedMatch.Bet).

How to calculate FIXED HOT TIPS 1X2

From the above example, you can derive a general rule for calculating fixed matches stakes. If we label the total amount of money bettors want to risk with TOTAL, odds for a home win with HOME and odds for a draw with DRAW FIXED MATCHES, then:

Stake on home win = DRAW x TOTAL / (DRAW + HOME)

Stake on draw = TOTAL – Stake on home win

If you want to just compare odds, to get effective decimal odds you need to divide the return with the stake.

For the example above, the €100 staked would return €130.70 in the case of Manchester City win (profit is €30.70), therefore the decimal odds are 130.7/100 = 1.307.

The formula to calculate effective odds for regular bets (not fixed matches) can also be worked out from the equations above. Remember, fixed matches are guaranteed. So you have nothing to worry about.

Fixed Hot Tips 1x2

Statarea Predictions Tips 1×2

Return from home win bet is:


Therefore after dividing your return with TOTAL, the odds appear to be:

Effective odds = DRAW x HOME / (DRAW + HOME)

The equations for the other two Double Chance markets (draw or away win and home win or away win), where AWAY stands for away win odds, are as follows:

Draw or away win:

Stake on away win:


Stake on draw:

TOTAL – Stake on away win

Effective odds:


Home win or away Win:

Stake on home win:


Stake on away win:

TOTAL – Stake on Home win

Effective odds


Now that you know the benefits of Double Chance betting fixed matches 1×2, the Draw No Bet or win or draw option with another bookmaker probably doesn’t seem so appealing. Understanding how to calculate Double Chance stakes by using fixed matches odds from the 1X2 market fixed matches today will allow bettors to work out where the best value lies and gives you a better alternative.

Parlays, Accumulators Fixed Matches, Multiple fixed matches. Whatever you prefer to call them they are generally seen as a disadvantageous option for serious bettors. But can bettors actually use Parlays to their advantage? Read on to find out.

Why Parlays are generally considered to be poor bets

In general, betting on Parlays is consider to be a fixed hot tips 1X2. This is because for each event added to the bet the bookmaker’s margin is multiplied.

This can lead to bets that are hugely advantageous towards the bookmaker. Read how to bet on Multiples fixed matches for more detail on this.

How to bet on fixed matches 100% sure

Parlay betting strategy: Multiplying advantages

What is often miss when discussing the cons of Parlay bets. In the same way they boost the bookmaker’s margin, they can be used to multiply a bettor’s edge. If a bettor is confident they have an edge over the bookmaker. Then they are powerful tools for increasing that advantage.

Here the bettor has calculated that three events offered by the bookmaker at decimal odds of 2.00 (50% implied probability) actually have a probability of 55.55% (implied odds of 1.8):

In this scenario, the fixed matches bettor benefits from the Parlay in the same way the bookmaker usually does. His edge has increased.

Dependent events

If the bettor does not already have an edge then one other way a Parlay could be advantageous is if they can find a way to Parlay selections that appear to be independent bets but are actually in some way dependent.

An example of this could be combining a fixed matches bet on a soccer player and a separate team the player does not play for to score over a certain amount of goals in a season. In this case, if the team scores a lot of goals it may be because the league in general has a high scoring season.

This could be caused by rule changes, a change in the style of soccer played in the league or a number of smaller factors combining together which have an advantageous impact on both outcomes.

These factors would also make the player more likely to score more goals even if he doesn’t play for that specific team. Therefore the fixed hot tips 1X2 are in some way dependent.

High odds fixed bets 100% sure football

This is a fairly obvious example, and most bookmakers will be able to prevent these selections from being Parlayed. However, it is not impossible for a bettor on a rare occasion to find two seemingly independent bets that actually share a degree of dependency.

Parlays and FIXED HOT TIPS 1X2

One thing for Parlay fixed matches 1×2 bettors to be aware of is that in the short run, betting on Parlays will increase the volatility of returns.

In the example shared above, a bettor FIXED HOT TIPS 1X2 on an individual outcome will see a return more than 50% of the time if the bettor’s probability is correct. However, when the three outcomes are Parlay, the bettor will see a return 17% of the time but the winnings will be four times greater.

This greatly increases the volatility of the return. It is not improbable that the events back by the bettor in the example Parlay and similar Parlays could fail to occur simultaneously on many occasions. This volatility can be difficult for the bettor to factor in. They can find enough Parlays in the long run to ensure regression to the mean.

The limitations of Parlays

In addition to the usual issues with profitable bettors being limit by bookmakers. Parlays can also be difficult to place at even the sharper books.

Ticket multi betting big odds fixed matches

The scenario described in this article of a profitable bettor. Which increasing their advantage over the bookmaker is one that they will seek to avoid. This means even the sharpest bookmakers may reduce the odds on offer when selections are add to a fixed hot tips 1X2. On top of this, bookmakers will also be affected by the volatility on such selections. Since Parlays add an additional complexity to risk management. However, if you opt for our fixed matches, your risks are significantly reduced. This is because fixed matches are set up by our experienced professionals.

In conclusion, as with most betting strategies the tool is only as good as the bettor himself. Fixed hot tips 1X2 can be just as preferential to a fixed matches skilled bettor as they are detrimental to a poor one.

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