PSG Football Fixed Matches

PSG Football Fixed Matches

PSG Football Fixed Matches

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Day: Sunday    Date: 04.09.2022

League: ICELAND Besta-deild karla
Match: Vikingur Reykjavik – Vestmannaeyjar
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:2 Won

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For disciples of rational choice theory, the PSG Football Fixed Matches business of gambling presents massive profits. If you’re a fan of PSG, you’re going to love the fact that you can fix any PSG match that you want to. Supposedly individuals always make rational decisions by trying to maximise their advantage whilst minimising their losses. You wouldn’t pay €1,000 for a holiday if you thought it was worth only €500. If a bet has an expected value of zero or lower, why do gamblers strike them? Read on to find out.

The psychology of betting is undoubtedly a complex subject but on the surface, there is a simple question; if gamblers, on average, lose money, why do they still find it desirable to gamble? In this article, we will explore the lack of understanding in terms of expected value as well as why mathematical expectation and utility (or desirability) don’t necessarily mean the same thing. You will also learn more about Manipulated football betting fixed matches to gain higher profits.


For most types of gambling, including casino games and lotteries, the expected value is negative. For the vast majority of sports bettors where outcome probabilities are not determine mathematically from first principles, expectation appears to be similarly unprofitable.

Once the costs of playing have been taken into account – the house edge, the poker rake, the bookmaker’s margin and so on – the typical gambler will lose money over a period of play. Granted, short term providence can see them make gains but ultimately the law of large numbers will conspire to defeat even the luckiest of players.

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On this basis it might be reasonable to argue that gambling represents an irrational behaviour. Furthermore, there is abundant evidence to suggest that players do not understand the probabilities that accompany their ACCURATE DOUBLE HT/FT FIXED MATCHES decision making.

One specific example of the above involves the Possibility and Certainty Effects where decision makers overweigh and underweigh the probability of unlikely and near certain events respectively. In betting fixed odds 1×2, this manifests itself as the favourite-longshot bias where longshots contain relatively poorer expected value with respect to favourites.

Our inability to judge probabilities correctly is but one of many cognitive biases that we experience and which lead us astray from rational decision making. In the context of gambling it arguably gives rise to perhaps an even more powerful bias: overconfidence. Soccer fixed match 1×2 bets enable users to double their profits to gain more success through paid fixed matches.


Overconfidence or illusory superiority is a cognitive bias whereby individuals overestimate their own qualities and abilities relative to others. Given the PSG Football Fixed Matches that exists in gambling and particularly sports betting where forecasters’ wits are pitted against each other, we should expect to see overconfidence PSG Football Fixed Matches commonplace.

Sometimes known as the Lake Wobegon (or above-average) effect, named after a fictional town in Minnesota, it describes the natural human self-serving tendency to overestimate one’s capabilities. In Lake Wobegon all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average. The Lake Wobegon effect, where the majority of a group claims to be above average, has been observed in many domains including social popularity, intelligence and driving skill.

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I have certainly observed the Lake Wobegon effect amongst the sports advisory service community. In the 1976/77 (US) College Board Student Descriptive Questionnaire, 60% of the 829,000 high-school seniors rated themselves as being above average in athletic ability compared to just 6% below. These figures diverged even more when rating for leadership qualities (70% versus 2%). For the ability to get along with others, none of them considered themselves to be below average at all!

When someone is selling, who is buying?

In his best seller Thinking, Fast and Slow, cognitive psychologist Daniel Kahneman tells the story of an encounter with an investment manager at a Wall Street firm, and specifically a question he posed. “When you sell a stock, who buys it?” More generally, what makes one person buy and the other person sell? What do the sellers think they know that the buyers don’t?

PSG Football Fixed Matches

Evidently, someone must be wrong, or at least more wrong than the other. The alternative is that every transaction takes place at the ‘true’ price implying no one ever makes a profit. Now that would be irrational. Given that both parties are happy to engage in a transaction, mutual overconfidence of their own abilities to assess a stock price accurately must account for why they are willing to do so.

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The same is true in betting. In essence, the odds for an outcome broadly reflect the probability of it happening. After all, no one is going to bet 1.05 (or 1/20) for Sutton United to beat Arsenal FC, regardless of what they might think about Arsène Wenger. The odds just represent a public reflection of all privately held opinions about the likelihood of the outcome, expressed through money.

Represents an implicit process of PSG Football Fixed Matches The value the odds settle at represents an implicit process of bartering and compromise. Both backer (buyer) and layer (seller) will intuitively have in their minds roughly what they think a suitable price would represent for them. Overconfidence then allows for both parties to mutually hold the perception that each of them has secured some sort of positive expected value at the expense of the other, which of course is a logical impossibility.

Without this overconfidence, the bet would not take place since both rationally self-interest parties are motivate by the expectation of making a profit based on information that is better than his opponent’s, not throwing away money for the sake of it.

What about those on the outside looking in?

While irrationality, overconfidence and other behavioral biases may explain why we bet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can control how we bet. With an understanding of what these behavioral biases mean and that to some degree, they influence everyone; bettors can take an “outside looking in” view.

Knowing how behavioral biases influence betting decisions and being able to calculate betting fixed odds 1×2 margins doesn’t detract from the enjoyment it can bring, it simply sets you on the right path to finding expected value and taking a more educated approach to betting.

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The obvious question that arises from this article is: what is it that breeds such overconfidence in a betting context? What makes bettors so sure that they are right?


Statisticians are aware of the social desirability bias and take all measures available to minimize this effect. If predicting the extent to which people lie is somewhat possible though, based on rates of lying in previous surveys, there is one thing that even the best statisticians in the world cannot account for – the undecided voters.

In head-to-head elections that are close and the winner is decided at the very last moment, pre-election polls are as good as worthless. The ones who will determine the winner are the ones who have not made up their mind yet, which makes statisticians useless and the betting odds irrelevant, or depending on your point of view, a valuable opportunity for betting profits. The higher the uncertainty, the bigger the odds fluctuation and the more opportunities there are for the bettors to place their bets at favourable prices. So, if the polls cannot gauge the undecided ones, who do they really gauge?

Skin in the game

Welcome to a crash course in how the bookies set the odds, part two. Once they set the opening odds, the players bet on the markets they believe offers them good value, causing the bookmakers to constantly adjust the odds in order to maintain a balanced book and avoid exposure on one side – also known as following the money.

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While surveys measure the opinion of people who are involved in voting, the PSG Football Fixed Matches reflect the betting activity (i.e. what people who want to make money think). That is a completely different ball game. Let’s take for example the upcoming French elections. While the number of French citizens registered for voting is about 43 million, the number of people who bet on who will win the French elections can be as big as the adult population of earth with access to the internet or a fixed matches 1×2 football betting shop.


When Cristiano Ronaldo is on the pitch, the only thing that can drastically change his odds of scoring is an injury. Political candidates, however, can see their ratings go from top to flop as fast it takes for a sex scandal to spread across Twitter. From the Profumo affair that rocked the British Establishment during the Cold War and contributed to the defeat of the Conservative party in 1964 to the most recent Clinton-Lewinsky affair, sex scandals in politics have the potential to turn the betting markets upside-down.

Now that you know why bookmakers struggle to get the odds for political outcomes right, do you think you can beat the bookie? Get unbeatable odds on the French and German elections at FixedMatch.Bet, the only bookmaker who welcomes winners. Hope this article was informational for you and you were able to learn about SURE BETS FIXED MATCHES.

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