Premium Fixed Matches

Premium Fixed Matches

Premium Fixed Matches

Winning Free Fixed Sure Win Matches
Day: Wednesday    Date: 22.09.2021

Match: Manchester Utd – West Ham
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.65    Result: 0:1 Lost

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Daily Fixed Match Betting

Have you been looking for real, genuine and Premium fixed matches? Well you are in luck today. FixedMatch.Bet offers fixed matches everyday including today. Our fixed matches have tried and tested by fans and critics alike, and found to be 100% genuine. FixedMatch.Bet has the most reliable daily fixed odds.


Our fixed matches come with a promise of profits. This is a promise we have been able to keep for 100% of our customers. This for everyone who actually bought our fixed matches. Our Return and Refund policy stipulates that in case any of our fixed matches fail then you are guarantee 100% refund of your subscription fee.


Premium Fixed matches are games which have a predetermined outcome. There are usually few fixed matches at any given time and may be in and between days or weeks. They are a source of great profits for those who have the information.

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First let me make it clear that fixed matches are illegal in many countries around the world. We however insist on the fact that FixedMatch.Bet is register in UK. Uk has no law that prohibits accessing, distributing or using fixed matches. FIFA has no mandate over the operations of FixedMatch.Bet. Any attempts to criminalize our fixed matches service will met with furious lawyers in any court of law.


FixedMatch.Bet started years ago immediately embarked on a tough road towards making contact with various players and match officials and league managers in different parts of the world. We then strategically came up with a program where each player or manager would ask us for match fixing opportunities for profit. Each fixed match costs us thousands of dollars paid indirectly to players or officials. In return, we get them to fix games for us.

This might sound expensive both in money and other resources but the returns are great. ​


Premium Fixed matches have been a highly controversial issue for centuries across most cultures where gambling existed. Not because fixed matches are illegal in the first place but if they even exist.

Free Fixed Betting Matches Today

​So who should we believe? Those who say fixed matches exist or those who say the opposite? Back to the basics, let us first understand what fixed matches are.

Premium Fixed Matches

​According to Wikipedia, match fixing football occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law. ​

“The most common reason is to obtain a payoff from gamblers, but teams may also intentionally perform poorly to gain a future advantage, such as a better draft pick or, on paper, a less eminent opponent in a play-off.” Says Wikipedia.

Premium ​Fixed matches, therefore, are matches whose results or certain outcomes of the match are manipulated by players or match officials such that the outcomes of the match correspond to pre-determined results.



The most pervasive reason for match fixing is greed by highly influential gamblers. These big fish make arrangements with players and/or match officials such that if a certain outcome was ensure they the players or match officials get to receive a certain amount of money. This is more common in lower tier leagues in rich countries and most leagues in developing countries. Players in these leagues are not pay much, creating a fertile ground for corruption.

​To have players or match officials fix a match for you, you need to pay a certain amount of money whose amount is determine by the country, league and the nature of the game for example friendly or end of season matches. ​

The people who fix these matches can pay as little as 1,000 USD or as high as 10 million USD. After fixing the match, they go ahead and place their bets in offshore (and often Asian) betting markets where regulation of betting fixed matches activities is either non-existent or ineffective. By being certain of the upcoming outcome of the match, the place huge sums of money in stakes thereby reaping big from the deal. These people are therefore enable to fix even more matches to feed their insatiable appetite for dirty money.


It might have sounded as a genius idea when tournament officials decided that after the elimination stages, the results of the matches determine the opponent in the next level of the tournaments. This however has turned into a nightmare for FIFA. As there is documented evidence of teams opting to play in a certain manner such that they can face a less formidable opponent in their next matches as they progress in the tournaments.

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If losing a match means qualifying to the next round and facing a less formidable team them a team may decide to intentionally lose the match. We all know losing is much easier than to win a game. However, It is almost child play to have your team lose a match.


Referees are infamous to fixed matches for their own selfish gains. But they are usually under influence by their associates who pledge or pay certain amounts of money to influence match outcomes in favor of a team or other less significant outcomes.

In conclusion, join FixedMatch.Bet and go on betting free fixed matches and earn money. We are also a reputable company that has helped bettors win for many years. We don’t waste your money and therefore, people trust us.

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