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Big tennis is a very dynamic and exciting game. Tennis events often attract the attention of ordinary spectators, sports fans, and people who like to bet on sports. Regarding betting, tennis events have a slight advantage over other sports disciplines. One of the reasons for this fact is the regularity of tennis tournaments throughout the year. Also, the results of tennis matches are more accessible to predict.

To successfully bet on tennis, you need to be well-versed in the specifics of the sport. It would be best to be very serious about choosing the matches themselves. And there is plenty to choose from. On the Melbet Nigeria website, there is always a large selection of tennis events with a wide range of betting lines.

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Main Types of Tennis Bets

In this respect, tennis is not far behind other popular sports. The same betting variations players bet on in soccer and basketball are also in tennis. Let’s look at the most polar types of bets on tennis matches available at Melbet.ng.

Betting on a winner

This is the simplest and most common type of bet in tennis – betting on the result of a match. The absence of draw results also facilitates it. The choice of the outcome of the bet is simplified to two options – the victory of one or the other athlete.

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Nowadays, it is essential to access the history of confrontations between tennis players and statistics of athletes’ previous games. These factors greatly simplify the prediction of matches, which becomes possible even for beginners.


Handicap betting attempts to guess the difference in sets or games in favor of one of the athletes. As in other sports disciplines, Handicap can be with plus and with minus. In a plus handicap, the bet is on the underdog, and in a minus handicap, the bet is on the favorite.

Also, it is possible that the tennis player lost, but the bet with Handicap on him passed. You bet on one athlete with a Handicap (-1.5). In the first set, he won 6:0, and in the other two, he lost 3:6 and 6:7. As a result, the meeting ended with his advantage of two games. This only happens sometimes.


Total in tennis is a bet on the total number of games that athletes have scored at the end of the match. As in soccer, the total can be over and under.

Betting on total over games is very common in this sport. However, there are other variations of this type of bet. For example, you can bet on the individual total of each player – total player 1 or 2. There are also bets on total sets, total odd/even, and many more available at Melbet Nigeria.

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Betting Strategies

You can maximize betting efficiency by using popular ways of predicting tennis results. Many playing principles in sports betting allow you to minimize your risks and apply all the benefits of tennis to your advantage. Consider the most common strategies:

  • Betting on games. A bet is made on the winning of the serving player in each game. Athletes serve in turn, and in each game – one server. To make this prediction work, you must choose the correct matches and thoroughly research the opponents – there must be a difference in skill.
  • Betting on sets. Such bets are usually made live. Specific nuances must be observed in this case: similar level of opponents; the difference in the preliminary odds for victory should be from 0.5 to 0.7. After the win of one of the tennis players in the first set, his coefficient sharply decreases, so you need to bet on his opponent. The essence of the method is that when the quotes on one player fall, bet on the other. In such bets, it is necessary to closely follow the course of the meeting and explore the possibilities of athletes.
  • Betting on the favorite. In this case, a bet is made on the winner of the game. You can do it before the start of the match and live. If the favorite wins the game, the player who bet on him will get the winnings. Live betting strategy – when the favorite loses to the opponent, his odds for victory increase. If you bet on it now, you can increase your profit if the favorite wins.

Tennis Betting Tips

Sports betting always carries a certain amount of risk. You must choose events responsibly, follow a strategy, and listen to recommendations. We have prepared some tips that will help you minimize risks and increase your chances of success:

  • Pay attention to the odds. Even a tiny difference in quotes can significantly impact your winnings over the distance if you plan to earn money systematically.
  • Analyze the forecasts of tennis experts. This advice will be beneficial for beginner bettors. However, it is essential to remember that such predictions should be cautiously treated. All experts can make mistakes. Therefore, you need to be able to cooperate information from experts with your observations and analysis.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to court cover. Tennis players play very differently on different types of covers. For some, playing on dirt will be an advantage. For some, it is easier to play on grass. Some are more used to playing on an artificial surface. The ball’s behavior also differs when playing on different courts – the height, force, and bounce angle will be different everywhere. Therefore, it is essential to take this factor into account when betting.
  • There is no need to bet big. Make small bets and get a stable profit. The chance that you can win big is minimal. For this, you must be fortunate.
  • Pay attention to the athletes themselves. Since tennis is an individual sport, any factor that affects the athlete can have this effect on the event itself. Such factors can include injuries, playing form, physical conditioning, morale, and personal problems.

How to Bet on Tennis at Melbet.ng

Are you an avid tennis fan? Or maybe you occasionally watch Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal? Or are you just starting your journey in tennis and betting? Melbet.ng will help you on this exciting journey. The bookmaker’s website always offers a lot of tennis events. And with a wide range of betting lines, you will always have plenty to choose from and bet on.


Using Melbet Nigeria as an example, we will tell you the sequence of actions you must take to bet on tennis. The algorithm is as follows:

  • The first thing you need to do is to register. If you have already registered, log in to your account.
  • Next, you need to go to the tennis category in the list of events presented on the site.
  • Then, in the list of competitions, select the one you are interested in. All the current events appear in front of you. Click on the one you want to bet on.
  • Then, we determine the type of bet we want to make and study the odds. If you are satisfied with everything, safely make a bet. We need to wait for the end of the event to find out the outcome of the bet.


Dynamism and fascination, as two of the main attributes of tennis, have always helped to attract a lot of attention from spectators and connoisseurs of this sport. Also, bettors do not bypass tennis competitions. People often make bets on tennis and ignore a certain level of risk of such actions. Some of them even like this risk. They get absolute pleasure from the process of betting.

If you want to experience similar emotions and feelings, go to Melbet.ng. Many bets on various sporting events are available on the bookmaker’s website.

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