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UNIBET Fixed Matches Telegram Channel

UNIBET Fixed Matches Telegram Channel

Double Bet Fixed Matches

Double Bet Fixed Matches

Double Bet Fixed Matches

HT FT Fixed Hot Bets Sure Odds
Day: Wednesday    Date: 02.02.2022

League: WORLD Club Friendly
Match: SV Donau (Aut) – Leopoldsdorf (Aut)
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 4:2 Won

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The ultimate guide: How to read double bet fixed matches

Betting on double bet fixed matches is the perfect way to boost the thrill you experience while watching the beautiful game. However, it can be a daunting process for newcomers if you do not understand how to read odds and calculate your potential payout. The best sportsbooks in the business make it as easy as possible for you, but it helps to learn how to read double bet fixed matches and figure out how to maximize your profits.

Double bet fixed matches

big odds double bet ht ft matchesYou will often see double bet fixed matches quoted as fractions, such as 2/1, 9/4 and 5/2, particularly in the UK and Ireland. The first number on the left tells you how much profit you stand if you bet the amount on the right. Fixed Matches 1×2 Odds of 2/1 tell you that you will earn a profit of ¬£2 for every ¬£1 you stake. If you bet ¬£10 at double bet fixed matches of 2/1, you will make a ¬£20 profit. You also get your stake back when your bet is a winner, so your return would be ¬£30 in this instance.

If you see odds of 5/2, it means you win £5 for every £2 you stake. This means a £1 stake would earn you a profit of £2.50 and a return of £3.50, while a £10 bet would earn you a profit of £25 and a return of £35. Sometimes you will see a team priced at evens, or even money, which means 1/1. Who is the best tipster on telegram? This means a £20 stake would earn you a £20 profit and a £40 return if successful.

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If the odds are smaller than 1/1, it is odds-on. A price of 10/11 is an example of an odds-on market. A £10 stake would earn you a £9.10 profit and a £19.10 return if successful at these odds. You do not double your money, showing the market is double bet fixed matches.

Double bet fixed matches Odds

Many punters prefer to use decimal odds fixed matches and they are particularly prevalent online. Decimal odds tell you the return you stand to make on a given stake. If you see odds of 1.90, it tells you that a £10 stake would give you a return of £19. In case the odds are 2.00, it tells you that a £10 stake would give you a return of £20, and a £100 stake would give you a return of £200. If you see odds of 2.50, a £10 stake would yield a return of £25 and odds of 4.75 would see you get a return of £47.50 from a £10 bet.

Decimal odds include the fact that your stake returns if your bet wins. Fractional odds of 1/2 are equivalent to 1.50, evens is 2.00, 2/1 is 3.00, 7/2 is 3.50, 100/1 is 101.00 and so on.

American Odds Fixed Matches

American odds Fixed Matches either start with a plus or a minus. If the price starts with a plus, it tells you how much you would earn from a £100 stake. Odds of +400 would earn you a £400 profit if you stake £100. You do not have to stake £100. You could stake £10 and make a £40 profit, or you could stake £5 and make a £20 profit. Odds of +100 are equivalent to evens (1/1) and 2.00. Odds of +200 are equivalent to 2/1 and 3.00, while odds of +250 are equivalent to 5/2 and 3.50.

If the price starts with a minus, it tells you how much you need to stake in order to win £100. If a set of odds starts with a minus, it is odds-on.

Finding the Best double bet fixed matches

Different bookmakers offer different double bet fixed matches on the same market, so you should always shop around for the most attractive prices. You can use an odds comparison service to see which bookmaker has the greatest set of odds on a particular market. For example, Bookmaker A might have 2/1 (3.00) on Arsenal beating Man Utd, while Bookmaker B might have 9/4 (3.25). You would choose Bookmaker B as you stand to make a greater profit if your bet is successful.


Lay is when you choose to bet against a certain outcome. You will usually lay a bet if you are on an exchange site, where you are halftime/fulltime fixed matches betting against your peers rather than the sportsbook.

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Laying the points

It would help if you learnt a little about points spread here, as laying the points means you have chosen to back the favourite. By selecting the favourite, you have agreed to the points handicap set by the bookie. This handicap fixed matches is intend to make it a more exciting double bet fixed matches, with much better odds.  The favourite will have to reach a set amount of goals before they are considered on a par, then winning against the lesser team.


The limit is the maximum double bet fixed matches on a football match fixed bets. This limit might be self-imposed, and this done by the wisest of gamblers. Most online sites allow you to set a limit for a month of betting and once reached cannot be exceeded in any more bets that month. On rare occasions, the sportsbook manager may also set an upper limit on the amount that can be bet at one time.

Double Bet Fixed Matches


It is possible to take out accumulator bets fixed matches and permeations, also known as ACCAs and Perms. If all you do is set a single double bet fixed matches on one set outcome, then this is a line.

Live double bet fixed matches

This is a relatively new form of ht-ft fixed matches big odds betting made possible by instant communication methods. Some sportsbooks even accept bets via social media. As the event is in progress, it is still possible to double bet fixed matches on set outcomes – whether it is win/ lose or a points spread. More likely, for those using live betting options, it is who will score the next goal. The number of corners, who will get the next yellow card – and many more.

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You might know this as a banker. It is a selection that you are almost certain will go your way. You should always aim to have a lock-in your ACCAs or PERMs. So you have one outcome that will ultimately pay out and cover some of your stakes.

Long odds/long shot

If you are give long odds, it means the payout will be significant. 100 -1, for instance, is long odds. However, if it came out in your favour and laid down a tenner. You will be walking away with a grand. In other words, the high odds represent the outsider status of the football free tips 1×2 predictions¬†team you have backed.


Martingale is a pretty simple correct fixed matches betting system. You keep laying down double the amount on the next bet until you win. The premise: probabilities suggests you should win eventually and by doubling the amount each time you cover your losses. There is a fine line between confidence in your ability to select a winner eventually and arrogance that could lead to you losing a lot of money. It is best to set a limit!

Money Line

You will hear this used most commonly when referring to American sports. However, with the US teams growing in reputation in football ht-ft fixed matches. You may hear it used to refer to the outcome of a match.