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1×2 Fixed Matches Betting

1×2 Fixed Matches Betting

1×2 Fixed Matches Betting

Strong Fixed Matches 100% Sure Today
Day: Thursday     Date: 25.03.2021

League: EUROPE World Cup – Qualification
Match: Germany – Iceland
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:0 Won

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What is 1X2 fixed match Betting?

Many inexperienced punters, or those that are new sports betting, may find themselves watching the available markets and asking, what’s 1X2 fixed matches betting?

Well, 1X2 fixed matches betting is usually popular in football and involves depending on the end in a match with three possible outcomes, which are home win, away win, and draw.

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This market can also be referred to as Full Time Result, Match Betting or Three-Way Bet.

How Does a 1X2 fixed match betting Work?

If you’re still confused, here’s a more detailed explanation and includes an example.

Basically, the three outcomes of a match between two teams are represented by either 1, 2, or X. this suggests 1 is for a home win, 2 for an away win, and X for the draw.

Using odds from FixedMatch.Bet allow us to use the scheduled curtain raiser for the 2017/18 Premier League season between Arsenal and Leicester as an example.

In the Full Time Result Betting market, Arsenal are represented by the 1 as they’re the house team. Leicester are the away team, so are represented by the two , and therefore the draw is X. Watching the chances, you’ll see that Arsenal are favourites at 1.36. Leicester are the outsiders, with odds of 8.50, and therefore the draw is priced at 4.75.

This means, employing a 100 stake, that a back Arsenal to win would pay 136 if they’re victorious. Leicester to win may be a possible return of 850, whilst the draw would pay 475 if the sport finishes level.

The 1X2 fixed matches betting is usually also available in handicap fixed games betting, as long as there’s the likelihood of a draw.

Combining Two of the Three Possible Outcomes

It is possible to mix two of the three possible outcomes, employing a Double Chance Fixed bets.

With this market, you’ll prefer to back 1X, X2, or 12. This basically translates into home win or draw, draw or away win, and residential win or away win.

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By combining two outcomes, you’ve got a much bigger chance of winning your bet although it might be for lower odds than during a normal 1X2 fixed matches betting market.

Using the match above, Arsenal v Leicester, let’s check out the difference in possible return.

  • 1X (Arsenal or Draw) – Odds of 1.083. Possible return of 108.30 for a 100 stake
  • X2 (Draw or Leicester) – Odds of three .20. Possible return of 320
  • 12 (Arsenal or Leicester) – Odds of 1.20. Possible return of 120

Using our bet calculator, you’ll compute if it might be more profitable to mix two of the three possible outcomes using the double chance option or within the normal 1X2 fixed matches betting market.

1X2 fixed matches betting, also referred to as three-way betting, refers to backing or laying a home win, draw or away win. We explain what a 1X2 fixed matches betting market is, and the way to calculate your payout.

1X2 fixed bets are hugely popular and an easy way of depending on sports where there’s the likelihood of a draw. The 1 refers to a home win, the X the draw and therefore the 2 the away win..

Unlike Asian handicaps or totals, 1X2 fixed matches betting doesn’t seek to even out any difference in perceived quality between the teams or players. They aim to reflect truth odds of each possible outcome minus the bookmaker margin or exchange commission.

How to calculate your payout for a back back a 1X2 fixed match betting market

There are two stages to calculating your payout for a back back a 1X2 fixed matches betting market. As an example let’s say you backed Liverpool to beat Manchester City with a stake of £100 at odds of two .88.

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Step 1: Calculate return excluding commission

It’s calculated as:

Odds * Stake = £ return

So in our example: 2.88 * 100 = £288

Therefore if Liverpool won your bet would return £288 – including stake, with a £188 profit.

However, because betting exchanges don’t add a margin into the chances. Unlike bookmakers  you would like to subtract the commission from the profit.

Step 2: Calculate return with commission

It’s calculated as:

((Stake * (Odds -1)) * Commission rate

In our example that might be: ((100 * (2.88 -1)) * 2% = £3.76 commission

So in our example you’d be charged £3.76 commission, meaning your return would be £284.24 – a profit of £184.24

If the match ends in either a draw or a person City victory, you’d lose the bet and your £100 stake.

1x2 Fixed Matches Betting

Even when commission is factored in to the chances , you’ll generally find that FixedMatch.Bet has the simplest price – a results of our industry-low 2% commission on winning fixed bets big odds only.

Once you’ve got learnt the way to calculate football betting matches margins, you’ll compare margins across bookmakers and exchanges to seek out who offers you the simplest value odds.

How to calculate your payout for a lay back a 1X2 fixed match market

Unlike a bookmaker when depending on a 1X2 fixed matches betting market, you’ll also lay the result. As an example let’s say you lay Man City against Liverpool with a stake of £100 at odds of two .68.

Similarly to calculating your payout for a back bet, there are two stages for a lay bet.

Step 1: Calculate return excluding commission

It’s calculated as:

Odds * Stake = £ return

So in our example: £100 = £100

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Therefore if the sport led to a Liverpool win, or a draw your bet would win, supplying you with a £100 profit (before commission).

Step 2: Calculate return with commission

The next stage is to calculate your lay bet profit, with the exchange commission factored in. At FixedMatch.Bet – 2% commission on net profits – you’ll use the subsequent calculation:

Stake * 0.98 = profit

In our example that might be: 100 * 0.98 = £98

Therefore you’d be charged £2 commission, meaning your profit would be £98.

When laying outcomes on a betting exchange, you ought to remember of your liability on a lay bet – the quantity you’d got to payout if the sport had finished during a Manchester City win. This text explains the way to calculate liability on an exchange.

For this instance if the sport had led to a Manchester City win, your liability would are deducted, leading to a loss of £130.

When you’re new the football betting world the range of various markets and bet types are often overwhelming. The 1X2 fixed matches betting market is strictly that. What even is it? It’s a legitimate question because it basically seems like a meaningless piece of code. It’s not, it’s actually very simple and here we explain exactly what it’s .

1X2 fixed matches betting is just depending on the result of a fixture and is usually mentioned as match result betting. This suggests you merely need to predict whether the sport finishes as a home win, away win or draw.

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We can hear you ask what the 1X2 mean. Well, generally speaking your odds are going to be laid call at three columns – ‘home’, ‘draw’ and ‘away’. The 1X2 correlates on to this:

  • 1 = home win
  • X = draw
  • 2 = away win

Why is that the 1X2 market so popular?

The 1X2 fixed matches betting is that the hottest market in football secure betting sites. Why? Well, for starters, it’s one among the more quaint approaches to placing a bet in terms of ‘I bet team A will win the game’ but beyond that it’s a market that appeals hugely to experienced bettors and professional punters alike. The rationale for this is often because analysis can quickly be completed to know whether or not there’s ‘value’ within the odds being offered. Where we reference analysis, it’s perhaps knowing consider this as research.


Let’s take the Southampton versus Liverpool example again. An easy check out home and away tables will tell you that, as of the time of writing, the performance of each side reads as below:

So far this season, Southampton have played eight league games at St Mary’s. They’ve won four, drawn one and lost three.

Liverpool meanwhile have played eight on the road losing just one occasion with five draws and two wins to their name.

The other quick reference you’ll check out is how the teams have fared against each other. Within the head to go record, you’ve got to travel back to 2016 for the last time Southampton avoided defeat against Liverpool within the Premier League on home turf.

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You can dig deeper than this if you would like by watching newer form e.g. Liverpool will likely be extra keen to win so as to recover after being held by Newcastle and team selections as begin nears e.g. Southampton are much less likely to bother Liverpool if Danny Ings isn’t within the team.

Can 1X2 fixed match bets only be placed as single bets?

No. That’s another great thing about the 1X2 sure ticket big odds bets. you’ll combine multiple 1X2 big odds safe bets to make doubles, trebles and accumulators to supercharge your potential returns.

There you’ve got it, our guide to the 1X2 fixed sure win bets.

Good luck and bet safe.

Apply this to betting

The popularity of 1X2 fixed matches betting derives from its simple format. You now understand what a 1X2 fixed matches betting market is and the way to calculate your payout – supplying you with the simplest chance to form a profit on this betting market. FixedMatch.Bet provides daily tips before ever match to assist to every time.

Football Betting Fixed Games

Football Betting Fixed Games

Football Betting Fixed Games

Real Source Fixed Matches
Day: Monday     Date: 11.01.2021

League: SCOTLAND Scottish Cup
Match: Camelon Juniors – Brora Rangers
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:2 Won

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Football has been the most popular form of sports betting in recent years in the UK. The industry has grown to allow players to place a wager on a whole host of markets, with many bookmakers offering special deals and competitive odds. Lt’s learn more about football betting fixed games.

The huge volume of matches means thousands of players bet on a huge number of different outcomes to try and beat the bookies.

Ticket Betting Matches 100% Sure

Here, we run you through what you need to know about football betting fixed matches so you can cut through the confusion surrounding the markets.

A brief introduction to how betting works

Odds help the bettor determine how likely an event is going to happen and what their potential winnings will be. Bookmakers provide the odds and you decide whether you want to bet on that market. They are usually shown as fractions (e.g. 2/1), but can sometimes be shown as decimals (2.00) and you can decide which you prefer to use. If the outcome of an event is 2/1 and it wins you will win £2 for every £1 bet.

How football betting works

Thousands of football fixed matches and markets are available to bet on every week. Bookmakers will provide odds on the probability of the outcome of a match, including the result, the number of corners and cards, individual goal scorers and more.

There a number of providers who will have special offers and competitive odds to try and give you the best value bet.

Once the outcome of the event is confirmed and your bet is a winner, you will be paid out your original stake plus the winnings from the odds.

Below we will run you through the most popular types of bets on football.

Match Fixed Bet

The Match Bet is the simplest form of football betting where you will pick the result of the football big odds fixed match. You can bet on the Home Team, Away Team or Draw. Remember, the bet is placed for the 90- minute match. If they game ends in a draw after 90 minutes then Draw is the winning bet. Match Bets do not count in extra – time or penalties.

Asian Handicap bet

An Asian Handicap bet is where your bet has a “handicap” to overcome.

Each team is given either a + or a – on their score line. There are only two results and if the game ends in a draw the bettor gets back their stake.

This is popular as the chance of a draw is likely, and so bettors have the chance of winning their stake back. Here is an example:

If you bet on Arsenal at +1, you win if they win by two goals. You lose if they draw or lose. If Arsenal win by one goal then you get your stake back.

In case you bet on Standard Liege at +2, you will lose your bet if Liege lose by three or more goals. If they lose by two goals you’ll get your money back and if they lose by one goal, you will also win.

European Handicap fixed bets

European Handicap is different from an Asian Handicap. For example, you may bet on one team to win but give the other team a one goal advantage to increase the odds.

You must take away or add a goal to whichever Handicap Bet you placed. Here is an example:

  • Arsenal (-1)
  • Handicap Draw (-1)
  • Standard Liege (+1)

You must take away one goal from whatever Arsenal score. If you bet on Arsenal and the result is 2-0 then your bet is a winner.

If you bet on Arsenal and it is 1-0 then your bet is a loser as once the -1 handicap is taken into account the result is 0-0.

You must take away one goal from whatever the draw result is. If you bet on Draw and the result is 1-1 or higher then you will win your bet. If you bet on Draw and the result is 0-0 then your bet is a loser due to the handicap.

You need to add one goal to whatever Standard Liege score. If the game ends 2-2 then you still win as Liege had a one goal advantage. If the result is 1-0 to Arsenal your bet is a loser as the result would only be 1-1 with the +1 handicap.

Half Time/Full Time Fixed Matches Big Odds

You can bet on the result of the first half and / or the second half. You can bet on the Home Team, Away Team or Draw for one or both halves.

This means you can reduce the time needed to win your bet to 45 minutes.

This bet is for the more advanced football fan who has prior knowledge to indicate the teams who start strong or weak or finish a game strong or weak.

Football Betting Fixed Games

Knowing the starting line-ups and whether key players are rested or out injured can also help with deciding this bet.

Double Chance

Here in this type of football betting fixed games. You can bet on two of the three outcomes of the match to increase your chance of winning. The combinations are:

  • Home Team or Draw
  • Away Team or Draw
  • Home Team or Away Team

If either of your combinations wins you will be paid out. The fixed odds are often lower than betting on just a match outcome as there is more chance of winning but are good for bettors who may want a higher chance of winning.

Accumulators Fixed Matches Today

Accumulators are among some of the most popular forms of betting on football as you can win huge pay-outs for small stakes.

An accumulator is more than four selections, while two selections is a two-fold and three selections is a three-fold.

When you bet on an accumulator, you are betting on the outcome of more than one event.

So, for example, you will be betting on more than one football fixed match 30 odds and this can be as many games as you want, with the odds increasing the more teams and higher odds you add.

The stake multiplies for different accumulators. An example of this is picking five football matches for an accumulator and selecting singles would mean your stake would increase x5.

Goal scorer betting

One of the famous football betting fixed games is Goal scorer betting. You can bet on a variety of outcomes to do with goal scorers. You can bet on a player to be the first and last scorer or to score anytime.

The odds for betting on first and last are more than scoring any time as it is less likely to happen.

These bets can be good for if a particular player is on good form or if a team is much better than the other and it becomes likely a player will score.

Score cast / Score / Win casts

A Score cast is where you are able to guess a goal scorer and the result. For example, you can bet on Mohamed Salah to score and Liverpool to win, or guess the correct score Liverpool will win by.

This increases your odds as there is no more than one outcome to be determined. Some bookmakers will let you choose the goal scorer in a Score cast being first, last or any time.

You can also just bet on the score of a match. You will pick the result you think will happen and if correct you will win your bet. Read our articles too to explore more about football betting fixed games.