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free big odds sure win

WIN Solo Betting

WIN Solo Betting

WIN Solo Betting

Fixed Betting Matches 100% Sure
Day: Friday     Date: 18.06.2021

League: EUROPE Euro
Match: England – Scotland
Tip: Over 1.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 0:0 Lost

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Sure Win Football Predictions

Whether your goal in football betting correct result is to make the games more enjoyable or to make money, let’s get one thing straight: football betting sure win tips 1×2 isn’t easy. Let’s learn how to win solo betting?

In fact, unless you put in some research before you start gambling on football Friday Fixed Matches, you don’t have a chance. We don’t just mean researching the games, either. Before you start betting soccer predict free tips 1×2 any significant amounts of money on football fixed bets 1×2, it’s important to learn the basics so that you can avoid making the same mistakes that most beginners make.

solo fixed matches sure win betsNow, for the good news: you’ve come to the right place. In this football betting strategy for beginners, we list seven fundamental keys to success betting fix ht ft matches on football bet odds fixed matches that are applicable to both the NFL and college game.

Keep in mind, this article is for beginners, so we’ve kept things fairly basic. If you have a lot of experience betting correct fixed matches on football sure win predictions already and are looking for some more advanced advice and tips. You might want to check out our football betting strategy for experts page instead (although it probably wouldn’t hurt to give these basic fundamentals a review as well).

All right, it’s time to kick things off with the first of our seven tips to win solo betting.


Understand Each of Your Betting Options

The first thing you need to do before betting free predict tips on football is make sure that you understand and are familiar with all of the betting predict soccer free tips 1×2 options that are at your disposal.

Think of the many different ways to wager on a football games as being tools in a toolbox. Each of them has their own specific purpose, and the tool that you use depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Active Fixed Matches

We cover the various ways of betting Soccer Free Matches on football Belarus Fixed Matches elsewhere on this site, but here’s a quick summary of the benefits of the various types of football Lewandowski Fixed Matches wagering options:

Money line

This is a good option when you are confident that a team will win the game straight-up and don’t want to have to worry about how many points they win by. It also enables you to get a bigger return on an underdog that you think will win the game. Rather than getting slightly less than even money on the point spread.

Point Spread

The point spread allows you to get close to even odds on favorites, so it’s a good choice when you like a favorite to win the game by a comfortable margin. You may also turn to the point spread when you think an underdog will keep things close but aren’t comfortable needing the outright upset to cash your ticket.

Over/Under Free Tips Predictions

When you’ve a strong feeling about a game’s potential to be either higher-scoring or lower-scoring than  you expect, the Over/Under Free Tips is your best bet.

Team Totals

The big advantage of team totals is that you are only wagering on how many points one of the teams will score. Since Over/Under free predictions today’s tips includes the number of points scored by both teams combined. Also, if you like the favorite in a game but don’t think the point spread or money line odds are in your favor. You could take them Over their team total instead.

First Half

A first-half wager is in order when you think one team will come out strong early but are worried about them sustaining that high level of play over the entire game. You can also use it to bet on big favorites. Since the first-half point spread will generally be slightly higher than half of the full-game spread.

Crypto Fixed Matches

WIN Solo Betting

Live Betting

If you don’t like the odds that are they offer before the game starts, you might be able to find better numbers available through live betting. For example, if a favorite falls behind in the first quarter (which happens a lot in football), you’ll be able to bet them at a smaller point spread or more favorable money line odds.


Teasers give you the ability to bet teams at more favorable point spreads without having to lay more juice by “buying points.” Once you’re finished reading this football betting strategy for beginners article. Head over to our football betting strategy for experts page, where we explain the best strategies for betting teasers.


Instead of risking a lot to win a little on a pair of favorites, you can combine them into a parlay and reduce your risk. Parlays also make sense when you can correlate them. Something we’ll get into in the football betting strategy for experts article as well.


Props allow you to focus on certain matchups within the game and not have to worry about anything else. Look to use these when you feel confident about one player’s ability to dominate or be shut down by the opposition.

Be Aware of the Key Numbers

Think all points in a point spread seem equal? They’re not. Due to the unique scoring system in football ht ft fixed match 30 odds (six for a touchdown, three for a field goal), there are certain numbers in football double ht ft fixed matches point spreads that you need to be aware of at all times.

Safest Fixed Matches 1×2

The biggest “key numbers” in football betting are 3 and 7 because they are the two most common margins of victory in the NFL. Even though the introduction of the two-point conversion has reduced the number of games that are decided by exactly a field goal or a converted touchdown. Approximately 30% of football games end up with a score differential of either 3 or 7.

Why is this important? Because you want to make sure you’re getting on the “right side” of these key numbers as much as possible. There’s a huge difference between getting the favorite at -2.5 instead of -3.5 (if it’s a tie game late, you’ll win your -2.5 bet if the favorite kicks a field goal, but you’ll lose if you have -3.5). And while an underdog may look like a good bet at +7.5. Most professionals wouldn’t pull the trigger if the best number they can get is +6.5.

Other key numbers in football betting include 10, 6, 4, and 14. Those numbers are, in order, the other most common margins of victory in the NFL over the past 15 years. They’re not as common as 3 and 7, but you also need to be aware of them.

Get the Best Possible Number TO WIN SOLO BETTING

As we just explained in the previous section, every point matters on a point spread. And while the points surrounding key numbers (i.e., +3.5 instead of +2.5 and -6.5 instead of -7.5) are the most valuable. There will also be times when getting +5 instead of +6 ends up. Being the difference between winning your wager and pushing it or pushing your wager and losing.

Strong Fixed Matches Betting

Those times can also be the difference between you making money or losing money this football season. Think we’re exaggerating? Here’s why:

  • Assuming that you are betting point spreads at -110 odds, you need to win 52.38% of your wagers in order to break even.
  • If you make 100 football bets in a season. Simply winning two extra bets by getting the best possible number would turn a losing 52% season into a winning 56% season instead!

So how do you get the best possible number on your football bets? Below are two ways.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

sure win solo betting fixed matchesPoint spreads, Over/Under total Goals, and other odds often vary depending on the site, so you should compare the betting lines at as many sites as possible and bet the best number you can get. Before the days of the internet, professionals used “runners” to go from Vegas sportsbook to Vegas sportsbook. Looking to get an extra half-point on the spread. Now that it just takes a couple clicks of your mouse to get the best odds. There’s no reason not to take advantage.

Pick the Best Time to Place Your Wagers

As a general rule, the best odds fixed matches on favorites and Overs are usually available early in the week, while the best odds on underdogs and Under are most commonly available right before kick-off. That’s because the betting public tends to wait until the day of the games to place their bets, and most of their action is on favorites and Overs, driving those lines up.

Europe Fixed Matches Soccer Tips 1×2

As we said, however, this is just a general rule. There really is no way to know with certainty when is the best time to place a bet. So a good practice is to monitor the betting lines throughout the week and see which way they are moving. If the odds on the bet you want to place are only getting better, try to hold off as long as you can to see how much extra value you can get. And if the lines are moving against you. Lock in your bet early before any value on your wager is gone. Follow the tips to win solo betting and earn a fortune with FixedMatch.Bet. Try all types of bet and figure out what suits you best and et on with it more often.