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Deep website soccer betting matches

Deep website soccer betting matches

Daily Fixed Match 1×2

Daily Fixed Match 1×2

Daily Fixed Match 1×2

Soccer odds Betting Matches 1×2
Day: Saturday    Date: 02.04.2022

League: NORWAY Eliteserien
Match: Molde – Valerenga
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:0 Lost

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Soccer darkweb betting Fixed Matches

No fixed matches betting strategy can guarantee you will win but using a good strategy can ensure that when you do win you are getting the best possible value available. Here we discuss some common Daily Fixed Match 1×2 methodologies that could help your long term wagers:

Never Bet On 0-0

Invariably the odds on a 0-0 draw are the same or very similar to the odds of no goalscorer. If you want to bet on 0-0 then bet on no goalscorer instead.

The reason you should do this is own goals are usually not counted in no goalscorer bets but they are in Daily Fixed Match 1×2 bets. Therefore if a game ends 1-0 and the only goal was an own goal the ‘no goalscorer’ bet will pay out but the 0-0 bet won’t.

1-0 Is The Way To Go

There are two major reasons to bet on a 1-0 result. First of all it is the most likely correct score fixed matches result (if you combine the home and away chances). Second of all it allows you to win more often when there are shock results for the underdog. If you have a game where there is a strong favourite, Manchester United vs Notts County for example. The odds on 1-0 can often be over 20/1.

1-0 is the most likely scenario for Notts County to win this game, effectively get a goal against the run of play and then try to see that game out. You see these types of results time and time again in football and this therefore represents a great wager.

Soccer sure odds Fixed Matches Today

Bet On 1-1 Or 2-1 To Stay In The Game Longer

One problem with Daily Fixed Match 1×2 is you can lose your wager very early in the game. If you’ve bet on 2-0 for example and the opposition team scores early then your bet is immediately down. You can have more fun and keep your bet alive longer by betting on a correct score fixed matches where both teams score, this way whoever nets first your wager can still win.

If you want to really keep your options open consider a ‘both teams to Daily Fixed Match 1×2 you can read more about these in our dedicated article.

Place Opposite Correct Score Bets Fixed matches

If you think the game is going to be low scoring but you are unsure who will win you could place several bets that mean you will win either way if the game has a low number of goals. Here I have taken a real example of a match between Poland and Portugal. Instead of betting odds football matches 1×2 on under 3.5 goals at odds of 1/8 (a £20 bet will give you £22.50 back with stake) bet £5 instead on 1-0 home (at 9/2), £5 on 0-1 (at 15/2), £5 on 1- 1 (at 5/1) and £5 on no goalscorer (at 9/2).

In this scenario if there are 3 or less goals one of your bets will win for sure and your returns would be. This means you are guaranteed to win at least £5 more than the under 3.5 goals market for the same overall stake. No brainier really.

Daily Fixed Match 1x2

High Odds Fixed Bets Weekend Football

Look At Form, Odds And History

This is the obvious strategy, do your research. Teams that score and concede less often will tend to have lower Daily Fixed Match 1×2, and vice versa. If you go to place a bet on Stoke City to win 4-0 you will find they are three times higher than the odds of Arsenal winning 4-0, this should tell you immediately about the chances of each event happening. If you want to win more often place the right Daily Fixed Match 1×2 for the right team/match.

Common Correct Score Terms And Rules

Extra Time

Extra time is not included in Daily Fixed Match 1×2 (unless clearly stated). Always assume you are betting on the result in 90 minutes of play. For big tournaments likes the Euros or World Cup there are occasionally bookie offers that include extra time but it is very rare.

Abandoned Games

All bets are void and refund if a game is abandon even if the Daily Fixed Match 1×2 is already technically down. If say you bet on 1-0 correct score and the game is abandon at 2-1 you should still get your stake back. If you’ve bet on a half-time Daily Fixed Match 1×2 for example and the game is then abandon in the second half however then the original bet will still stand.

Own Goals

These DO COUNT in Daily Fixed Match 1×2 but they DO NOT COUNT in goalscorer bets. If betting on 0-0 always take the no goalscorer bet.

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The Kelly Criterion method

Here we look at a trading strategy that was developed to profit in the financial world. Its transition to football betting fixed matches works seamlessly. As football ht ft fixed match 30 odds trading strategies go, it’s probably the one with the best grounding to help you build sustainable profit. It will take some getting use to though.

The main reason for this is because the Kelly Criterion method is all about probability and bankroll management; this means you’ll need to master a few mathematical calculations before you can really set about using it. We realise that might not be uber appealing to a lot of people but the flip side is that you can apply the strategy to pretty much any event you want.

Safe fixed odds 1×2 Betting Matches

The starting place for the Kelly Criterion strategy is locating an event you’d like to bet on; let’s call it a straight forward match result bet football. Initially, there are two pieces of information you will need; the first is give to you by the bookmaker – the odds. The second will take a bit more effort; you need to work out the actual probability. There are a lot of ways to do this so we won’t tread that path right now. These two elements form the basis of the first mathematical calculation, which shows the value of a bet.

If the value of the first calculation is negative then you do not bet on the event. If the value is positive then you can move on to the second calculation. This determines how much money you should look to stake. Of course, everyone will have different bankrolls and therefore your answer will be express as a percentage. This will give you a third and final calculation to establish how much cash you need to stake.