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daily tips Fixed Matches

daily tips Fixed Matches

Handicap Fixed Matches

Handicap Fixed Matches

Handicap Fixed Matches

Asian Handicap Fixed Source ht ft fixed matches 100% sure
Day: Wednesday     Date: 30.06.2021

League: NORWAY Eliteserien
Match: Molde – Stromsgodset
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:0 Won

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Asian Betting Football Tips 1×2

Handicap fixed matches are becoming more and more popular with sports gamblers, and this popularity means that more and more sports betting sites are now starting to offer it. If you’ve ever wondered what does Asian handicap fixed matches mean, this is the page for you. We’re going to go through absolutely everything to do with the subject, and by the end, you’ll be ready to start placing bets of this type.

What are Handicap Fixed Matches ?

This is perhaps the most essential question: what are handicap fixed matches exactly? Well, to tell you, you’ll first need to understand regular handicap betting fixed matches. In regular handicap betting, the result is weighted in favour of the less fancied team. So, for example, imagine Manchester United are playing Liverpool, and Liverpool are the favourites to win. The weighting would remove this advantage, perhaps giving Manchester United a one-goal head start. Therefore, if the match ended 1-1, Manchester United would be seen as 2-1 winners. This leaves room for the possibility of a draw though – something that can’t happen in the Asian version of this bet type.

Asian Handicap Calculator

Honestly, there’s really no need for an handicap fixed matches calculator, as it is so easy to work out.

Take a look and imagine this scenario: you pick Chelsea to win with a -2.5 goal handicap, which gets you odds of 27/10. The result is then 3-0 to Chelsea. Would you win your bet, or would you lose it?

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The answer? You’d be a winner, as taking away the 2.5 goals from Chelsea’s total still leaves them with more goals, winning by 0.5 goals to zero.

Here’s another scenario: you pick Eintracht Frankfurt to win with a +2.5 goal handicap, and the game finishes 2-1 to Chelsea. Would you win?

Yes, you would win. Why? Because you have to add the handicap fixed odds to Frankfurt’s score, which makes Frankfurt’s number of goals 3.5, which is higher than Chelsea’s two goals.

That’s all there is to it. Just add or subtract the handicap from the end result, and you’ll have an instant answer to whether you’re a winner. There really isn’t any need for an Asian handicap calculator when you bet.

Handicap fixed matches Tips

The main idea of the Asian handicap betting tips is this: assume what you think the score will be before looking at the Asian handicap markets. So, in a match between Tottenham and Arsenal, decide who will win. If you think Tottenham will win 2-0, you can then take the option of +2.5 goals for Arsenal. If you look at the handicaps straightaway though, they might influence you into a different, possibly incorrect, conclusion.

Another tip is the fact that using Asian handicapping fixed matches is a great way to make bets on the underdog. Let’s say that Manchester City is playing Brighton. City has already won the league and Brighton are scrapping to avoid relegation. You know that Brighton will be playing hard, while Manchester City has no incentive to play hard at all. This is where you could take a punt on Brighton winning, perhaps with a +1.5 handicap. Even if Brighton don’t perform at their best, you still have a decent chance of scooping a prize.

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Finally, don’t take the first price you find. It used to be the case that finding Asian handicap markets was difficult, however, they are now offered at loads of different sites. So, compare betting prices across multiple websites. By doing so, you should ensure you get the best odds available for your bet.

Live Betting on Asian Handicap

In this Asian handicap football explanation page, it’s important not to miss out one crucial fact: this type of betting is also available to those who like to bet live on football fixed matches 1×2. As with all other types of live odds fixed matches, the odds will fluctuate as the match progresses, and it’s your job to jump in at the right time and make your bet.

For example, let’s say Real Madrid are playing Barcelona, and Barcelona takes the lead. The odds will now change. For example, Madrid might have started with a +0.5 boost, but it now goes up to a +2.5 handicap, reflecting the fact that they’re now even bigger underdogs. Do you bet now, or do you wait as you think you can get better odds later on in the fixed match?

You have come to the right place to learn how to up your gambling game and avoid the biggest betting mistakes.

Changing your standard unit size

This is a massive no-no. Money management is the most important part of sports gambling, we’ll get into this even more later.

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When you decide what you are going to wager per bet, you have to stick with it. That means when you have a hot hand, you don’t increase your bets and when you’re in the hole, you don’t try to win everything back with one gamble. If you are betting 50 on every game you bet on, that’s what you should stick with throughout.

Bet within your means

This piggy-backs off of our last point. The worst mistake you can make when betting is betting with money that you don’t have.

Handicap Fixed Matches

This isn’t the movies and the last scene won’t be you hitting a million dollar bet to pay off debts. You’ve got to establish a number that you’re comfortable with and stick with it. The average is 1% to 5% of your bankroll and 3% is a popular figure. This means if your whole bankroll for the week is $500, you are only placing 15 per bet.

Betting with your heart

We all have a favorite sports team and favorite players, but that doesn’t mean you should be betting on them.

When you bet with emotion and heart for a team you love, you can end up losing a lot of cash. Stay away from gambling on “your team” and instead do real research and make a fact-driven decision on the other games.

Not understanding the value

Value is a measure of how the odds relate to the estimated chances of a fixed matches wager winning.

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The best bettors only place bets on wagers that give them great value. This means they aren’t chasing the favorite who has a value of -310 that night because it is not a good value. This doesn’t mean only bet an underdog with a positive value. This means understand where the value lies in a bet and make sure you are getting the most out of your cash.

Too Many Plays

Everyone is guilty of this mistake from time to time. On a college football Saturday fixed matches when there are dozens of great games on, it is easy to get overzealous and bet on far too many games.

When you bet on too many games in one day or night, you risk wiping out your profits with an even day or completely crushing your bankroll because you had one bad night.

Being way to into trends

Before you bet you should look at trends and do research, but there is also something known as being “to into trends.” Inexperienced bettors too often ride the hot hand and fade the cold one. When a team gets blown out, oddsmakers make their next game a number that will make bettors bet against them.

For example, if the Lakers lose by 30, the next game they may be +11. In reality, that’s a good bet to take but many will bet against them because they are scared off by the numbers.

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Look for the right stats

In today’s stats overload world, there is a statistic for just about anything.

We now know what a team’s record is on the 5th day of July when there is a full moon. These stats mean absolutely nothing and you shouldn’t take them into account when you are placing a wager. Stick with the stats that actually affect the game.

Unrealistic Expectations

Everyone should establish goals before they start betting and they should be rather realistic.

If you think you are going to become a millionaire overnight, think again. The odds of you doubling your bankroll in a single week is slim to none. The best sports bettors only win roughly under 60% of their bets. So a novice bettor should not expect to be hitting 80% of every wager. Be patient, learn from mistakes and get better in the process.

Listening to “Scamdicappers”

When you are getting into betting, plenty of self-proclaimed “world famous handicappers” will have a great deal for you in return for their nightly paraly. Stay away from the bogus scamdicappers who are nothing more than a troll behind a screen. If you have an Instagram or Twitter account DM’ing you to pay $50 a month for picks every night, stay away!

Not Comparing Odds7

Thankfully with our site, you can find the best sports betting sites and compare odds. When you want to bet on the Red Sox against the Yankees, one site might have them at -105 and another might have them at -130. You should always do your homework and make sure you are getting the best odds fixed matches on every bet you place!

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If you were wondering how does Asian handicap fixed matches work, you’ve now got your answer. It’s mostly a modified version of standard handicap betting, which is preferred by many experienced gamblers. Of course, whether you prefer the standard version is entirely down to your own personal preferences though.

So, you should now know the Asian handicap meaning. You just now need to head away and find what you think is the perfect market for you. Don’t forget to check our predictions every week, as these sometimes include tips on markets of this type.