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Betting winning Fixed Odds

Betting winning Fixed Odds

1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

Weekend Zulubet Fixed Matches
Day: Thursday    Date: 09.12.2021

League: EUROPE Champions League – Group Stage
Match: Atalanta – Villarreal
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:3 Won

This match was published for yesterday, but due to heavy snowfall the match was canceled and postponed for today. Therefore, we will not publish another match, but we will wait for this match to end today and tomorrow we will publish a new match.

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1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

The number of sacks a player makes can tell us something about his quality. The number of sacks a team makes as a whole also gives us some insight into how strong they are defensively. So this is another 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips that’s useful for gauging how well a team is performing, or likely to perform in the future.

However, we have to be cautious when looking at this particular 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips. Like so many others, it’s really just a number that doesn’t tell us too much by itself. It’s possible to achieve high sack totals without actually playing effectively, and it’s equally possible for a team to be effective without recording high stack totals.

Fans of football fixed matches like to look at sack totals, particularly for individual players. But, as a bettor, please be aware that this 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips should only really be used as a very general guideline to overall quality and effectiveness.


Defensive players rely heavily on the tackle to limit the yards gained by offensive players on the opposing team. As such, the number of tackles made is a useful 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips for evaluating the effectiveness of defensive players. It’s also useful for evaluating the defensive quality of a team as a whole too.

As with sacks, though, you need to be careful in regards to making assumptions based on tackle 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips alone. They’re useful on an individual player basis, as a player that’s making lots of tackles is almost certainly doing something right, but not necessarily on a team basis. For example, a team may be forced to make lots of tackles due to weaknesses elsewhere on the team. You need to consider this possibility and more when using tackle 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips to make any judgements.


The number of interceptions made is another 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips that can help to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of defensive players. Especially when it comes to cornerbacks, safeties and linebackers, as they are players tasked with covering opposing receivers in the passing game. The biggest problem with this stat is that the number of interceptions made by a player is typically not that high. You can tell that by looking at the highest totals by team for a season.

The relatively small numbers here show that we can’t read too much into interception 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips. As with everything else we’ve discussed so far, they only provide a small glimpse into just how effective a team or player is. They’re not useless, but they don’t give us any great insight either.

Additional 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips to Use

We’ve focused on the most basic 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips so far. These certainly shouldn’t be ignored. But, for the reasons we’ve outlined, it’s important to be aware of their limitations in giving us any real understanding of just how good a team or player is.

There are lots of other stats you can use that are far more useful. We especially like the following.

Pass Yards Per Attempt Team Yards Per Carry Yards Per Play Differential Yards After Catch Turnover Differential Negative Pass Play Percentage

Why these particular stats? Let’s find out.

1x2 Zulubet Football Tips

Pass Yards Per Attempt

This statistic is useful when looking at a team as a whole, or as a quarterback individually. It provides real insight into exactly how efficient a team or quarterback at passing. This is much more useful than looking at the number of passing yards alone.

A team that’s efficient at passing is likely to be able to sustain their drives. Find the receivers and exploit holes in the opposition’s defense. Individually, those things may not seem very telling. But, collectively, they tell us a lot about a team’s offensive capabilities. A team with a high number of pass yards per attempt can be expected to get plenty of points on the board against all but the most solid of defenses.

You can find the pass yards per attempt statistic for football free fixed bets 1×2 teams and players at a number of websites. Alternatively, it’s possible to do these calculations on your own, as long as you have relative information. It’s as simple as applying the formula below.

Total Passing Yards / Number of Passing Attempts

Team Yards Per Carry

Team yards per carry is similar to the pass yards attempt. In that it’s a useful indicator of just how effective an offensive line is. Rather than telling us about passing efficiency, though, it tells us about running efficiency.

Again, we’re looking for a high number here. The higher the average yards per carry, the more efficient the team is at running the ball. Teams that are good at running the ball are hard to defend against. So this is helpful to know when assessing their overall value.

Yards Per Play Differential 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

The two stats mentioned so far are based entirely on teams’ offensive performances. The yards per play differential stat tell us something about a teams’ overall performances. It’s basically a measurement of the difference between a team’s yards per play and a team’s yards per play against. So it can be calculate with this very simple formula.

Yards Per Play – Yards Per Play Against

As a general rule, the most effective teams have a positive differential here. This is logical. Teams that are consistently more effective in gaining yards than their opponents are very likely to be outplaying them. There are exceptions to this, but overall it’s still a pretty strong indicator.

Yards After Catch 1×2 Zulubet Football Tips

The yards after catch stat measures the number of yards gained after a pass has been caught. Essentially, this is the amount of yards run by receivers from the time. They catch the ball to the time they either lose it or score a touchdown.

This stat isn’t quite as useful as our other favorites. But we do still like it. We believe there’s a correlation between teams performing well. Having high yards after catch numbers, so it’s something we like to factor in when appropriate.

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