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Betting Safe Fixed Matches 1×2

Betting Safe Fixed Matches 1×2

Secure Betting Sources Football

Secure Betting Sources Football

Secure Betting Sources Football

Fixed Odds winning Bets
Day: Wednesday    Date: 21.12.2022

League: ASIA AFF Championship
Match: Laos – Vietnam

Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.35    Result: 0:6 Won

League: TURKEY Turkish Cup
Match: Besiktas – Sanliurfaspor

Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.35    Result: 4:2 Won

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Secure Betting Sources Football Final and Forecasts

According to assumptions made for the Secure Betting Sources Football Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022-23, which side will prevail? Argentina had the highest possibility of succeeding in capturing the World Cup in Qatar, according to the most recent forecasts for the 2022 champion. With Messi’s tenacity and the teams skill, they were able to make happen!

What did people think will happen at the FIFA World Cup in 2022? Argentina was much preferred than France. Only five percent of Argentines believed France will succeed in capturing the Qatar World Cup trophy, compared to eighteen percent of French supporters who believe Argentina might be the succeeding team to claim the trophy.

We all know that FIFA is based on thirty-two clubs that compete to enter the quarter finals from the group phase and then move towards the semi-finals and then lastly leading to the championship. There are many fixed odds winning betting advices, predictions and more for the World Cup football betting matches fans with some given below. However, make sure to check the odds on different sites; get the history for the teams and then wager on them.

The Golden Boot forecast is for Lionel Messi. The Golden Glove forecast is for Emiliano Martinez. Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022-23 Champions have been chosen. Argentina will take against France, the reigning champions, as the favorite. In the Semi-Finals, Argentina destroyed Croatia at a score of 3 by 0 whereas France defeated Morocco at a score of 2 by 0. On Sunday, the 18th of December 2022, the Final between France and Argentina will take place.

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World Cup Forecast for Who Will Claim the Cup?

France and Argentina are currently the top favorites to capture the world cup, based on the plurality of gambling websites. We offer the best World Cup Fixed Matches on the internet!

Predictions for FIFA Cup Winner by Smarkets

France with 49.5 percent that is falling

Argentina with 50.0 percent that is rising

FIFA Cup Winner by Odds checker

France with 28 by 29 odds that is steady

Argentina with 1 by 1 odds that is also steady

Predictions for Secure Betting Sources Football


That is due to their performance statistics with group stage at 21.7 percent and after semi-finals at 68.7 percent.


That is due to their performance statistics with group stage at 11.4 percent and after semi-finals at 31.3 percent.

Five Reasons why France might win against Argentina

Three of Messi’s five goals have come from penalties. Although he has the most goals, the number is greatly exaggerated by penalties.

Argentina has no altitude advantage against France (minimum four games competed)

  • If less than 5 feet 10 inches then Argentina will have 8 and France will have 1
  • If less than 6 feet then Argentina will have 11 and France will have 5
  • If greater than 6 Feet then Argentina will have 4 and France will have 10

Argentina’s defense is unsteady, notably in the 2nd half of the match.

Argentina’s five World Cup goals were all gained in the 2nd half. Unlike France, Argentina hasn’t faced strong pressing opponents.

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In the final minutes, Argentina faced just 2 strong pressing teams that are Saudi Arabia and a weaker Netherlands and failed in defending. In contrast, France outperformed England against the most dangerous offensive team.

Argentina has yet to come back from a deficit: With the exception of Saudi Arabia, when they shook under duress, Argentina has never trailed and surrendered 1st. After giving up the opening goal to Australia, France was able to rally back.

Three Reasons why Argentina might win against France

In the previous two matches, Kylian Mbappe has failed to score. At least Messi receives penalties in regular time.

The left flank of France has struggled. In the semifinal match against Morocco, France played defense up until the 2nd goal. It is expected to give up goals far more readily than other clubs because of the strength of Messi’s offense.

Our findings imply that the general public is overwhelmingly in favor of Argentina. Even though Argentina may not call Qatar home, it probably feels that way. We’d recommend exploring our Ticket Combo Fixed Bets, VIP Ticker Fixed Bets, Sure Win Ticket Tips 1×2 and more via Fixed Matches!

Winner for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022-23 Assumptions

According to a World Cup Odds deep study and research, France has a small advantage in winning the FIFA championship once more. Weekend Fixed Bets Big Odds, Fixed Bets VIP Ticket Tips 1×2 are some of the best Soccer Betting Fixed Matches on our site.

Major Goal Scorers in FIFA after 16th December

Kylian Mbappe with 5 goals

Lionel Messi with 5 goals

Olivier Giroud with 4 goals

Julian Alvarez with 4 goals

Secure Betting Sources Football

Secure Betting Sources Football Golden Boot Winner Odds

Lionel Messi with -430 rising odds

Kylian Mbappe with +500  falling odds

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Messi is in a good position to capture the Golden Boot since Mbappe has struggled in his past two games and he has continued to gain rhythm. The sole qualification is that majority of Messi’s goals have been penalty kicks.

Golden Boot Expected Champions via Secure Betting Sources Football

Lionel Messi:

Messi is preparing for the Major Game by getting himself in shape. 8 goals with including 2 outstanding free kicks that have been scored in his past fourteen games by the 7th time Ballon d’Or champion.

Kylian Mbappe:

Kylian Mbappe has a history of netting goals on a regular basis. The Tearaway Forward has played better this season, averaging around 1 goal per match while scoring fourteen goals in fifteen matches.

Secure Betting Sources Football FIFA Cup Golden Glove Chances

Emiliano Martinez with +175  with steady odds

Yassin Bounou with +175  with steady odds

Hugo Lloris with +450  with lower odds

Qatar World Cup Major Scoring Club Odds Secure Betting Sources Football

France with -225  with rising odds

England with +250  with rising odds

Argentina with +600  with rising odds

Qatar World Cup Champion Forecasts: Why is Argentina moving forward?

Four Wins, One Loss, and a Single Tie

They have goals for thirteen games, and have goals against then in four games

Messi and his teammates claimed three straight matches after an unexpected setback to Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, a significant comeback by the Netherlands in the quarter-finals resulted in a score of 2 by 2, forcing a penalty kick round that Argentina succeeding in claiming. Then, in a commanding performance that bodes well for the championship, Argentina defeated Croatia at 3 by 0 score.

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Why Secure Betting Sources Football are confident for Argentina to succeed this time?

In defense, where they suffered in the 2018 World Cup, Argentina is currently in top shape and the most developed side.

Argentina scored just six goals at the 2018 World Cup, averaging 1.50 goals per game, while giving up nine, averaging 2.25 goals per game. William Caballero and Franco Armani, goalkeepers for Argentina, have the lowest save percentage throughout the 2018 World Cup. Learn how our FIXED MATCHES can help get you the best results.

In Finalissima 2022 and Copa América 2021, Argentina performed as follows: Argentina excelled at the Copa América, scoring twelve goals in seven games at an average of 1.71 goals per game. But their defense really stood out; they only allowed three goals in seven games while keeping Mighty Brazil scoreless in the final.

Qatar Cup Champions Forecasts: Why is France moving forward?

Five Wins, and a Single Loss

They have goals for thirteen games, and have goals against them in five games

While several footballers were rested when France defeated in the game with Tunisia, Kylian Mbappe scored five goals in the other four games, which resulted in a 10 by 4 victory. Defenders of the title with their major 3 goal scorers aggregating over 2.5 goals per and an aggregate shooting percentage of over fifty-seven percent, France boasts the finest offensive around the globe. With almost 1.7 assists per game, the mid-field is also among the finest around the globe. Also, the clearances are among the top defensive stats is Tackle Success statistics.

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Where can Secure Betting Sources Football France face issues?

France has fought facing sides with good handling. Brazil and Argentina, for example, might be a challenge to the French team, which has struggled to defend facing strong handlers.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Odds: Listings of Defense of Favorites

France has displayed glimmers of defense. The French team did not play up to expectations in the Nations League, though. With a seventy-four percent success rate in tackles, they let up 6.8 strikes on goal.

According to statistics, Argentina’s defense is 2nd best within the favorites; the country allows 5.2 strikes per game and has a tackle success rate of eighty percent.

World Cup 2022 Champion Forecast and the Past FIFA World Cup Champions

Brazil has won 5 games in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 Germany has won 4 games in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014 Italy has won 4 games in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006 Argentina has won 2 games in 1978 and 1986 France has won 2 games in 1998 and 2018 Uruguay has won 2 games in 1930 and 1950 England has won 1 game in 1966 Spain has won 1 game in 2010

The FIFA World Cup is in its twenty-second year and will take place in 2022. At this point, eight nations have been successful in claiming the World Cup, with Brazil having done it five times. France claimed the most recent World Cup of FIFA in 2018.

Current FIFA World Ranking and Scores

Brazil with 1841.3 Belgium with 1816.7 Argentina with 1773.8 France with 1759 England with 1728.4 Italy with 1726.1 Spain with 1715.2 Netherlands with 1694.5 Portugal with 1676.5 Denmark with 1666.5