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betting odds calculator

betting odds calculator

Betting Single Odds

Betting Single Odds

Betting Single Odds

Single Bet Odds Calculator
Day: Tuesday    Date: 27.07.2021

League: ICELAND Inkasso-deildin
Match: Thor Akureyri – Fram
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 0:2 Lost

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Fixed Matches Betting Tips

How To Get Started With Betting single Odds

Thanks to a dramatic change in the laws surrounding online sports betting in the UK. It may not be long until the UK people will be able to benefit from the same perks and be able to enjoy the thrills of single-game-sport-betting. This allows you to bet on single matches betting football rather than on a group of matches known as a “parlay” bet. So you can place bets on specific teams and results. While for now it remains a grey area, UK in some regions, as well as residents in countless countries elsewhere, can already bet on football hot fixed matches anyway they like. This guide will give you an introduction to betting single odds.

As such, knowing how the numerous types of betting on football online fixed matches work and the odds involved is very important. Even if you are still restricted to the parlay bet, knowing odds is important for you to ensure that one bet doesn’t screw the rest.

Betting single Odds If you aren’t familiar with odds then it can be a bit confusing, but it really doesn’t take long to get your head around. In a nutshell, Betting single odds are the probability of something happening and the amount you receive if it happens is reflected in the numbers.

Odds will display as a fraction or listed as a decimal, but they both pay-out the same and it’s all about preference. The simplest bets you will see will be listed as 5/1 and this basically means that if you place a bet and it comes in, you will receive 5x the amount you bet, as well as your bet back. And so, if you bet $1, you will get $5, simple as that.

Manipulated fixed sure Matches today

This is a very basic knowledge about how Betting single odds work. And this gets more complicated when the numbers reverse. So, if we use the opposite of the example mentioned above and the odds become 1/5. It means the probability is so high that the opposite would happen, so for the same bet of $1, you would only get 0.25 back. It may get more complicated as these numbers increase, but it is the same match continuously.

This is the mere basics and there is much more to know than this. While this provides a good introduction to the worlds of odds, for more comprehensive knowledge visit FixedMatch.Bet. Here you will learn about how they work more specifically. As well as converting odd in to decimals, which is another common method you will find at online casinos.

A look at the most popular football betting markets

The internet is awash with football tips and information for punters to digest. And sometimes it is difficult to sort through the noise to find what it is you want when it comes to the big domestic league and European games fixed betting.

Platforms such as the FixedMatch.Bet allows you to access hundreds of football markets fixed betting odds for live and upcoming games all around the world. So you’re never far from the prices, tips and information you need. Here we’ll look at a few popular markets for football betting.

First goal scorer Fixed Matches

One of the most popular is the “First Goal scorer” market and getting tips for this type of bet can be as easy and jumping on board with a hot and in-form striker. The likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are the kind of big name sharpshooters that punters like to keep on their side because they have a high success rate in front of goal. However, you pay for that by having to settle for much shorter betting single odds.

Other more shrewd gamblers will bet on defenders and midfielders to pop up and score from a set piece and these prices will always be much bigger, especially for a center back to bury a nice header from a corner like they often do!

Correct score betting single odds

Another big market is predicting the correct scores fixed matches in games, which is pretty self explanatory. Obviously the more surprising the score you’re predicting, the bigger the betting single odds you will get. Associated with both of these markets you also have the Score cast, which is essentially a “First Scorer” and “Correct Score fixed Odds” double.

Total goals Fixed Matches

“Total Goals” markets are also a big part of football betting fixed odds. It predicts how many goals, in total, will be scored during the game. Under 2.5 goals and Over 2.5 goals is the most popular spread, and punters often like to double or treble them up or have an accumulator fixed matches football on several matches in the total goals markets.

Accumulator Fixed Matches Football

Of course, football accumulators fixed matches odds are the single most popular type of bet. As we seek to win big for a small stake but you can mix it up a bit with an acca containing football tips from the Win-Draw-Win market, Total Goals, Correct Score fixed matches odds and many more.

In play betting

A relatively new element to football betting is In-Play betting fixed matches, where you can place a bet during the game on markets such as “To Score Next Goal” etc, along with of course the innovative service that so many bookmakers now offer; allowing you to cash out of a multiple fixed matches or single bet fixed matches before the end of the event. So the options are endless.

The Premier League, domestic lower leagues, big European leagues and tournaments are in full swing right now. All your favourite clubs and teams in action on a regular basis. Check back on the website for the best football tips, news and information around and get involved in the action.

Betting Single Odds

Football Predictions – Three Stages To Success

Here are the three stages to taking your football predictions and turning them into successful bets.

Your Football Predictions

The first thing you need is a prediction, maybe you know who is playing today, maybe you don’t.

If you do it would be good to write down your feelings for say 5 matches.

If you don’t know who is playing you can always visit our latest free tips for ideas. Check your sports news website of choice or log into one of your betting websites for fixed matches like FixedMatch.Bet to see what bets they are accepting today. Again, write down your feelings for about 5 matches.

Fixed winning Matches soccer predictions

Getting Information on betting single odds

Next up you need to get information to help support your predictions. This can take several forms, we will outline some of them here for you.

Support Your Football Predictions with Team News

People get injured at the last minute. Changes get made to the team before kick off, people fall out with other people.

There is so much constantly happening that could change what your prediction should be that it really does pay to keep up to date with team news.

One thing we provide with our members tips is team news, from people local to where the league is, which is really useful. Of course you don’t need to sign up with us to get team news!

You could check out the Twitter feed of both teams, or their official website.

You could read what the pundits are saying hours before a match.

Verify Your Football Predictions with Local and General News

Similar to team news is using local news to help with your football predictions free tips fixed matches. What we mean by this is what is the weather like? Does one teams goal keeper always have a terrible match when it rains? What is the stadium like, does the away team have a good record at at?

This type of information is especially important for international matches with either international teams or teams normally based in one country playing in another.

Find other People’s Opinion on Your Football Predictions

It never hurts to get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion on what way you think things are going to go. One of the things we love about this site is the comments we get from our readers with their fixed matches predictions. It is totally free to post a comment asking for advice. And you can  guaranteed people will have advice for you.

Free Fixed Matches

Other places you can check out are things like Reddit and football message boards.

Getting the best betting single odds for your football predictions

Now that you have your football predictions you should be in a good position to place your bet. But don’t go off to the first bookies you see and put down your money. Shop around and see who is offering the best betting single odds. Often times you can make your money go further by finding even slightly better odds in on place.

Bonus Fourth Step – Get some football predictions live!

Sometimes a match could have already started before you decide to bet on it. Sometimes you think it is too close to call before the game starts. So you want to wait until say half time before you place any bets.

Most bookies (like 1xbet.com) will allow you to bet in game now. And there are plenty of places that will help you do in play betting.

Over to you!

These are just our humble opinions and what we do. We would love to hear if you think we are doing something wrong or if you do something differently, please let us know in the comments. Hope this article have helped you in understanding betting single odds.