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Best Soccer Tips Fixed

Best Soccer Tips Fixed

Fixed Matches Correct Combo Betting

Fixed Matches Correct Combo Betting

Fixed Matches Correct Combo Betting

Best Fixed Tips 100% Sure Win Matches
Day: Saturday    Date: 21.08.2021

League: ENGLAND Premier League
Match: Liverpool – Burnley
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:0 Lost

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Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting are the third most popular wager on football fixed betting matches behind outright match result and goal scorer markets fixed matches. For many other sports correct score betting is equally popular. And for some smaller games this can often be one of only a few markets available. All of this means this bet type is highly competitive and competition drives up odds prices reducing bookmaker margins, meaning this wager offers great value to punters compared to other betting markets fixed matches.

You can take part in Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting virtually any points based sport with any of our listed bookies. This doesn’t however mean they are all the same. In this section we discuss the best bookies for Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting. How often correct score bets win, the value of these wagers, betting strategies fixed matches and common terms to look out for.

What Is Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting ?

Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting does what it says on the tin. You guess the final score of the game and if you are right you get paid out, if not you lose.

Most correct score bets fixed matches are placed on the final result. In football fixed matches this would be after 90 minutes and extra time is generally excluded. You can however bet on the correct score fixed matches at various stages of the match, at half time. For example or at ten minute periods.

In general, for bigger games especially, this is a very competitive market commanding good prices and decent linked promotions. The more obscure your correct score bet big odds fixed matches however the lower the value you can expect to receive.

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Full Time Fixed Matches

The most common bet type and the most competitive line between betting sites correct fixed matches. This is where you can get most value from this market in general. All bookies will offer this market at the very least and this makes shopping around easy. This is also the most common market for which most correct score fixed matches offers are applicable too.

Half Time / Full Time Fixed Matches

More popular now than ever is betting on the score at the interval. This can also be combined with the correct score fixed matches at full time or you can bet on each half independently. This allows you to bet on a game to be say 1-0 at half time and 2-1 at full time, massively increasing the odds if the outcome does occur.

Periods And Extra Time

Bigger bookies like FixedMatch.Bet will let you bet on the score of the match at various intervals. E.g. the correct score fixed matches after ten minutes, twenty minutes and so on.

It is generally not possible to bet on correct score after extra time before the game begins. But if the match goes to extra time you can usually place an ET correct score bet fixed matches live in play.

Fixed Matches Correct Combo Betting

Score cast Fixed Matches

It is not possible in general to place accumulator bets fixed matches on events from the same event, this is known as a related contingency. This means you can’t place a double bet on the first goal scorer and the correct score fixed matches in the same game. Why? Because both bets factor in the chances of a result and if you link these you are in effect doubling this factor.

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Bookmakers therefore offer markets such as score cast and anytime score cast that allows you to predict the correct score fixed matches and first or anytime goal scorer. For example Harry Kane to score and England to win 3-1. Read more about this in our score cast article.

Accumulator Fixed Matches

It is possible to combine multiple correct score bets into an accumulator fixed matches or full cover bet. These can be very profitable considering the higher odds available for correct score bets. For example, if you predict three correct scores matches football in a treble all with a price of 7/1 the cumulative price will be around 600/1.

The best place to do this would be FixedMatch.Bet considering they have the best overall single odds fixed matches in the first place. Beware though with any accumulator bet fixed matches you are in effect compounding the bookmakers margin, you can read more about bookie margins here.

Fixed matches Correct Score combo betting Odds Prices

Typically you can expect the odds on a correct score matches betting in an evenly matched game to be around 6/1 (7.0 decimal) and upwards. For strong favourites this can be as low as 3/1. More likely scores such as 1-0, 1-1 and 2-1 carry the lowest odds and less likely scores can carry huge odds, 5-3 for example could be over 500/1.

This is one line that can vary a fair bit across a range of bookie so do make sure you have a few bookmaker accounts open and you use odds comparison websites to shop around. I’ve seen the price of a 2-1 result in a football game vary from 7/1 to 13/1 with various operators.

Most Common Football Scores Predictions Weekend tips 1×2

1-0 to is the most likely score in any football game. This has proven by taking a selection of over 188,000 English league football games played since the origins of the football league fixed matches.

The likelihood of a 1-0 to the home team is 9.8% and for the away team is 6.8%. The overall chance of 1-0 to either team is therefore 16.6%. This is for  second place by a 2-1 result. This occurs 14.5% of the time with 8.9% of this for the home team and 5.6% for the away team.

The most likely draw is 1-1 which crops up in 11.6% of matches. The table below details the likelihood of a correct score matches soccer based on this dataset, any score not listed has a 0.1% or less chance of occurring (i.e. less than 1/1000 games).  For details on the average number of goals per game see our dedicated page:

Draw Money Back

There are not a huge number of correct score football betting matches promotions that can reliably add regular value to your bets. But the draw money back is the stand out exception. This tends to come in two formats, those that refund stakes for score draws fixed matches and those that give you money back if the game is goalless. What if I want to bet on 0-0 I hear you say? Well you shouldn’t do that through a correct score market fixed matches¬†and I’ll tell you why in the strategy section below.