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best fixing matches 1×2

best fixing matches 1×2

Double HT FT Fixed Matches

Double HT FT Fixed Matches

Double HT FT Fixed Matches

Ticket HT FT Betting Big Odds Fixed Matches
Day: Saturday    Date: 24.07.2021

League: AUSTRIA 2. Liga
Match: BW Linz – Dornbirn
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:1 Won

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Saturday betting big odds Tips

Double HT/FT fixed matches is one wager with two parts to it. It is most commonly used in football betting 1×2 tips but can be found across other sports. It asks for the half-time and the full-time results to accurately predicted fixed matches.

Double HT/FT fixed matches?

The half-time/full-time bet weekend fixed matches, which is also simply referred to as HT/FT, is a forecast of the half-time and full-time results in one match. Even though this is just a bet with a single stake unit against it, it requires both predictions to be right in order for the bet to win. If just one of the predictions are wrong within it, the bet loses.

It’s important to note that this bet isn’t the results of two individual halves of the game. For example, if you have taken a Man City/Chelsea HT/FT bet, that’s not suggesting that Man City win the first half and Chelsea win the second half. It means that Man City are winning at half-time and Chelsea will win the match outright at 90 minutes.

So in a Man City/Man City bet for example, the Citizens could be leading 3-0 at half time, but lose the second half 2-0. The bet still wins as City would win the match outright by a 3-2 score line.

HT / FT (Half time – full time)?

The name of this type of bet has as meaning about the double action that a team must make in a football match single bet, the team must complete two different actions in a match, the first one (Half time) is to win during the first 45 minutes of the match, and the second is to win the other half of the game (full time), the team must finish the game as a winner so that the bet is a winner.

Soccer Saturday Double Fixed Bets

It is also possible that the Double HT / FT fixed matches represents in other ways, for example:

Draw – Draw:

Both halves will end in a draw, no teams winning, means 0-0, 1-1 etc. If a team wins one half, the bet is a loser.

Team A – Team B:

In this case, Team A must win Half Time and Team B the Full time (second half)

It is not difficult to understand, bookmakers show all the options available in HT / FT with the odds and an exact description of each option. Bettors can take advantage of this option if they know how to bet based on the options available in the bookies.

Why are double HT/FT fixed matches tips so fashionable these days?

Well, unfortunately, this is the result of the work done by scam artists. The complete turnarounds are usually priced the highest, so bets like 1/2 and 2/1 are some of the best-priced odds you can find for any football match (respectively 51 and 20 in our practical example).

As many naive punters are hoping to change their fortunes overnight, hustlers have started using these enticing odds to fool the crowd. Before, they used to go with the Over 6.5 Goals tip, but nowadays they’re much better off with the double bet type 1/2 or 2/1. No wonder there are so many Facebook Groups and websites allegedly offering HT/FT 100% sure fixed matches..

That is enough to get an idea of the sorts of searches made. People looking for halftime fulltime free football predictions, as punters are willing to pull their money out of their pocket for HT FT fixed matches. It’s ridiculous but true. We’ve already tackled this subject in another post, so we won’t dwell on the matter any longer.

Saturday correct score Matches

Things can get even crazier than that. In fact, there are swindlers out there on the internet offering Half Time Full Time Correct Score predictions. They’re going contrary to savvy bettors, who’d rather focus on half time predictions while watching the live video of the match than take a huge gamble before kickoff.

Double HT/FT fixed matches System

Even though the payout isn’t that great, there is a niche group interested in halftime fulltime betting fixed matches strategies. Everybody knows they have to go through HT/FT stats to boost the likelihood of nailing it, but how to predict HT FT matches is a much more sophisticated technique. Developing a model based on half time full-time stats is generally the go-to approach in this case. However, nothing can replace a proper betting strategy to go with it.


There are many flawed HT/FT betting systems out there pretending to be legit, like the Double HT/FT Betting System, but the problem with these is that they’re complicating things for no good reason. For instance, the system we linked to presents the punter with fewer chances of winning (Away/Home is missing) and lower odds then he’d get by backing the two home wins on a single slip.

How does a double HT/FT fixed matches bet work?

You will see a half-time/full-time bet fixed matches option presented as something like Manchester City/Manchester City or Draw/Manchester City. For a given football match there are nine different combinations of HT/FT bets that can happen.

For example in a match between Man City and Chelsea, these are the available HT/FT options:

1 = Home Win

2 = Away Win

X = Draw

Winning example of a Half-Time Full-Time bet in Football

Manchester City are enjoying a strong season on home soil, but you think Chelsea can keep themselves in the game at half-time. So you back a Draw/Man City HT/FT bet at 3/1 odds. The half-time score in the fixture is 0-0 and then Manchester City indeed find their winning touch and score the only goal of the game in the second half of the fixture. From a £1 stake that is a £4 total return (including stake).

Double HT FT Fixed Matches

Losing example of a Half-Time Full-Time bet in Football

Sticking with the same Draw/Man City HT/FT bet, what could cause it to lose? A lot of things really. Remember that it is one of nine HT/FT options that could have been chosen for the game. In this example, the teams walk off 0-0 at half-time. But then Chelsea continue their defensive efforts in the second half and the game ends at 0-0 as well.

The entire bet is lost. Even though the half-time prediction part was correct, the result at full-time wasn’t and so the bet loses. Both predictions have to be exactly right for the bet to return.

Double Half-Time Full-Time Fixed rules

Half-time/full-time matches bet rules only apply to 90-minute betting markets in a match. So for example, if it is a cup game where teams play extra time. Only the result at 90 minutes stands for the bet.

Double HT/FT fixed matches Correct Score bet?

If you wanted to look even further into the HT/FT options you can, for longer odds, look at predicting the correct score at both half-time and full-time. It works exactly the same as the regular Double HT/FT fixed matches, but you have to get the exact scores correct at the end of both halves. An example would be Man City 1-0 half-time/Man City 2-1 full-time.

Betting exact Correct core Matches

Double HT/FT Fixed matches Strategy and Analysis

This is a bet where you can apply a bit of analysis. The general usage of a HT/FT bet is in the scenario when you have a strong team going in a bit of a one-sided match. To highlight this, a Premier League match of Tottenham v West Ham had Tottenham at 2/5 to win outright because they were such heavy favourites at home.

However, the option of a Tottenham/Tottenham Half-Time/Full-Time bet big odds weekend was at 11/10, much more attractive odds. You would still need the overall outcome of Spurs winning the match to happen. But you would add the extra contingency that they would need to be leading at half-time too.

So would it be worth the risk?

That is where stats come in. Looking at the stats for the season, Spurs had won six of their last seven home games. So the overall outcome looked a good proposition of a Tottenham win. They had also kept a clean sheet in 41% of home games. They had been leading at the half-time break in 8 of 17 home games.

However, looking at the stats Spurs had been leading at half-time in just two of their most recent home games, which of course suggested that they had been more prolific in the second half of fixtures recently. So perhaps for the HT/FT fixed matches market a Draw/Tottenham bet at 10/3 offered more value. You can’t judge a bet from looking at just one team. So a glance at West Ham’s half-time away stats, saw that they had only been losing at the break in five away games all season. That suggested that indeed the half-time draw was a more viable option.

Betting Correct Match Result Football

So that is an example of how you would use stats to try and weigh up the two options in a half-time/full-time bet weekend fixed matches. Never take notice of stats from a league table early in the season. After say just four or five games for example, stats are going to be lopsided. For example a newly promoted team wins their first three home games against weak opposition. But are still likely to relegate over the course of the season.

How to place a Half-Time Full-Time bet on FixedMatch.Bet?

The double HT/FT fixed match at FixedMatch.Bet is near the top of the listings for an individual game. It sits under the Full-Time Result Fixed Matches, Double Chance fixed matches and Correct Score markets. The nine different options that are available in a HT/FT market for a given match are all listed.