Sure Accurate Fixed Bets

Sure Accurate Fixed Bets

Sure Accurate Fixed Bets

Sure Sources Fixed Matches 1×2
Day: Monday    Date: 06.09.2021

League: NORWAY Division 2 – Group 2
Match: Odd 2 – Egersunds
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:2 Won

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Fixed Matches 100% Genuine

In this post, we will break down several strategies to put you in the ranks of those lucky ones who make real money from sure accurate fixed bets. While there are no surefire strategies that guarantee a 100% victory. There are some sure accurate fixed bets tactics to increase your chance of winning in football betting.

Here are some tactics worth implementing if you are eager to make profits by placing sure accurate fixed bets.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting or ‘arbing’ refers to the betting free fixed sure win matches tactic where a bettor places a bet on a game at different bookmakers or, in this case, sports betting companies. The idea is to give the bettor a guaranteed profit regardless of the final result.

This tactic works best when placing sure accurate fixed bets on games with mutually exclusive results. It is even better if the game will not result in draws fixed matches. As in knockout tournaments, such as post-group stage matches in World Cup, Euro, or Champions League). By utilizing an odd probability calculator, you can save time to maximize your profit and shift your profits entirely on finding out other opportunities.

Value Betting

Value betting requires your knowledge of the game and analysis of the recent statistical performance of specific teams. The idea is to place a sure accurate fixed bets on a game in which you believe the possibility set by bookmakers might not be the actual, possible result.

Strong sources for Fixed Matches

You can rely on your analytical skill to find any value betting free fixed odds 1×2 available. However, it will save you a lot of time and effort to use a value bet detector. One thing to keep in mind is to place a large number of bets to make the statistics work.

Draw Betting Fixed Matches

It is an unorthodox tactic, yet, one of the best football betting fixed matches tactics at the moment. The idea is to use your analytic skills to predict games that will likely end up in a draw. Do your research and find leagues in which draws are frequent results or some teams with a penchant for drawing the game (usually mid-table clubs when playing away games).

Betting on Pragmatic, Low-Scoring Teams

There is a market that values correct scores in betting fixed matches. Usually, the correct score market fixed matches prices the bet based on the supremacy of those teams rather than their statistical result or their style of play. This is where the opportunity arises.

Teams like Atletico Madrid in Spanish League tend to play defensively and win the game with a one-goal margin. Managers like Tony Pulis also tend to play a rock-solid defense and win on a low-scoring margin regardless of the opponents (as shown in his career with Stoke City in English Premier League around 2006-2013. It is easier and safer to bet on the correct scores fixed matches for their games to make some profits.

Sure winning Fixed Matches Sources

Never Bet With Your Gut

You might be familiar with the ‘hunch’ punters get when placing a bet. If you’re serious about making consistent money from football betting VIP Fixed Matches then forget about following yours. Your gut feel counts for little in betting high odds fixed matches as does following your heart over your head. So, what is the reverse of trusting your gut? Doing your research.

Sure Accurate Fixed Bets

A lot of our tips to this point have been focused on exploiting resources and existing strategies already out there. To up your betting game, start doing your own research too. The basic places to start involve checking out the recent form of the teams you’re betting free fixed matches ht/ft on, how many goals they score, how they differ home and away and how teams fare against one another in head to head scenarios.

Consider Rolling Accumulators

Forget everything you know about the word ‘accumulator fixed matches’ because a rolling accumulator fixed matches is not the same thing. Instead of making multiple fixed matches odds selections on the same bet slip you choose one event to bet on. When that wins, you then choose another solitary event to place your entire winnings on and so on.

The reason this is a popular method of betting odds 100% sure fixed matches is because you can start off with a smaller stake and aim to build up a bigger pool to wager. Here is a quick look at how the strategy snowballs.

Winning free Fixed Matches odds

£5 on Liverpool to beat Southampton returns £15.50 (event takes place Monday)

£15.50 on Tottenham to beat Brentford returns £22.39 (event takes place Tuesday)

£22.39 on Manchester City to beat Manchester United returns £44.78 (event takes place Wednesday)

£44.78 on Wolves to beat Crystal Palace returns £87.32 (event takes place Friday)

Of course, following this method can still lead to you losing a hefty stake – and yes it is real money – but your actual bank account is still only down by the initial £10 stake. There is also a tweak to the method where you take your initial stake – or a proportion of it – off your first win to protect your investment.

Don’t be Fearful of a Losing Bet

Unfortunately, with the exception of a couple of these sure accurate fixed bet tips, we’re talking about full blown gambling and that means you can – and will – lose bets. Everyone loses bets from time to time. If, however, you follow a consistent betting strategy fixed matches the chances of you coming out ‘up’ over the longer term are greatly improved. It’s also important to remember that your loss can come at any point.

Predicted Soccer daily Fixed Matches 1×2

You could have a brilliant system where your first bet loses but, equally, you might find a loss doesn’t arrive until much further down the line. Why do we mention this? It’s all about remaining grounded. Don’t throw your strategy in the bin at the first sign of a losing bet. But, equally, don’t get hasty and start throwing money you can’t afford to lose on a strategy that has won you 10 out of 10 wagers. Even the best run will eventually throw out a losing bet.


There are no tactics that guarantee 100% winning fixed matches chances in football betting odds. Most of the time, luck also plays pivotal roles to decide the outcomes. However, there are some tactics and strategies that, if supported with self-discipline and thorough research, are considered foolproof and can help to increase the chance of success in sure accurate fixed bets.

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