Special Fixed Matches

Special Fixed Matches

Special Fixed Matches 25% Discount

Special Fixed Matches 25% Discount

In the beginning of this pandemicCovid 19 who appeared last year – 2020, started large decline of each crypto currency.

At that moment all people who adore and want to take risk in order to make a large amount of money started to invest in many different crypto currency. It is proved, we questioned big number of people, we explore many forums and companies and we found out where and in what crypto currency people invested. The results from our research are that many people invested big amount of money in Bitcoin which is one of the most famous currency, than in Ethereum.

Today, 07.01.2021 Thursday, huge growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum occurred. At the beginning of this pandemic the value of оne Bitcoin was around $ 7,000 and now it is around $ 32,000. The value of one Ethereum at the beginning was around $ 125 and now is around $ 1,200. This means that everyone who invested in these currencies made a big profit.

Some people have already withdrawn their profits, and some have left them as they are and they are waiting to make more profit. Now, this post is just for those people who want to make more profit.

This offer is available just for new Clients! 25% Discount For all our offers.

You can invest a very small part of your profit with us and enjoy in making even more profit by betting on rigged fixed matches. Now we give you a 25% discount on every offer, here below are all our offers you can see:

This 25% discount is valid until 15.01.2021 and this discount is only for people who want to pay for our rigged special fixed matches only through Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Please do not ask us about this discount if you can’t use Bitcoin or Ethereum. If we receive a message from a customer who can’t pay with Bitcoin & Ethereum, we will not respond.

Updated: January 7, 2021 — 1:34 pm

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