Single 1×2 Accurate Betting

Single 1×2 Accurate Betting

Single 1×2 Accurate Betting

Soccer Accurate Betting Fixed Matches
Day: Tuesday    Date: 24.08.2021

League: ICELAND Inkasso-deildin
Match: Throttur – Fram
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:2 Won

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When you’re new to the sports betting world fixed matches the range of different markets and bet types can be overwhelming. The single 1×2 accurate betting is exactly that. What even is it? It’s a valid question because it basically looks like a meaningless piece of code. It’s not, it’s actually very simple and here we explain exactly what single 1×2 accurate betting is.

What is single 1X2 accurate betting?

Single 1X2 accurate betting is simply betting hot fixed matches on the outcome of a fixture and is often referred to as match result betting. This means you simply have to predict whether the game finishes as a home win, away win or draw.

We can hear you ask what the single 1×2 accurate betting mean. Well, generally speaking your betting odds fixed matches will be laid out in three columns – ‘home’, ‘draw’ and ‘away’. The 1X2 fixed matches correlates directly to this:

1 = home win

X = draw

2 = away win

How do the single 1×2 accurate betting odds work?

Before we look at calculating your potential returns you need to understand what wins you your bet. Thankfully, it is easy to explain.

If you back the home team (1) and the hosts win then so do you. A draw (X) or an away win (2) means you lose. Equally, if you back the away team (2) then they have to win for you to win and, again, if you bet on a draw (X) then the match must end with teams sharing the spoils for you to win your bet.

So, let’s look at the odds. Each match outcome has a price against it with your returns calculated as below:

Odds x Stake = Potential Return

An example 1X2 bet fixed matches

For our example, we’ll look at the Premier League leaders Liverpool and their trip to Southampton on Monday. With STS Bet, the current odds are as below: Southampton (home i.e. 1) are  at 4.75. The draw (draw i.e. X) is  at 4.20. Liverpool (away i.e. 2) are at 1.67. If you were to bet a £10 stake on Liverpool to win then your returns are calculated as below: £10 x 1.67 = £16.70

If Southampton defy the odds to either win or draw then you would lose your entire £10 stake.

Why is the single 1×2 accurate betting so popular?

The single 1X2 accurate betting is the most popular market in football betting fixed matches. Why? Well, for starters, it’s one of the more old fashioned approaches to placing a bet in terms of ‘I bet team A will win the game’ but beyond that it’s a market that appeals hugely to more experienced bettors and professional punters alike. The reason for this is because analysis can quickly be completed to understand whether or not there is ‘value’ in the odds being offered. Where we reference analysis, it’s perhaps wise to think of this as research.

An example

Let’s take the Southampton versus Liverpool example again to understand single 1×2 accurate betting. A simple look at home and away tables will tell you that, as of the time of writing, the performance of both sides reads as below:

So far this season, Southampton have played eight league games at St Mary’s. They’ve won four, drawn one and lost three.

Hot Fixed Matches Betting

Liverpool meanwhile have played eight on the road losing just once with five draws and two wins to their name.

Single 1x2 Accurate Betting

The other quick reference you can look at is how the teams have fared against one another. In the head to head record, you have to go back to 2016 for the last time Southampton avoided defeat against Liverpool in the Premier League on home turf.

You can dig deeper than this if you wish by looking at more recent form e.g. Liverpool will likely be extra keen to win in order to bounce back after being held by Newcastle and team selections as kick off nears e.g. Southampton are much less likely to trouble Liverpool if Danny Ings isn’t in the team.

Can 1X2 wagers only place as single bets?

No. That’s another beauty of the 1X2 bet hot fixed matches. You can combine multiple 1X2 bets fixed matches to form doubles, trebles and accumulators betting fixed matches to supercharge you.

Don’t just bet on who you want to win

This might sound obvious, but I think we have all been guilty of letting emotion get the best of us when it comes to our favourite teams.

Of course, if you just want to bet on your favourite team because that’s the result you want and a winning bet would make it all the sweeter, regardless of the likelihood of the outcome, the that is entirely fair enough. Gambling should be about enhancing your enjoyment of a game. If that is what this does, then go for it.

Fixed Matches Predictions

However, for those of you who are looking to make the most accurate final result betting predictions possible, we’re going to have to ask you to think deeply into whether your prediction is really what you think will happen, or what you want to happen. If you don’t believe you can be objective, you may want to pick a game where you can be.

Keep your accumulators consistent

Whatever choices you are making for your accumulators fixed matches, it is vital to make sure that they are following a continuous line of reasoning. If for instance, you are betting odds fixed matches on a team to do very well in one game and then very poorly on the next, you have to ask yourself why and if there is no good reason then reconsider the logic behind your bet. This is just one example, but regardless of your picks, what is vital is to make sure you view your accumulator betting fixed matches as one single entity. This means that the quality of one selection doesn’t matter if another doesn’t make sense. It only takes one unwise choice to see your vast returns come crumbling down.

Take the possibility of a draw seriously

This is a really simple one, but one we thought was worth mentioning. There are three possible outcomes in this market, as we’ve discussed. However, the draw is often overlook because, quite frankly, people see it as the less interesting result. This is similar to our third suggestion here. You need to be honest with yourself about the most likely outcome, rather than the outcome you would most like to see. One easy way of checking is if you have a large accumulator fixed matches and not a single game is predicted as a draw, consider how likely that is to happen across a wide variety of games.

Manipulated Fixed Matches

1×2 betting predictions fixed matches

One thing that is amazing about online betting fixed matches big odds is if you don’t have the time to do the research you still don’t have to make 1X2 betting predictions. That’s because there’s a massive selection of tipsters and apps available to you available in just a few clicks. A quick google search will find examples from all over the web, including on both Android and iOS devices. Take this app from APK Pure as one hugely popular example, it only takes a moment to download and can give you informed 1X2 betting tips fixed matches APK style, with virtually no effort, in minutes.

And if you don’t want to download anything, countless single 1X2 accurate betting tips are available online, focusing on the Nigerian customer, but with a vast international market in mind.

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