Real Betting Fixed Matches

Real Betting Fixed Matches

Real Betting Fixed Matches

Is it illegal to bet on fixed matches
Day: Thursday    Date: 29.07.2021

League: NORWAY Division 2 – Group 2
Match: V. Haugesund – Notodden
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:2 Won

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How to Bet on Real Betting Fixed match

Real betting fixed matches can be an extremely frustrating and costly. It is a  pastime with many people wondering how to bet on football and win.

Whilst there are success stories of punters who won thousands from a 50p stake. Most punters know the sinking feeling of a last-minute goal ruining their accumulator or the team at the bottom of the table picking up a surprise victory over the defending champions.

Some people continue to place the same type of bet week after week. They hope that one day their ship will come in.

However, to win at football fixed matches sure predictions, punters must follow a few certain rules.

Research Before Real betting Fixed match

Rule number one of real betting fixed matches is that the punter must gather as much information as possible before placing a bet.

Study statistics, recent form, head to head information, and team news to give you as much of an advantage as you can have. Knowing all of this will help you take an analytical approach and work out which outcome is most likely.

For example, the second-placed team in the league are playing a team in the relegation zone in midweek. The higher team would be priced as a heavy favourite. But there may be factors to take note of before betting.

Although most people would take the league positions as a good indicator of who will win. What if the second-placed team have an all-important match with the leaders at the weekend fixed matches?

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Research increases Chances

There are chances they will rest players against the lesser team, to keep them fit for the bigger challenge. They may also take the midweek match lighter than usual thinking they already have the victory.

But, taking a match lightly against a relegation threatened side who also need the points can be a dangerous tactic.

Also, what if the so-called bigger team have failed to win in their last three matches against the team in the relegation zone? What if the last five head to head meetings have all been draws? What if the team in the relegation zone have hit a purple patch of form and won their last few games?

These factors can play a huge part in determining the outcome of a match. The favourites may not look such a banker now, with the chance of a draw or even a surprise victory for the underdog being much higher.

This is one of the many reasons why we provide team news to our members.

Remain Analytical

Betting on impulse, betting on fixed matches with your heart, letting your emotions take over, and betting solely based on the betting odds are all sure-fire ways of losing money.

Impulse betting is where a punter places a bet on whichever matches are available, regardless of their knowledge of the teams involved. It’s something which many online punters will do. And their win percentages from this type of betting odds 1×2 today will probably be extremely low.

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Betting manipulated fixed matches with your heart means backing your own team to win, or favourite player to score first, regardless of the opposition or form of the player. Whilst some punters may get lucky and win often if they support a big team. Those who support a team struggling against relegation every year will lose more than they win.

Letting your emotions take over is a big no-no when it comes to betting. This is usually described as chasing your losses, when you are angry and frustrated after a bet fails to win. You then place more money on another bet you believe to be a banker, to try and regain the money you lost before. This is a slippery slope and could quickly lead to a bank balance of zero.

Betting based solely on the odds is another thing punters should never do. Whilst short odds favourites obviously have the best chance of being victorious. There may be mitigating factors which could weaken that chance.

Remain analytical and do not bet on a match unless you have gathered as much information as possible.

Profit is Profit no Matter How Small

Some punters look for the big, life-changing, win every week. They place a few pounds on bets which could return thousands, with the chances of these bets coming in being small.

Those few pounds every week may be small to start with, But done every week for several years will mount up to a lot of lost money.

Punters should always be looking to make a profit, even if it’s only a few pounds.

Would you rather place £10 on a single bet which returns a £12 profit, but has a 92% chance of winning. Or place two £5 bets on sixteen-team accumulators which return £10,000 each, with a 1% chance of coming in?

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Some people will say the second, but sensible punters will know that £12 profit every time soon adds up.

For more information on this you might like our post on focusing on losing less often.

There’s a big chance you have sat in a pub, or café, and overheard a conversation about how close someone came to winning £26,000 on Saturday or how one team let them down for £500. You never hear the punters who were £5 up talking about their win, although they are the more successful punter.

The best advice we can give when gambling is, your first thought should be how best you can avoid losing rather than how much you will win if your bet comes in.

Look for a small profit, which will help to boost your betting bank. It may ultimately lead to a big life-changing profit over time.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is ever-increasing in popularity, although it’s still hard to understand for most.

Casual punters tend to opt for a simple bet with fixed odds, and only one or two possible outcomes, although many will have asked themselves, “what is spread betting?”.

So, what exactly is spread betting?

Well, basically, spread betting is where a punter will bet on the movement of a market instead of a fixed outcome.

In real betting fixed matches, you select an outcome and place a stake on it. If that outcome occurs, you win, and you lose if it doesn’t. You know how much you’ve staked, and how much you will win if your bet is successful.

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With real betting fixed matches, you place a stake on a spread of bets. And how much you win, or lose, is determined by how far over or under the spread the eventual outcome is. This gives several different outcomes for the bet. And different amount of winnings or losses depending on how right or wrong you are.

Real Betting Fixed Matches

The bookmaker will set a spread for a certain market in a match. Then, the punter will buy, if they think the outcome will be higher than the spread, or sell if they think it will be lower.

If they buy, and the outcome is higher than the spread, they will win their stake for each number higher. However, if the outcome was lower, they would need to pay their stake for each number lower.

Here’s an example of real betting fixed match

The bookmaker sets a spread of 12 for number of corners in a match. You, the punter, decide to bet £10 to buy the spread. So, you think the total number of corners in the match will be more than 12.

If the total number of corners is more than 12, you would win. How much you win is determined on how many more than 12 there are.

So, if the match finished with 16 corners that’s four more than the spread. You would win your stake x 4. £10 x 4 = £40

If the game finished with exactly 12 corners, you neither win or lose.

But, if there were only 7 corners you would lose and it would cost you 5 times your stake because the outcome was 5 less than the spread. £10 x 5 = £50.

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Why Choose Spread Betting Over Fixed Odds?

We are not here to tell you to stop betting on fixed odds markets and instead use spread betting. We are just here to give you all the information available for you to make an informed decision.

The main positive of spread betting is that you can win a lot of money by using your knowledge of the game.

If a match is being played between two teams who score lots of goals. But have a poor deference, and the spread is set at 3 goals. You can buy the spread for say £20 and you would win that amount for every goal over 3.

By betting on Over 3 Goals using real betting fixed matches with a £20 stake, at odds of say 3/1. You would win £60 profit whether there’s 4 goals or 9 goals.

With spread betting, if the game ended in a thrilling 5-4 victory for the home team it would be 6 more goals than the spread. This means the punter would win £20 x 6 = £120.

That is double the profit of what you would receive in the fixed odds market. Obviously, you could bet on Over 7 or 8 goals in fixed odds, but would lose if there were only 5. With a spread bet, you would still win £40.

What Markets Are Available to real betting fixed match?

Most bookmakers available real betting fixed matches markets vary.

The majority will offer markets such as total goals, total corners, total throw-ins, total booking points (using 10 for a yellow card and 25 for a red), and overall winning margin.

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Some will offer varied markets which give an opportunity to gamble on outcomes which you cannot find in fixed odds betting.

An example of one of these markets is total of goal scorer’s shirt numbers.

This means that every time a goal is scored, the number of the player who scored it goes towards a total.

Let’s say a match ends 2-2. With the home team goals being scored by numbers 8 and 11 whilst the away team scorers were numbers 3 and 9. This is 8 + 11 + 3 + 9 = 31.

If the spread for this market was set at 28, the final outcome was 31 which is 3 higher than the spread.

A punter who staked £15 to sell the spread, so lower than 28, would have lost by 3. So, their total stake would be £15 x 3 = £45. However, if they chose to buy the spread for the same stake, they would win £45.

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