Myths About Fixed Matches

Myths About Fixed Matches

Myths About Fixed Matches

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Day: Monday     Date: 22.02.2021

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: Juventus – Crotone
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:0 Won

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Now that we’ve established some important facts, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths relating to football betting. We’ve heard all of these repeated many times, so there’s every chance you have too. As you’ll discover, though, you can’t let them misguide you. Let’s learn more myths about fixed matches.

  • Bookmakers can’t be beaten
  • You can trust expert predictions
  • Parlays are for suckers
  • Buying points must be bad value
  • Stats and trends are everything
  • ATS data provides predictive value

Myths about Fixed matches

Bookmakers can’t be beaten

We’re not going to write much on this one, because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

If it’s not possible to beat the bookmakers, why would any of us bother?

The bookmakers have an advantage, as we’ve already discussed. And overcoming that advantage is hard. There’s no doubt at all about that. But it can be done. You just need the right approach and plenty of dedication to the task.

You need some faith too, which is why we’re keen to dispel this particular myth. If you don’t believe that the bookmakers can be beaten, you probably WON’T beat them. Have some faith, though, and just maybe you’ll have some success.

You can trust expert predictions

Really? The experts ALWAYS get it right? Of course they don’t. This is a complete myth, perpetuated somewhat by the media.

The media is full of “experts” on football predict 1×2 tips, and the NFL in particular. Some of them deserve that label. But many of them do not. The idea that you should trust someone’s predictions just because they’re on the TV is extremely flawed. Most of the time they’re offering personal opinion rather than any factually based insight. Sometimes they’re just flat out guessing.

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Let’s be clear here – you can certainly benefit from watching NFL coverage on the TV. You might even learn something. It’s just important to not automatically trust everything that’s being said. There’s definitely value in factoring other peoples’ opinions into your selection process, but they shouldn’t be the foundation on which you make decisions.

Parlays are for suckers

This is more nonsense that gets spread around freely. Amusingly enough, it’s often something people say when they’re trying to show what a smart bettor they are. And yet it proves the complete opposite.

Now, to be fair, there is a tiny bit of truth here. Parlays can be suckers’ bets for sure. But then, so can any type of wager. It’s how and when you use the different types of wager that defines whether you’re a sucker or not.

The fact is that a lot of people use parlays incorrectly. They make multiple selections on a single wager purely because they’re chasing the bigger potential payouts: without giving any thought to a strategy. This is obviously not a great approach. Parlays can be profitable though, when used with the right consideration to strategy. Check out our article discussing strategies for football parlays to find out more.

Buying points must be bad value

The question of whether it’s right to buy points splits opinion among betting experts football tips, and there are solid arguments on both sides. However, there’s one argument that’s not even close to being solid. In fact, it’s downright ridiculous.

Myths About Fixed Matches

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This is a myth. And an especially silly one at that. Anyone who believes this shouldn’t be betting 1×2 Tips Football at all. If it were true, it would surely also mean that every single wager offered by a bookmaker must be bad value. That’s obviously not the case, so this is just not a good argument against buying points.

Please note that we do fully accept that there’s a legitimate argument over whether buying points is the right thing to do or not. There’s just no merit at all in the suggestion that bookmakers wouldn’t allow it if it does offer value.

Stats & trends myths about fixed matches

Stats can be invaluable to a football bettor. There’s a wide variety of different team and player stats available, many of which are very useful for making informed judgments about what’s going to happen in individual games and throughout a football season. Trends are often time very valuable. They can help you make more accurate predictions soccer tips 1×2, that’s for sure.

Many bettors rely entirely on stats to make their betting decisions. Many choose to faithfully follow trends they uncover. Some use a combination of both stats and trends. Any of these approaches are just fine. They can definitely work if used together with suitable strategies.

There are lots of other things that can be looked at too though. The value of stats and trends is unquestionable, but ignoring other aspects of the sport can potentially limit your chances of success.

ATS data provides predictive value myths about fixed matches

ATS (against the spread) data tells us how teams have performed relative to the point spreads set by bookmakers. It measures how many times they have covered the spread and how many times they have failed to, irrespective of whether they’ve actually won or lost games.

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A lot of bettors use this data to make predictions. For example, some believe that a team with a good ATS record is more likely to cover the spread in upcoming games. This is based on the idea that if they’ve been good enough to cover the spread more often than not, they should continue to cover. This is incredibly flawed thinking.

Even more flawed is the idea that teams become “due” to cover after failing to do so a number of times. This is no different from betting on a specific number at the roulette table just because it hasn’t come up for a while. It other words, it’s pure guess work.

Use ATS data as a reference, by all means. It could be considered a useful guide to current form. Please don’t read too much into it though. It simply tells you what has happened in the past, and is very little help when it comes to predicting what’s going to happen in the future. This is all from us on myths about fixed matches.

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