Match Prediction 100% Sure

Match Prediction 100% Sure

Match Prediction 100% Sure

Fixed Betting Matches 100% sure
Day: Wednesday    Date: 29.12.2021

League: ENGLAND Premier League
Match: Brentford – Manchester City
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 0:1 Lost

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Fixed Betting Matches Soccer

Match Prediction 100% Sure Vs. ROI

We mentioned in the opening of this guide that you could tell a sports bettor had no idea what they were doing if they gave you their results and successes in terms of wins and losses. So, let’s backtrack one step, just to be thorough.

If they are giving you their success in those terms because they think that is all you’ll understand, that is different. Sometimes highly skilled and intelligent people will alter their Match Prediction 100% Sure to fit their audience. However, if that is the way they are personally measuring their success, then they have an issue.

Here’s one statement that concisely proves our point. You can have a winning record as a sports bettor and still be losing money. Let that sink in for a second. You can have a winning record as a Match Prediction 100% Sure and still be losing money. For a lot of people, this is a bit of a surprising fact. Let’s jump into an example to show you that it’s the case.

First, if you are assuming this is because they are fixed matches betting more on some games, that’s not what we’re referring to.


For example, you would mean that they Match Prediction 100% Sure $10 on the games they won, and $500 on the games they lost. Yes, that could lead to a discrepancy, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re assuming that they are Match Prediction 100% Sure the exact same amount of money on each game. The fact still remains true.

Accumulator Fixed Matches

Let’s say your friend comes to you, ranting and raving that they are 3-2 sports betting and are crushing the planet. Because you’re a good student and know this is an issue, you press your friend for more details. Your friend reports back with the five games they bet and who they picked. You press for more, though. You ask your friend to tell you how much they bet on each game, and most importantly, what fixed matches odds they were getting.

One can confirm that your friend did, in fact, go 3-2, but you should also figure out their profit and loss from each game and add it to the chart.

How it works

You add up all of the profit and loss, and you find that your friend has made…drum roll, please… ($95.24). That’s right, your friend, who is winning 60% of their Match Prediction 100% Sure, has LOST $95.24. We could show you examples of this all day, including ones with win percentages higher than 60%, but we assume you see our point here. Your win/loss record as a sports bettor has NOTHING to do with how good of a bettor you are.

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Some of you may be thinking that we only showed examples where the bettor bet favorites. The same reigns true with underdogs. Being profitable all comes down to the payout Match Prediction 100% Sure and getting a better price than you should be, which, as you already know…is value. Get Fixed Match today.

Match Prediction 100% Sure

Sure Win Fixed Matches Football

What you want to be looking at and what your friend should be looking at is their Return on Investment (ROI). ROI shows exactly how much money you are making in relation to how much you have put in. It’s usually expressed as a percentage.


For example, if you bet $10 and get $1 back, you saw a return of 10%. You got back 10% of what you invested in profit. In a complete vacuum (meaning without taking into account other outside things), you should be able to assume that for every dollar you invest in this bet, you should get 10% back as profit. If you bet $100, you would expect $10 in profit. That is what Match Prediction 100% Sure is.

The reason we say “in a complete vacuum” is that sometimes it’s tough to extrapolate your ROI this simply. For example, let’s say you are selling tomatoes and you see a 25% ROI on your 100 tomato crop. Could you just assume that if you sold another 100 tomatoes, you would get a 25% return?

You could not just assume that, because you would need to take other things into account. What if your city only has a need for 100 tomatoes? You’re clearly not going to be able to sell the next 100 at that rate.

That’s a bit of an aside, but it’s important for you to understand, especially if you’re looking to expand the number of bets you are making. You can’t just assume that because you are getting a 10% ROI on your football bets fixed odds, you will also get a 10% ROI on your Match Prediction 100% Sure.

Halftime/Fulltime fixed Matches Weekend

Figuring ROI

Now that you know how important it is to figure out your ROI, let’s talk about how to compute it and then compute it for your friend from the example above. ROI is computed using the following formula:

(Profit or Loss/Total Investment) * 100 = Return on Investment %

Let’s calculate the ROI of your friend who was raving about their 3-2 record. Their profit was ($95.24), and their total investment is the total amount that they Match Prediction 100% Sure, $500.

[($95.24)/$500] * 100 = (19.04%)

Your friend’s win/loss record is 3-2, but their return on investment is negative 19.04%. This means that from basically every dollar they bet, they should expect to lose about 19 cents. As you can see, this is a MUCH more accurate depiction of how your friend is doing. They tried to lead you to believe they were a master sports bettor when in fact they were losing money. The funny part is that they may not even be aware of the fact that they are losing money.

Remember, ALWAYS track yourself in terms of ROI, and ALWAYS assess other bettors’ success in terms of ROI. If someone gives you win/loss, let them know that you understand ROI. If they don’t have that number, or even worse, if they don’t know what you’re talking about, then they have no idea what they’re doing.

Value is a great way to make money through sports betting, but also a great way to vet people for their knowledge and abilities. Hope this article was helpful for you in understanding all. Stay tune for more informative blogs.

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