How to win Fixed Matches

How to win Fixed Matches

How to win Fixed Matches

Weekend Halftime/Fulltime Fixed Odds
Day: Sunday    Date: 31.10.2021

League: BELGIUM Jupiler Pro League
Match: Anderlecht – Leuven
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:2 Won

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Correct Fixed Betting Match

1. UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF VALUE “how to win fixed matches”

Critical. If you don’t have this, walk away. Sure you might be certain that a 1.25 favorite is going to win. But are the odds being offered to give any value? Do you worried about that How to win fixed matches. So no worry just welcome to this site.

Plenty of times we’ve heard casual gamblers say “There’s no way this team is going to lose this game”. Well, they might be legitimate favorites. But is the probability of them winning better than the odds being offered? Betting fixed Matches with this frame of mind is a little like saying an over-priced wide-screen TV was good value just because you really really really wanted it. It doesn’t work.

Value is a simple concept, but most of the betting free tips predictions public doesn’t understand this. And perhaps thankfully so, because it’s this naive or ‘square’ money that can skew the market, leaving great opportunities for the minority of gamblers who do know how to recognize the value.

Being able to spot value means that you are able to spot odds that are too high, consistently and systematically – and capitalize on those opportunities.

Principle of how to win fixed matches

In principle, this is not unlike successful trading with stocks. It makes sense to buy a particular stock when it is undervalued. This means ” How to win fixed matches” likely will appreciate in value later. If you are focused on sports betting, then your job each match day is to find the undervalued teams, and “buy their stock” in a manner of speaking.

Where to find Fixed Matches?

Spotting value is in essence about judging probabilities more correctly than the market does. Of course, How to win fixed matches is difficult to do that for every game and every sport, but that isn’t necessary. Your big advantage over the bookmaker lies in the ability to skip matches with unfavorable odds – just like you don’t have to purchase all stocks available. The bookmaker pretty much has to offer odds for almost all games, at the very least in the most popular leagues.

2. UNDERSTAND BASIC MATHS of “how to win fixed matches”

If you’ve ever said the phrase “I’m not a maths guy but….”, then you probably shouldn’t be a betting guy either. While plenty of gamblers can make a success of it by betting fixed matches on instinct and ‘feel’, to be successful long term you need a viable staking plan and you need to understand what the odds reflect in terms of probability. How to win fixed matches by the process of buying sure fixed matches.

In short, it’s a numbers game, and you need an adequate relationship with division and multiplication as a minimum.

How to win Fixed Matches


This depends upon the popularity of the event. But in general, bookmaker odds will be more a reflection of what they expect the general public to play, rather than on the actual probabilities of either outcome. Of course, it’s not quite that simple for how to win fixed matches. But in general, bookmakers will set their odds so as to attract betting on either side of the odds, so as to balance their liability and take their commission.

Where to find free 100% safe fixed matches?

This leaves smart gamblers to find great value opportunities where the general public’s opinion is just plain wrong. It also means that great value can be found on events where there is expected to be greater interest than normal by the occasional or casual gambler, who let’s be honest, knows nothing or very little in terms of profitable betting strategy correct fixed matches. Events like the Super Bowl, Cup finals, and major horse racing events are prime candidates for this sort of opportunity.

If you want to bet successfully, you need the right bookmaker. You will need to find bookmakers that actually let you win. Sadly it’s an ugly truth that most bookmakers won’t and will limit their successful customers, or may even outright ban them.


The longer we have been betting football matches ht-ft, the more we have come to fall in love with the team that nobody likes. In fact, we feel better about a potential bet the uglier it looks on paper. Sounds counterintuitive we know, but the less the general public likes a team, the more we like the look of them in terms of value. Especially a team that might have performed well over a long period but may have had a bad run of maybe 4 or 5 games. Just watch the general public jump off them, and watch their value rise.

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Don’t let a recent losing run throw you off your game. Put it out of your mind and stay with your analysis and have faith that the wheel will turn. How to win fixed matches: is easy if you know how to do it. Similarly, don’t let a recent winning streak give you false courage and lead you to over-extend yourself. Again, stay with your analysis and stick with your plan.


Multi-bets. Parlays. Teasers. Whatever you like to call them how to win the fixed matches, know when to bet them. And when not to. Sure they offer the promise of the big score, the big payday. But unless you have done your analysis and have located true value, they are a terrible way to bet.

Look at it this way. If you place a multi-bet of 4 legs, and you were getting full price even money odds of 2.00 for each leg, the odds for that multi would be 16.00. Now let’s look at a real-world example where you’re being offered let’s say 1.90 for ‘even money with the bookmaker taking out 5%: the odds for that same 4 leg multi would be just 13.00. That’s taking out close to 19% of the full price of that bet.

Weekend 1×2 Betting Football Fixed Matches

But if you have located true value. Then multi’s can be tremendous value as you multiply the value into each leg. The issue is, of course, locating true value. How to win fixed matches is not difficult for you if you are on this website. Everyone who adds a leg to a multi does so because they believe they are finding value. Nobody bets odds that don’t represent value to them. But the key to creating value multiple fixed matches is in finding true value or else you’re only diminishing your chances of success with each undervalued leg you add.

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