Football Fixtures Betting Tips

Football Fixtures Betting Tips

Football Fixtures Betting Tips

Sporting Life’s Free Football Betting Tips
Day: Wednesday     Date: 27.01.2021

League: BELGIUM Jupiler League
Match: Genk – Waregem
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:2 Won

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Football Betting Cards

The basics of match booking points couldn’t be simpler. Bookmakers assign points for yellow and red cards handed out throughout a game of football and you bet on how many points you think there will be during a match. Let’s dive in and learn more about football betting cards.

So, if you are under the impression that booking points are going to be complicated or hard to understand, they are not. People often misinterpret the versatility of this market with complexity, but that is simply not the case. Now we understand the basics of what match booking points is, let’s move onto specifics. Great Football Fixtures Betting Tips on our site.

A yellow card is worth 10 points. A red card is worth 25 points. If a player gets two yellow cards , and the player as a result gets a red card, this is worth 35 points, accounting for both cards.

A couple of key rules include that this market takes place within the game’s 90 minutes plus injury time, meaning that extra-time does not count towards the points overall. Football Fixtures Betting Tips – Also, any cards shown to managers or players that are on the bench do not count. Put simply, only cards shown to players on the field count.

Total Booking Points

Different bookmakers break total booking points down into different ways but, as is always the case with match booking points, the basics are simple. You predict how many total booking points there will be at the end of the match.

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Most Booking Points

In this market, the overall amount of points only matters in terms of who has the higher number. In case you’re wondering, the screenshot here is of a different game because we couldn’t use a screenshot of a game which has already concluded. Nevertheless, if we apply it to our example, Manchester United had the most booking points, and that bet would be the winner here. It is also worth mentioning that tied booking points generally yields fairly sizeable odds if you’re looking for that kind of market.

Half Booking Points

This works in the same way as total booking points, but it’s exclusive to making predictions on a half rather than the full 90 minutes of a match. Most bookies will give you the opportunity to bet on the first half or second half. This is a good market if you predict teams will start or finish a match cautiously or aggressively. It’s important to remember that generally, more cards are awarded in the second half of games than the first, and the odds will reflect that.

Home/Away Booking Points

This also works like total booking points, but only for one team. We recommend this market if you have reason to believe a specific team will pick up or avoid getting carded.

Total Football Betting Cards & Total Team Cards

Instead of betting on booking points, some bookies will allow you to bet on the actual number of cards. For example, one market could be over/under 2.5 cards to be shown in a match.

Another could be team cards, where you will place an over/under bet on the total amount of cards shown to one team. The thought process for bets like these would be identical to betting on total booking points or home/away booking points.

Football Fixtures Betting Tips

Cards Handicaps Football Betting

Handicap betting is popular on a variety of different markets, including match results, corners, and the main focus of this article, cards. “Handicap” refers to one team receiving a virtual head start or deficit. One team is granted an “advantage” and the other a disadvantage.

Player to be Booked

This is a very straightforward market. Wagering on a player to be booked will be successful if that player is shown a yellow or red card. To get even tastier odds, you can place on which player will be booked first.

There are a few things to remember here:

If the market is specifically ‘First Yellow Card’ and not ‘First Player Booked’ then a red will not count

In case two players are booked at the same time, then it’s the player who is shown the card first that is usually paid out by bookies

If you bet on a player to be booked and he doesn’t start the match, most bookies will void the bet

More Football betting cards markets

Of course, we’ve only just skimmed the surface here. Some other markets we love are:

  • Time of 1st/Last Card
  • Team to Receive 1st/Last Card
  • Player to Be Sent Off
  • Total Match Cards Odd/Even

Advantages of match booking points


One of our top reasons for betting on match betting points has to be its versatility. Just look at the amount of markets available to you. Bookmakers have taken this concept and pulled every possibility from it, and that’s a wonderful thing.

2) It’s about the individual and the team

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This is another great thing about card betting. It lets you deep dive a team’s dynamic and the effect of individual players. When you start to work out how best to bet using our tips, we think that you’ll actually learn quite a lot. You will learn more even about a team you have been following your whole life. Few consider a team through this type of lens, giving you a unique perspective and appreciation for the beautiful game.

3) There’s so much to consider

Alongside opening your eyes to team and player dynamics, this form of betting is really in depth all around. From the referee to the event itself, there’s so much to take into account, especially considering the amount of markets there are.

4) Provides greater interest in one-sided games

Among the best things about betting is the ability to make less interesting games shine. For instance, you may otherwise skip a game between heavyweight sides like Barcelona or Man City and an underdog side. However, things like match booking points, and other markets, can provide you with a reason to watch and get invested about an unknown result.

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5) You don’t have to choose it over other betting types

Speaking of those other markets, our final point would be that actually, you don’t have to choose card betting over anything else. You can enjoy this type of betting in conjuncture with everything else that is out there. Through bet builders, you can bet which team will win, by how many goals, and how many cards will be shown. This can be really handy, especially when you want to boost your odds Football Fixtures Betting Tips. Hope all your answers were answered related to football betting cards and you are ready to earn money through it.

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