Fixed Matches Boxing Day

Fixed Matches Boxing Day

Fixed Matches Boxing Day

So many football games going on at the Boxing Day. But how many of those have already been decided and declared results by the bookies and bets over the world? Let’s get information about fixed matches boxing day.

Match fixing is when the result of a match in organized sports has been manipulated. The rationale for fixing a match includes ensuring a particular team advances or gambling. Fixed matches day are highly profitable.

While it’s impossible to mention that there hasn’t been any attempted fixing, within the Premier League era it’s never something which has ever been seriously investigated. There’s never been any real suspicions of a hard and fast match. For an entire team to repair a match would be unthinkable, for a private to try to it might probably draw the eye (and anger) of his team mates.


The League has some pretty strict rules about the players getting in betting. This is the reason Joey Barton was banned recently. There’s wasn’t any suggestion he’d thrown or unduly influenced a match, But depending on the result of matches may be a slippery slope for a footballer.

I guess the closest you’ll tell their being a suggestion of match fixing was within the pre-EPL era. 1977, on the Judgment Day of the season, Coventry City’s chairman delayed the kick-off of their game against Bristol City by 10 minutes thanks to crowd congestion. The team they were competing against for relegation, Sunderland lost 2-0. It means that Coventry and Bristol both knew the result of the Sunderland game as they were still playing (as. It had been controversially placed on the large screen). And that they knew that if they only kept the score at 2–2 then they might both be safe.

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Coventry spent the last 10 minutes passing the ball around in their own half and therefore the Bristol players didn’t plan to challenge them. It’s an occasion which, even to the present day, still angers Sunderland fans. A full investigation was conducted and their were some convincing proofs. But they let it go. As of match fixing on Boxing Day, we haven’t been able to get any real proof but of course it does happen. The only leagues playing while no one else is. How could it not? So many bookies and betting companies profit on this day. It is, as they say, one of their most earning days, whether a small company or a multinational one.

Fixed Matches History

Let’s read about worst fixed matches scandall now.

In 1964, a 1960’s fixed matches scandal wa uncovered . This famous incident had about three Sheffield Wednesday players, who were straight away banned from football for all times. He was senyenced prision for supporting the opposite team. An identical scandal had occurred in 1915.

In 1981,  Petropoulos, fixed a match against P.A.S. It resulted with a 0-0 draw. Police assisted Petropoulos to safety.

In history, there is a game played between West Germany and Austraia. It is known as disgrace of Gijon. As both teams accepted that they fixed the match.

In 1986, the Yugoslavian Football Association ruled that the primary round playoffs of the Yugoslav First League had to be replayed after accusations of match fixing were made against several teams by the press. Twelve out of the eighteen teams were relegated but later on the case was dismissed.

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These players Massimiliano Allegri, Daniele Amerini, Gianluca Lillo and Girolamo Bizzarri (all Pistoiese). Were found guilty in 2000. The Italian cup game that was played in Bergamo on August 20, 2000 which ended 1–1. Atalanta scored at the top of the primary half and Pistoiese equalized three minutes from full-time. Atalanta qualified for the second round.

Origin of Fixed matches Boxing Day

There are various stories regarding the origin of the boxing day. People believe it is for helping poor.  They believe this is tradition of a priest. Some believe it’s origin is related to a friendly football match between armies of Germany and England.

It is a yearly traditional event of Britain culture. These traditions are similar to the Thanksgiving in America. This happens every year: All 20 Premier League teams participate during a game, which suggests its nonstop games just about all day long. The tradition of watching soccer on Boxing Day has various origin stories, starting from the commercial (in that showing the games on a vacation that the majority Britons get off may be a good way to attain broadcast revenues) to the sensible (there was nothing else to try to, as unlike today, most businesses historically closed on the holiday). But one story offers a more fanciful and romantic notion about why soccer became such a well-liked pastime around Christmas.


According to some historians, the origin of boxing day soccer is related to a friendly match. That was between armies of Germany and England.

It comes with an opportunity o helps others and to enjoy few days with family and friends. Try to help out those around you suffering.

Soccer just happens to be the foremost popular and therefore the most lucrative. People look forward to a great premium football tournament. It is a highlight of this holiday session. People love to enjoy it with families and many fixed matches earnings are also rise are this time.

Fixed Matches Boxing Day

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