Fixed Matches Best Predictions

Fixed Matches Best Predictions

Fixed Matches Best Predictions

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Day: Thursday     Date: 13.05.2021

League: NETHERLANDS Eredivisie
Match: PSV – Zwolle
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 4:2 Won

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Every bettor wants to understand the key the way to make fixed matches best predictions when depending on football. If you’re trying to find professional punter tips, then you found the proper place. The fixed matches bets won’t be a drag for you anymore after reading this betting guide.


In order to master the art of football prediction daily tips, we might got to learn a touch of mathematics, to be more precise, the Poisson distribution. it’s a mathematical concept that helps to stipulate the possible outcomes converting the historical mean data. Let’s use an easy example to form it simpler. Assume that Team A scores 1.7 goals per match. By putting this data into the distribution formula, we’ll get the subsequent results:

  • Team A scores 0 goals 18.3% of the time
  • A Team  scores 1 goal 31% of the time
  • Team A scores 2 goals 26.4% of the time
  • Team A scores 3 goals 15% of the time

How does it work? Let’s determine.

First things first

Before you’ll predict the score, you’ve got to form a few of additional fixed matches best predictions. First of all, we’ve to seek out out the typical number of goals each team scores. For that, we might need the Attack Strength and Defence Strength data.

This data plays an important role in our calculations. If our data range would be too long, the results won’t be satisfying, and if too short, it could happen that some data would be beyond our designated rage. you usually can get this data from the seasonal statistics of any football league/competition.

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Defence Strength

Good news, you don’t need to do far more calculations here, as they need already been done. All you would like to try to to it reverse the previous results because the goals a home team scores are conceded by the away team and the other way around. Therefore, our results will look the subsequent way:

Average number of goals conceded at home: 1.207

Average number of goals conceded faraway from home: 1.492

Once again, the Defence Strength is that the ratio between the league’s and therefore the team’s averages.


Once you gathered all the above information, you’ll attempt to predict the goals. Just apply these formulas following these easy steps:

Step 1 – you’ve got to require the entire home goals scored by a team and divide it by the entire number of home games.

Step 2 – Divide the solution you get by the league’s average home goals divided by the entire home games.


  • Team’s home goals – THG
  • Team’s home matches – THM
  • League’s home goals – LHG
  • League’s home matches – LHM

(THG/THM) / (LHG/LHM) = Attack Strength

Step 3 – you’ve got to require the entire goals conceded by a team get through and divide it by the entire number of away games.

Step 4 – Divide the solution you get by the league’s average goals conceded get through divided by the entire away games.


  • Team’s conceded goals – TCG
  • Team’s away matches – TAM
  • League’s conceded goals – LCG
  • League’s away matches – LAM

(TCG/TAM) / (LCG/LAM) = Defense Strength

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Step 5 – Now, all you left to try to to is to calculate the possible number of goals. To do so, just multiply the house team’s Attack Strength by the away team’s Defense Strength and by the league’s average number of home goals.


  • Attack Strength – AS
  • Defense Strength – DS
  • Home Team – HT
  • Away Team – AT

HTAS x ATDS x LHG = Possible home team goals

ATAS x HTDS x LHG = Possible away team goals

Fixed Matches Best Predictions

Finding value

A couple of things before you’ll go, it’s not enough to understand just the foremost probable outcome. What about the draw scenario? Don’t worry, we got you covered here also with our fixed matches best predictions. Rather than finding the probabilities of every draw separate, we will calculate the likelihood of a draw occurring no matter a score.

Of course, by doing so, we are exposing ourselves to the infinite amount of options but how often have you ever seen a football match free predictions that finished at 6:6 or 10:10? We bet you won’t even be ready to come up with one immediately. The probabilities of such scores happening are on the brink of zero, therefore we will simply neglect them.

In order to seek out the prospect of the draw happening between Team A and Team B, we’d like to calculate each draw score line fixed matches chances separate then add all of them together. By using the info from the table above, we might get the subsequent result, 0.2472 or 24.72%.

Pro Tip: convert this into odds and compare them to those your bookmaker has got to offer. In our case, the draw odds in such a match up would be 4.05 (61/20). Use this recommendation to seek out value.

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Limited potential

Poisson Distribution may be a convenient tool. Unfortunately, it’s an easy prediction model, which doesn’t find its application in certain situations. Such things like game status, locker-room environment, coach influence on the player, etc. are beyond the formula’s reach. It also fails to think about the fitness of the player, also as home-field advantage.

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The formula isn’t designed for all of that. Though, it’s perfectly fitted to lower-ranked leagues/competitions, where it’s easier to realize a foothold over the bookmaker. You’d probably struggle to beat the bookie just by solely using just this distribution method for big league markets as top online bookmakers have much more advanced tools and resources at their disposal.

Remember, the chances you discover via this method don’t include the betting margin, which features a huge impact on finding value. We propose using this system as an excellent add-on to your assessment and analysis arsenal. Happy betting!

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