Fixed Bets Weekend Matches

Fixed Bets Weekend Matches

Fixed Bets Weekend Matches

High Odds Fixed Bets Weekend
Day: Sunday    Date: 06.02.2022

Match: Salzburg – LASK
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:1 Won

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How do fixed bets weekend matches Work?

To the uninitiated, the world fixed matches of sports betting has the potential to be a very confusing place. Every online sportsbook will offer odds on the outcome of a particular event and these are designed to reflect the probability of each individual outcome.

When it comes to fixed bets weekend matches for example, Tipsters and professional bettors will always take the football betting odds into consideration before recommending or placing a wager. Understanding how to unearth a value bet is absolutely essential to them making a consistent long-term profit and this is major factor in helping to make them a successful service.


In sports betting, the probability reflects the chances of a particular outcome. All online Sportsbook’s employ a team of traders who crunch the numbers in order to calculate the likelihood of each possible result. The fixed bets weekend matches are use to imply this. Gamblers will use these odds to work out whether or not they agree with the bookmaker’s assessment.

Each price will also be partly determine by the number of potential permutations. For example: A tennis match has just two potential outcomes (Player A or Player B) whereas the Grand National may produce one of forty different results.

How to Calculate Probability

In the UK, fixed bets weekend matches are displayed in fractional form (2/1) and it is a fairly simple process to calculate the probability of each outcome. The two numbers are add together (2+1) and are divide by 1. For example – 1 / (2+1) = 0.33. This indicates that there a 33% chance of this particular outcome.

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This infers that if the match was played three times in a row, team A would win just one of those meetings. Bettors are subsequently tasked with deciding whether this is accurate assessment of this particular match-up.

Finding Value

Bettors will base their wagers on a number of aspects. Factoring in current form, historical head-to-head fixed matches and team news, gamblers must then decide whether the probability of an outcome matches the bookmaker’s fixed bets weekend matches.

If Team A price at 1/1 (Evens), this would indicate that they would be victorious in 50% of their meetings with the opposition. Bettors may disagree. If they believe that Team A are far better than the odds imply and would win around 75% of the time – this represents value.

It is also possible for some teams to be potentially overrated by online sportsbooks. A side may be price up at 4/9 which indicates that they have a 69% chance of success. However, they may be facing in-form or much improved opposition and many bettors will opt to oppose them at such a short price. Professional gamblers will often map out potential outcomes and if they deem this match a 50/50 split. Then odds of 4/9 would be deem wholly inadequate.

House Edge

Bookmakers will always factor in a ‘house edge’. Although a 50% chance should be display as Evens (1/1), this will not be the case with the majority of online sportsbooks. Events such as the toss at the beginning of the cricket match is a good example of a 50/50 outcome, however each possibility will typically be priced up at around 10/11. This is the only way that the bookmakers can ensure they make a profit on each market.

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Calculating Your Winnings

Sports betting odds will also allow gamblers to calculate their returns. Some prices are easier than others – for example 4/1 (£4 profit for every £1 stakes). However, odds such as 17/2, 4/7, 19/20 and 12/5 aren’t quite as straightforward.

Fixed Bets Weekend Matches

Although online bet fixed matches calculators are rife, it is relatively simple to calculate your returns.

Odds of 9/4:

9 divided by 4 = 2.25

For every £1 you bet, you will get £2.25 in return (plus your stake)

Odds of 17/20:

17/20 = 0.85

For every £1 you bet, you will get 85p in return (plus your stake)

How to Use fixed bets weekend matches Effectively

Although every gambler will have their own unique system for measuring the probability of an event. It simply comes down to whether a bookmaker has underestimated or overestimated the chances of a particular outcome.

Successful gambling is a case of understanding probability. And being able to outsmart the bookmakers by taking advantage of potential oversights. If two teams played one another ten times and you believe that Team A would win on at least six occasions. Then anything bigger than Evens (1/1) represents tremendous value.

However, it’s also important to avoid any potential traps. And savvy gamblers will always look to avoid teams or players who have been priced up prohibitively as a result of their reputation or previous form.

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Decimal Odds Fixed Matches

Many folk in the UK prefer to use decimal odds, and they are particularly prevalent online.

Decimal odds tell you the multiplier you stand to make on a given stake.

You can take your stake and quickly multiply it by the fixed bets weekend matches. to work out our potential winnings.

If you see odds of 1.90, it tells you that a £10 stake would give you a return of £19. If the odds are 2.00, it tells you that a £10 stake would give you a return of £20

Decimal odds include the fact that your stake will be return if your bet wins.

Some conversions: Fractional odds of 1/2 are equivalent to 1.50, evens is 2.00, 2/1 is 3.00, 7/2 is 3.50, 100/1 is 101.00 and so on.

I’ve seen decimal odds used often by asian handicap fixed matches bookies in the UK.

Decimal odds, like American odds Fixed Matches betting, are relatively easy to compare to each other. The larger the (positive) number, the more money you stand to win.

Comparing the fixed bets weekend matches

The numbers used in Moneyline/American odds make them very easy to compare without paying too close attention. However, the maths required to work out what your specific stake might make are a little more complicated.

Decimal odds Fixed matches are the opposite. They are slightly harder to compare to each other because the numbers are generally smaller and more precise. But taking that fixed bets weekend matches. and multiplying it by your stake is way more comfortable.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference, luckily many websites have odds converters so you can quickly jump between any of the fixed bets weekend matches formats you wish.

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