Europe Champions Fixed Matches

Europe Champions Fixed Matches

Europe Champions Fixed Matches

Worldwide Fixed betting Matches 1×2
Day: Monday    Date: 12.09.2022

League: NORWAY OBOS-ligaen
Match: Stabaek – Raufoss
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:0 Lost

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Do you know what a ‘margin’ is and how crucial it is to your sports betting profitability? The bigger the bookmaker’s margin, the more accurate you have to be with your bets to make a long-term profit. Find out Europe Champions Fixed Matches more.

Margin and Best Odds Fixed Matches 1×2

In essence the margin – also known as a fixed games winning tips betting over-round or market percentage – is the additional amount over 100% that the odds on all equally exclusive outcomes of an event imply.

Let’s use a fair die toss as an example. Each outcome (number) has the same probability (1/6) of occurring. Therefore for example, every £1 bet placed on rolling a ‘3’ should return £6 (including your £1 stake).

The decimal odds for this example is 1/probability = 1/(1/6) = 6.00 while its equivalent moneyline odds are +500.

However, a soccer fixed match ht-ft betting company needs to make a profit and therefore would offer odds of 5 rather than 6, which doesn’t fairly reflect the implied probability. Over six die tosses, your number is expected to come up once. Therefore if you staked £6 but received £5, the bookmaker makes £1 in profit.

It is however, important to note that in reality streaks are possible.

In this case, the implied Europe Champions Fixed Matches per outcome is 20% (1/5). However if you calculate all six outcomes, the sum of probabilities would be 120% (6 outcomes x 20% per outcome). The difference between the 100% and this sum of probabilities is the margin. In this case it is 20%, in favour of the bookmaker. Click here to learn how to calculate a betting manipulated soccer tips margin.

Max stake betting gains fixed matches 1×2

So how do EUROPE CHAMPIONS FIXED MATCHES affect your betting?

Essentially, the higher the bookmaker’s margin is, the bigger impact it will have on your sports betting profitability.

In the example given above, at odds of 5.00, the bettor must make correct guesses of the outcome 20% of the time. Out of 100 guesses, the bettor would need to make 20 correct guesses to break-even.

Therefore for a bookmaker margin of 20%, the bettor would need to correctly predict soccer 1×2 tips three extra rolls of the die – as the bettor needs to make 17 correct guesses (1/6 of 100) if there is no margin.

Let’s now examine the break-even point with different margins to highlight how this impacts your sports betting profitability. We used four examples – a coin toss, a roll of the die, an event that has a 90% chance of occurring and an unlikely event that has a 10% chance – with each tested over 100 simulations.

For a coin-toss, the fair odds would be 2.00 on any outcome. In this case bettors would need to make 50 correct guesses to break-even. However, if the margin was 5%, then the odds provided would be 1.904.

In this case, 53 guesses from 100 are needed to break-even. As can be proven mathematically, the graphs bellow all indicate a similar trend, the higher the bookmaker margin, the more correct bets fixed matches a bettor must make. Our MANIPULATED FIXED MATCHES can get you guaranteed returns.

VIP Ticket combo fixed bets big odds weekend

What have we learnt?

All strategic long-term bettors seek to maximise their returns by obtaining the highest odds fixed matches possible. The higher the margin, the lower the odds are, and to compensate, an increase in correct guesses by the bettor to obtain break-even is need.

Essentially this increase is a rounding up of the margin multiplied by the break-even if the margin was zero. For example in a coin toss, the break-even, if the margin was zero, is fifty guesses. When a margin of 3% is applied, the increase is 3% of 50, which is 1.5, but this is rounded up to 2.

Therefore 52 guesses would be required if the margin was 3%. Markets on popular sports are offer as low as 2% at FixedMatch.Bet, compar to an industry average of 5% – clearly resulting in more value.

This article identifies how crucial margins are to sports betting profitability. The bigger the margin, the more accurate your bets must be to win in the long run. Europe Champions Fixed Matches choose FixedMatch.Bet because the low margins they offer provide a greater chance of sustainable success compared to our competitors.


While novice bettors tend to compare odds, smart bettors know that the real price of Europe Champions Fixed Matches is worth it when it comes to betting odds fixed matches 1×2’ margins – our Margin Calculator offers a simple way to calculate the margin applied to a bet.

The margin a bookmaker applies on the betting odds manipulated fixed matches is the number one information a bettor should know in order to increase long-term profits, with lower margins favoring the bettor and larger margins eating into betting profits. Here’s a simple guide on how to calculate margins on 1X2 odds fixed matches tips.

Real site for fixed matches 100% sure

While novice bettors tend to compare odds, smart bettors know that the real price a bookmaker is charging is the betting odds’ margins – you’ll notice that the profits are incredible when Europe Champions Fixed Matches are applied to a bet.

Let’s take an example of a soccer games predictions tips 1×2 with three possible outcomes (home team to win, away team to win, draw). For the first week of the Premier League 2016/17 season, FixedMatch.Bet offer an opening price of 3.41 for Hull City to win at the KCOM Stadium against Leicester City, who were price at 2.39, with the draw set at 3.19.

Europe Champions Fixed Matches

Calculating 1X2 odds’ margin in two simple steps

Convert the odds for all three possible outcomes into decimal probability

Solve for the equation:

Margin = (1/Home Odds) + (1/Away Odds) + (1/Draw Odds) – 1

Step One: The first step in calculating margins on 1X2 odds 100% sure fixed matches is to convert each 1X2 market into a decimal chance of winning. That’s the equation inside each set of brackets above: (1/Odds).

For the home team, in this case Hull City, the decimal probability is (1/3.41) = 0.293 (which symbolises a 29.3% chance of winning), while the draw is (1/3.19) = 0.313 and Leicester is (1/2.39) = 0.418.

Step Two: Now simply substitute the numbers above into the rest of the formula to calculate the margin.

Margin = (0.293) + (0.418) + (0.313) – 1. Therefore the margin is 0.024 – or 2.4%.

Comparing bookmaker’s margin

The same game sees another popular bookmaker offer odds for Hull City at 3.10, Leicester at 2.10 and a draw 2.90. This works out to a huge margin of 12%, which is more than five times more expensive than FixedMatch.Bet.

Winning free predictions analyzed tips 1×2

In practical terms, this means that if you had placed a $100 bet on Hull City to win on the 1X2 market you would have won $31 more playing with FixedMatch.Bet than by placing the same bet with another major online bookmaker.

At FixedMatch.Bet, we don’t just believe that it is important to offer the best odds fixed matches sites; we are also on a mission to educate bettors on how to make more sophisticated decisions. But don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to check our margins and compare us to other bookmakers, before deciding what is the best sports betting deal online.

Due to our unique risk management model, we are able to offer better value than other bookmakers. This is why FixedMatch.Bet is the number one choice for sharp bettors.


The efficiency of betting markets makes value very difficult to find through conventional means. However, as I have discussed previously, this does not mean bettors should give up on trying to beat the market.

Whilst one-off events may be generally price correctly, one potentially overlook avenue for attempting to extract some value from an otherwise valueless market could be making use of the structure of an event.

The primary example of this is the way fixtures are structured within a sporting event which bettors can attempt to exploit through use of the outright market.

Taking advantage of timing: In theory

So let’s use a theoretical example. Team A can be bet on to score 0 total goals at a tournament through an outright bet. The odds are 5.10

This is how Team A’s fixtures are structured:

Match 1: Team A vs. Team B

Team A vs. Team C

Match 3: Team A vs. Team D

High odds 100% sure fixed matches betting

Now imagine Team B and Team C are the two best teams at the tournament whilst Team D are amongst the worst. This makes Team A unlikely to score a goal against those two teams with Team D representing their greatest opportunity to score. The odds on the team not to score in the individual matches before the tournament could look something like:

To score vs. Team B 1.2

To score vs. Team D 2.5

So the probability implied by the outright of the team not scoring are Europe Champions Fixed Matches but they are much more likely to score in the final game compared to the previous two.

These however are not independent events. Do we expect the likelihood of the team to score vs Team D to increase or decrease based on whether they score vs. Teams B and C?

Correct Score fixed Matches

Example: World Cup Group G

An example of what I’m talking about occurred during the 2018 World Cup Group G fixtures. Panama, one of the tournament’s weakest teams, played first against Belgium followed by England before playing their easiest fixture against Tunisia in the very last game of the group stage.

Panama were available at 9.00 to score the least goals of all teams in the Europe Champions Fixed Matches. A potentially viable strategy could have been to let them play their first two games against the strongest sides before hedging by fixed odds winning tips 1×2 betting on them to score vs. Tunisia, with full knowledge of how many goals the other teams in the tournament had scored. You can also try out our PSG FIXED MATCHES.

Panama to score the least goals at the tournament: 9.00

Panama to score vs. Tunisia: 1.57

By betting manipulated fixed games on the outright bettors could have given themselves a little more flexibility than betting ahead of each game.

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