Betting and Combat: What Martial Arts Can You Bet On

Martial arts have always been an integral part of human culture and society. Dating back to the prehistoric era, humans have been crafting complex forms of combat, that eventually evolved to the martial arts that we still practice today.

Of course, initially, martial arts developed as a way to improve our survival rate. Today, for the most part, people train martial arts because they are interested in the sport behind them. And as is the case with any sport, most people enjoy placing the occasional bet.

Betting on Martial Arts

Some may wonder if it is even possible to bet on martial arts. The answer to that is quite simple, and perhaps obvious; yes, it is absolutely possible to wager on martial arts competitions. In fact, one of the most popular options on the Novibet sports betting website is boxing, which is not just a martial art, but also one of the oldest martial arts that still survive to this day.

Boxing, however, is not the only martial art that it is possible to bet on. There are plenty of combat sport competitions that cover different disciplines around the world. Novibet, as well as other bookies, have made it possible to place wagers on these sports quite quickly and efficiently. So, in this article, we are going to look at the most popular combat sports, apart from boxing.

Mixed Martial Arts

Often referred to as the sport of the 21 st century, MMA has only recently become a hugely successful phenomenon. In its current incarnation, MMA has existed since the mid-to-late 20 th century. But it is only within the last decade or so that it has attained international success, comparable to boxing.

Of course, the success of MMA means that a lot of punters are now flocking to the sport. These days the UFC is pretty much synonymous with online sports betting, as the company has become, easily, one of the most popular sporting organizations to wager on.


Often mentioned hand-in-hand with boxing as the oldest martial art in the world, wrestling does not enjoy nearly the same popularity as its (perhaps) younger brother. Regardless, it is still immensely popular. Amateur wrestling competitions, Greco-Roman competitions, and even WWE-style Pro Wrestling are a huge success at online bookies.

Wrestling is also an integral part of MMA, as it is the most basic iteration of grappling. Grappling is one of the two basic styles of fighting, with the other being striking. Wrestling and grappling techniques have proven incredibly successful in MMA competitions, which is the reason why the sport itself has become a lot more popular.


The main principle behind boxing is that the fighters can’t strike with their legs. In kickboxing, that principle is thrown out the window, and the competitors can kick and punch to their hearts content. This means that kickboxing is a lot more fast-paced and action-packed, which naturally draws in a lot of fans, and therefore, a lot of bettors.

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