1×2 Free Accurate Football Tips

1×2 Free Accurate Football Tips

1×2 Free Accurate Football Tips

Daily Accurate Betting Matches 1×2
Day: Tuesday    Date: 15.02.2022

League: ENGLAND Isthmian League Premier Division
Match: Folkestone – Cray
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:0 Lost

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Know which factors affect 1×2 free accurate football tips

A lot of people who bet on football fixed matches are recreational bettors. This means that they basically just bet for the enjoyment they get out of 1×2 free accurate football tips. They still try to win money, of course, but they don’t put a great deal of thought into their wagers. They just look at the spreads and make instinctive judgements about which team has the best chance of 1×2 free accurate football tips. It’s absolutely fine to bet in this way, as it can indeed be fun. However, it’s very unlikely to bring forth a profit.

1×2 free genuine football tips

There are times when it’s right to simply rely on your instinct. For the most part, though, you should be carefully considering each and every bet that you place. It might appear obvious that a strong team is easily going to cover a six-point spread, but have you thought about WHY the spread is six points? If you do a little bit of analysis, you might actually be less confident in your initial judgement. The bookmakers generally have solid reasons for why they set a spread at a certain 1×2 free accurate football tips.

Bookmakers consider a wide range of factors when they are setting the lines for 1×2 free accurate football tips.

Bookmakers don’t make money by sheer luck. They are very skilled at what they do, and their lines are hard to beat. If you want to take them on, you need to take into account all the different factors that they do. This is the only way to make properly informed judgements about what’s likely to happen.

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More Basic Strategy for Football Point Spreads

Following the above simple tips will immediately put you in a good position for 1×2 free accurate football tips point spreads profitably. They are helpful, but there’s still a lot more you need to consider too. Here’s some additional advice that we recommend taking on board.

Know the key numbers

Knowing the key numbers when 1×2 free accurate football tips point spreads is very important. In this context, the term “key numbers” refers to the most common margins of victory in games. We’ll explain why you need to know these in a moment. First, here’s a table showing the percentage of NFL games that have been won by specific margins over the years.

The five winning margins shown here account for over 40% of NFL games. This means that nearly half of all games are won by one of these margins.

Knowing these key numbers can be very helpful in deciding which games to bet on, and which games to avoid. It can help you choose which line to take when comparing your options, and it can even provide some insight into which way the bookmakers want you to bet.


For example, let’s say you’re looking at a game between two closely matched teams. Your bookmaker has made the home team the favorite, and the spread is -4. You’re confident that the home team is going to win, so you initially consider correct fixed matches 1×2 betting on them to cover the four points.

This is a very simplified example, and you’d want to consider other factors too. However, it does serve to illustrate the basic point of referencing key numbers.

1x2 Free Accurate Football Tips

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Now let’s imagine another game, where you’re thinking of backing the underdog to cover. You shop around, and find the following two options for placing such a wager.

+3 at -105 +3.5 at -110

Understanding the Odds

In terms of gaining insight into what the bookmakers want you to bet on, be very wary of the following spreads when correct predictions football betting on the favorite.

-2.5 -6.5 -9.5 -3.5 -5.5

Let us be clear here. We’re NOT suggesting that you should never back favorites with these spreads. However, it is important to bear in mind that the bookmakers could be trying to entice you with numbers like this. They allow you to win on key numbers, which means the bookmakers probably think another outcome is more likely.

The same principle applies when looking to back the underdog on the following spreads.

+3.5 +7.5 +10.5 +4.5 +6.5

Why is this information so significant?

We must reiterate that we’re not advocating avoiding these spreads completely. There will be times when the right decision will be to bet on the spread listed above. Just remember that the bookmakers are not stupid. There are usually very good reasons for them setting spreads that allow you to win on key numbers. You can rest assured knowing that these reasons are not set in place for your benefit.

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How to apply this concept

The numbers discussed above all apply to the NFL. There are key numbers for the NCAA too. These aren’t quite as significant, simply because the winning margins in college football aren’t quite as consistent. For example, the most common winning margin is still 3 points. But this only happens in just over 8% of college football games fixed betting, as opposed to over 15% in NFL games.

Nonetheless, it’s still worth knowing the key numbers if big odds fixed matches football betting on college football hot tips 1×2 betting. Here’s a table with the relevant information.

While on the subject of college football, you should know that NCAA games can sometimes have very big spreads. These games require a unique approach, which we address in the following article.

Beware of the hype of 1×2 free accurate football tips

Throughout every football free winning tips predictions season there’s invariably a couple of teams that get continuously hyped up. Try not to get taken in by this. There’s nothing wrong with backing teams who are well-thought of, but don’t make daily fixed match 1×2 betting decisions based solely on what other people think.

Do your own research on 1×2 free accurate football tips

It’s also worth considering that public opinion can have a significant impact on the spreads that bookmakers set. When a well hyped team is playing, the bookmakers will expect a lot of people to bet on that team regardless of the size of the spread. So they’ll probably want to make betting on that team less favorable than they otherwise might. The obvious way to do to this is to increase the spread.

Winning Fixed Matches betting football

Scenarios such as this can actually present opportunities for going AGAINST the hype. The underdog might be given more points than they really should be, meaning they’re the team to back. Of course, you can’t assume that this is always the right thing to do: not without more information on hand. This is where doing the necessary research becomes so important!

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