100% Fixed Euro Wins

100% Fixed Euro Wins

100% Fixed Euro Wins

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Day: Sunday    Date: 07.07.2024

League: FINLAND Ykkonen
Match: Klubi 04 – KuPS Akatemia
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 4:0 Won

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100% Fixed Euro Wins: Forecasts for EURO 2024 Round of 16 Fixtures by Paul Merson

The Euro 2024 Round of 16 will feature exciting knockout matches. Since the group stage is already coming to an end. Not only are France and Belgium struggling, but there have also been a lot of nasty comments made over the England match. How many times have we witnessed squads lose their opening match in a tournament just to prevail in it later? Argentina demonstrated this at the 2022 World Cup. Being an Englishman, Merson has a lot of faith in England, and he thinks they will triumph in the Euros this year. They would like to peak at the appropriate time since they have a good tie as well. With our expert guidance, you can be well on your way to earn 100% Fixed Euro Wins on your bets.

Although he doesn’t see them prevailing in the championship, Spain will do well. Austria worries him, and Switzerland are dark horses. If he were a Red Devils supporter, he would be perplexed as to why we believed Ralf Rangnick was awful because he has transformed Austria into a fantastic squad. They put in a lot of work, and they are excellent at shutting down their rivals. There is a lot of open space on one side of the draw, so things may get interesting. Since there aren’t many elite teams in this competition, Denmark has a good opportunity as well. The squad from the opposing side that advances to the championship will have endured hardships, having to climb over trees to reach that point.

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Difficulty of Matches For Each Team

Brazil and Argentina are the only squads which are eligible to compete if we hosted the World Cup right now and are not in the Euros 2024. With the World Cup, you are aware that you can prevail in some group matches, but you also get handed give-me matches. Consider how tough it is to win France’s share of the Euro draw. Here are Paul Merson’s forecasts without any more waiting for the Union of European Football Associations Euro 2024 Round of 16 matchups.

100% Fixed Euro Wins: Switzerland against Italy Prediction

Regardless of being behind with a score of 1-0 versus Croatia, Italy played brilliantly in the final twenty minutes. The reason for that is that the chains were removed. They will prevail in this match if they can compete that way. He supports Federico Dimarco, a significant left-winger in Italy. However, versus Croatia, he was silent. Italy’s defense is passable, but they have not been able to generate any goals. Since they both enjoy playing on the counter, both sides will be on the defensive before this match.

Switzerland has left him quite amazed. They have an air of strength and agility, making them a dangerous menace when they shatter. They are skilled at what they do. Do not be fooled by the Germany match and start underestimating them. Italy’s strategy in this match will probably be defensive, and he doesn’t think they can defeat Switzerland that way. The score forecast for this match is: Switzerland 1-0 Italy.

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Germany against Denmark Prediction He likes this match a lot. Although Hungary was in the match for a while, he liked how Germany returned to form the other day. Their opportunities were there, and they ought to have seized them. Germany has a wonderful balance of both youth and experience. Young people may just walk outside and play their match, but often youth also brings dread. Even if Germany’s Jamal Musiala has been excellent, they may still prevail without him. They cannot prevail if Toni Kroos and Ilkay Gundogan perform poorly.

Florian Wirtz and Musiala are the cherry on top. However, they still need a midfielder. There are a couple of mistakes in their defense as well, and some questions need to be answered. However, if he were a German supporter, he would believe that the group stage was ideal since they had 1 simple match, 1 challenging match, and 1 victory. We will understand why Denmark drove England to the limit if they drive Germany this week. Although Germany may have a difficult match ahead of them, he believes they can win. The score forecast for this match is: Germany 1-0 Denmark.

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100% Fixed Euro Wins

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100% Fixed Euro Wins: Spain against Georgia Prediction

How did Georgia look like in the last match, amazing. Spain has to be cautious, otherwise they may make Georgia seem foolish with their passing. It would have been easy for Spain to prevail here 2 days ago if it had been a group match. The focus is now with Georgia as well after the Portugal outcome. Although Spain is a very good ball-keeper, we fail to understand how they can put goals in. Nobody is a natural goal scorer like Yamal, Williams, or Morata, yet they all waste a lot of opportunities. The Spanish team would win this competition if Harry Kane were on the field. It will eventually strike you back if you miss too many opportunities.

He does not see Spain pulling out a return if Georgia scores the initial 3 or 4 goals. Spain’s weak point is that they can make you appear unimpressive, but they will not overwhelm you. This will be a close match, in his opinion. Italy suffered when they competed with Spain since they assumed they would have the ball but did not. Georgia puts up a lot of effort as they are aware that they will not have the ball and that they may be a threat off the counter. Still, Spain is a superior squad and ought likely to prevail in this match. The score forecast for this match is: Spain 2-0 Georgia.

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France against Belgium Prediction

To be honest, he has not been impressed with France at all. Ousmane Dembele would be the greatest athlete around the globe if he had some kind of finished product instead of simply running. They are losing matches and now have the worst side of the draw. There is a lot of work to do ahead. Romelu Lukaku had 3 goals that were disallowed. He might have been the championship’s leading scorer. Belgium may have weapons, but he does not think their defense will be able to stop Mbappe if he gets going. Despite being a little anxious due to his injury, Kylian Mbappe can affect the match when it’s his day. He does not know how Chelsea allowed N’Golo Kante leave. However, he went to Saudi Arabia and was the best player there.

He has been amazing at Euro 2024. He is a fantastic professional, which pretty much sums him up as an athlete. A year in Saudi Arabia should have made him a little more indolent, but not with Kante. The way that Romelu Lukaku plays will help the French defense. Someone rushing in behind Dayot Upamecano and William Saliba would not want that. That is why they would rather engage in a fierce, physical combat. Considering they have superior athletes on the ball, Belgium would be best served by getting the match underway. We think this is the match of the round. We are going to predict that France will prevail in this match by a very little margin. The score forecast for this match is: France 2-1 Belgium.

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100% Fixed Euro Wins: Austria against Turkey Prediction

Nobody plays at the speed of Austria, and we doubt Turkiye is up to that. Given that Austria has previously defeated the Netherlands in the group, they might schedule a match again with them. They may do better in the semifinals if they defeat the Netherlands and prevail in this match as well. If they face England next. All the squads will be wetting their lips and not worrying about this side of the draw. With the draw being so open, every club will believe it has a chance to go to the final. Portugal easily defeated Turkiye despite their 5 goals in their group. But Austria are remarkable, and Turkiye could find their enthusiasm too much. In this match, we only see Austria winning. The score forecast for this match is: Austria 2-0 Turkiye.

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Final Words

Paul Merson’s predictions for the EURO 2024 Round of 16 is a mixture of cautious optimism and realistic assessments. He expects exciting games and thinks teams like Switzerland and Austria could surprise stronger opponents. Merson believes England has a good chance to win if they play their best. He also talks about the strengths and weaknesses of Germany, Spain, and France. With no clear favorites, the path to the finals is open for many teams, making this part of the tournament very exciting.

Football is unpredictable, so anything can happen, setting up a thrilling series of knockout matches. We also believe that his predictions might be accurate. However, these are only predictions based on the way the teams have been playing in the group stages. If you want to wager on any of these teams make sure to do your own research and then place the bets. Let’s keep track of the athletes and the matches and see who will be prevailing in the matches and entering quarterfinals.

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