1×2 Betting Predictions Guidelines

1×2 Betting Predictions Guidelines

1×2 Betting Predictions Guidelines

Ultimate Guide to 1X2 Betting
Day: Sunday     Date: 11.04.2021

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: Inter – Cagliari
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:0 Lost

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Safe Double HT FT Fixed Matches

1X2 betting fixed matches, also referred to as three-way betting fixed matches, refers to backing or laying a home win, draw or away win. We explain what a 1X2 betting market is, and the way to calculate your payout. Give a read for 1×2 betting predictions guidelines.

1X2 bets are hugely popular and an easy way of depending on sports where there’s the likelihood of a draw. The 1 refers to a home win, the X the draw and therefore the 2 the away win.

Unlike Asian handicaps fixed matches or totals, 1X2 betting fixed matches doesn’t seek to even out any difference in perceived quality between the teams or players. They aim to reflect truth odds of each possible outcome minus the bookmaker margin or exchange commission. Use our 1×2 betting predictions guidelines.

How to calculate your payout for a back back a 1X2 market

There are two stages to calculating your payout for a back back a 1X2 market. As an example let’s say you backed Liverpool to beat Manchester City with a stake of £100 at odds of two .88.

Step 1: Calculate return excluding commission

It’s calculated as:

Odds * Stake = £ return

So in our example: 2.88 * 100 = £288

Therefore if Liverpool won your bet would return £288 – including stake, with a £188 profit.

However, because betting exchanges don’t add a margin into the chances – unlike bookmakers – you would like to subtract the commission from the profit.

Step 2: Calculate return with commission

It’s calculated as:

((Stake * (Odds -1)) * Commission rate

In our example that might be: ((100 * (2.88 -1)) * 2% = £3.76 commission

So in our example you’d be charged £3.76 commission. Meaning your return would be £284.24 – a profit of £184.24

Double chance to win Fixed Matches

If the match ends in either a draw or a person City victory, you’d lose the bet and your £100 stake.

Even when commission is factored in to the chances, you’ll generally find that FixedMatch.Bet has the simplest price – a results of our industry-low 2% commission on winning bets only.

Once you’ve got learnt the way to calculate betting margins. You’ll compare margins across bookmakers and exchanges to seek out who offers you the simplest value odds.

How to calculate your payout for a lay back a 1X2 market

Unlike a bookmaker when depending on a 1X2 market, you’ll also lay the result. As an example let’s say you lay Man City against Liverpool with a stake of £100 at odds of two .68.

Similarly to calculating your payout for a back bet, there are two stages for a lay bet.

Step 1: Calculate return excluding commission

It’s calculated as:

Odds * Stake = £ return

So in our example: £100 = £100

Therefore if the sport led to a Liverpool win, or a draw your bet would win, supplying you with a £100 profit (before commission).

Step 2: Calculate return with commission

The next stage is to calculate your lay bet profit, with the exchange commission factored in. At FixedMatch.Bet – 2% commission on net profits – you’ll use the subsequent calculation:

Stake * 0.98 = profit

In our example that might be: 100 * 0.98 = £98

Therefore you’d be charged £2 commission, meaning your profit would be £98.

When laying outcomes on a betting exchange, you ought to remember of your liability on a lay bet – the quantity you’d got to payout if the sport had finished during a Manchester City win. this text explains the way to calculate liability on an exchange.

1x2 Betting Predictions Guidelines

Predictions Free Fixed Matches Coupon

For this instance if the sport had led to a Manchester City win. Your liability would are deducted, leading to a loss of £130.

How Does a 1X2 Bet Work?

If you’re still confused, here’s a more detailed explanation and includes an example.

Basically, the three outcomes of a match between two teams are represented by either 1, 2, or X. This suggests 1 is for a home win, 2 for an away win, and X for the draw.

Using 1×2 betting prediction guidelines from FixedMatch.Bet, allow us to use the scheduled curtain raiser for the 2017/18 Premier League season between Arsenal and Leicester as an example.

In the Full Time Result market, Arsenal are represented by the 1 as they’re the house team. Leicester are the away team. So are represented by the two, and therefore the draw is X. Watching the chances, you’ll see that Arsenal are favourites at 1.36. Leicester are the outsiders, with odds of 8.50, and therefore the draw is priced at 4.75.

This means, employing a 100 stake, that a back Arsenal to win would pay 136 if they’re victorious. Leicester to win may be a possible return of 850, whilst the draw would pay 475 if the sport finishes level.

The 1X2 bet is usually also available in handicap betting fixed matches, as long as there’s the likelihood of a draw. Follow 1×2 betting prediction guidelines.

Combining Two of the Three Possible Outcomes

It is possible to mix two of the three possible outcomes, employing a Double Chance bet.

With this market, you’ll prefer to back 1X, X2, or 12. This basically translates into home win or draw, draw or away win, and residential win or away win.

Single Fixed Bets HT FT Weekend

By combining two outcomes, you’ve got a much bigger chance of winning your bet although it might be for lower odds than during a normal 1X2 market soccer betting fixed matches.

Using the match above, Arsenal v Leicester, let’s check out the difference in possible return.

  • 1X (Arsenal or Draw) – Odds of 1.083. Possible return of 108.30 for a 100 stake
  • X2 (Draw or Leicester) – Odds of three .20. Possible return of 320
  • 12 (Arsenal or Leicester) – Odds of 1.20. Possible return of 120

Using our bet calculator football fixed matches, you’ll compute if it might be more profitable to mix two of the three possible outcomes using the double chance option or within the normal 1X2 market betting fixed matches.

Apply this to betting

The popularity of 1X2 betting derives from its simple format. You now understand what a 1X2 betting market is and the way to calculate your payout – supplying you with the simplest chance to form a profit on this betting market. Follow 1*2 betting predictions guidelines from our website and win your bets.

This is one of our best selling offers. 1×2 betting predictions Guidelines are just as secure as the offer Half Time / Full Time fixed matches. The difference in this offer is that here we offer you four matches. For a successful bet, it is not enough just to have some information about any club or good knowledge about football safe fixed matches. Even the most famous coaches lose in their predictions. You must know that winning a bet is impossible without the right system and strategy. We can provide exclusive advice and analysis of matches for football fixed matches 1×2 players around the world. Therefore, you can get everything you need to win a bet.

HT Correct Score Tips

HT Correct Score Tips

HT Correct Score Tips

World cup south-Korea fixed matches
Day: Saturday     Date: 10.04.2021

League: NETHERLANDS Eredivisie
Match: AZ Alkmaar – Sparta Rotterdam
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: ?:?

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1×2 Fixed Matches Football

Half-time/Full-time betting Fixed Matches option is obtainable by all bookmakers, whether land-based retail shops or online bookies. Here our FixedMatch.Bet experts will provide you with the simplest Ht correct score tips and therefore the best strategies football betting to select and use those Ht correct score tips. it’s a mixture of half time result and therefore the full-time fixed matches result. a stimulating betting strategy that has become more and more popular in recent years is that of ht ft fixed bets. you’ll back the results of each half!

Let’s deem example the Premier League derby between Liverpool and Manchester United. The house team seems to be the favourite, but the Red Devils will fight hard. So you think that that the half time score are going to be a draw 4 fixed matches ticket. But within the end Liverpool will get the three points. you’ll back Draw/Liverpool or Draw/Home, or X/1 counting on how your bookmaker displays the precise market.

Ht Ft prediction is harder, but also gives you better odds. Prediction is to understand or tell correctly beforehand what is going to happen. For sports betting ht-ft prediction is to predict correctly the half time and full time result. Players are increasing the bet difficulty since they’re not only trying to properly guess who goes to win the sport, but who are going to be winning at half-time also. you’ll place your bet before the match or live during the primary half, while the chances are changing.

How does Ht Ft betting strategy works?

The half-time/full-time FIXED MATCHES bets may be a special sort of the straightforward half-time fixed bets and falls under the category of double fixed matches HT/FT bets. because the name suggests, the HT/FT fixed bets is predicated on the status at half-time and therefore the final outcome of a betting event. This distinguishes it from the standard half-time bet, during which you simply back the status at the time of the half-time break. The prerequisite for this sort of bet to require place in the least is that the event is interrupted by an opportunity. A half-time/full-time fixed bets is merely considered to be won if both HT and FT outcomes are correctly guessed.

Don’t forget to see the chances at our selected bookmakers and therefore the best bookmakers! FixedMatch.Bet are often your perfect guide in online entertainment and is probably the foremost accurate and best ht correct score tips site!

Can you make real money?

Half-time/full-time bets are particularly popular due to their higher odds. Ht Ft predictions that a team will turn the sport in their favour after the half-time whistle (1/2 or 2/1) often bring odds between 20 and 30 or maybe more in some occasions. To use the half-time/full-time sports betting strategy, we recommend specializing in favourite wins. this sort of bet also can be played as a mixture betting strategy, whereby you’ll achieve a really high rate from 2 matches.

Saturday Fixed Betting big odds Matches

Pick out games where the favourite has odds around 1.5. Subsequently, concentrate on the strategy only on the next variant. Place two single bets during which and how on 1/1, the house team results in the break and wins the sport, also as X / 1. A draw at halftime and a win for the house team at the top of the match. You’ll find that this strategy promises you the foremost success within the future. The betting fixed matches strategy described offers you the chance to possess every third bet wrong, but still get out with a plus thanks to the high odds.

Best way to Use our HT correct score Tips

The odds for these selections can vary. One common tactic may be a combination HT/FT double fixed bets, where you are trying and pick the HT/FT outcome of two games! you are trying to mix those as a double bet which may often get you odds of around 20 to 1 (21.00) and if you choose HT/FT reversals where one team is winning at half-time but the opposite team goes on to win. Then a double of these picks can often be around 226.00 or more! As you understand there are often many profits!

HT Correct Score Tips


In the 2018/19 Premier League season, one among the last games of the season saw Everton visit North London to face Tottenham. The match finished 2-2, so if and how a draw, congratulations. Tottenham score was1-0 up going into half time, which meant the last half finished 1-2 to Everton. A combined bet for Tottenham to win the primary half 1-0 and Everton to win the second 2-1 were approximately 18/1, Meaning a ten pound bet would have brought in 180 pounds.

Half Time Full Time FIXED MATCHES Stats don’t lie

You must focus on stats to win your bets. Truthfully, it all depends on which market and bet type you would like to seem into. Regarding half time/full time correct score bets, it’s important to possess good fixed matches odds, easy selections and multiple fixed matches correct score options.

The stats don’t lie may be a great site for getting an understanding on what teams to back. the location gives thorough detail of every team from across the world so as for you to understand who is presumably to attain in either half. Predicting the winner of every half is far easier than predicting the score, this is often why we encourage you to try to to some research before placing your bet. Below may be a table showing which teams won reception and away in either half all the matches they played last season:

As you’ll see, Arsenal played 19 games reception and away, however watching the stats, they were clearly far better reception within the half. However, last half that they had one among the simplest records at winning away. This information is extremely key when deciding who to place your money on. it’s also vital to see form and the way the teams playing have done against one another in recent years. for instance, if Wolves are playing Burnley. it’s important to ascertain who has won more of the past encounters, specifically the foremost recent ones. Look for this information on FixedMatch.Bet. Here you’ll see the from the teams are in and the way they need wiped out recent fixtures.

Daily Fixed Matches Paid Betting

Nobody can prevent a serious upset, but majority if the days that there’s an upset it’s thanks to the very fact that the favourite had some players missing/injured and new players have had to intensify. If you follow the links provided and do your research, you would possibly just be ready to spot an upset on the horizon.

In a nutshell, these are our main top tips:

  • Search to seek out the simplest odds for you
  • Do you research into previous head to go matches
  • Look into the teams form going into the match
  • Check sports news articles team news just in case of injuries/suspensions.

You can buy for today Fixed Matches 100% sure, all offers you can find HERE.

Correct Score Daily Tips

Correct Score Daily Tips

Correct Score Daily Tips

Best Tipster Correct Score Fixed Matches
Day: Friday     Date: 09.04.2021

League: BOLIVIA Division Profesional
Match: Royal Pari – Santa Cruz
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:2 Won

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YouTube has a complete ban on posting videos showing match-fixing bets. This is a violation of the rules that YouTube has set for all users. We work on it to find way to can publish our Video Proofs. If you can’t wait and if you want to see our video proofs just Contact us on WhatsApp and we will send all videos what we have!

Manipulated Fixed Matches Betting

Correct score daily tips are the fortune winner. Correct score bets are one among the most popular bets in football. Many consider and call them mug bets. Although it is true in some instances but usually people make good money by placing bets on correct score fixed matches. If you would like to win your correct score daily tips. Please read this article on correct score daily tips.

Odds v Chance

As with all good bets, the probabilities of the bet winning fixed matches should be better than the chances of the bet winning so as to form it a worth bet. generally terms the smaller the score the shorter the chances, the larger the score the larger the chances in correct score betting.

Most bookies price up the correct score daily tips supported the chances of every team winning instead of what percentage goals they have a tendency to attain which is where you’ll gain a foothold over the bookies.

Teams that have an equal chance of winning are likely to possess an equivalent odds on each score yet they’ll have very different scoring habits meaning the right score odds are ‘incorrect’.

Concentrate On One sort of Score line

Even though the chances on smaller score lines are often much smaller, in my opinion, they provide better value.

If you’re sure a game goes to be low scoring there are only 4 possible scores, 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, and 1-1.

If you think that a game goes to be high scoring the permutations are almost unlimited, albeit you think that a particular team will win and both teams will score you’re still watching 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 3-2, 4-2 then on.

Real Betting Fixed Games Today

A back a favorite 1-0 will usually get you odds of about 6/1 whilst the chances on a 3-2 are going to be around 25/1.

I’d bet that the majority punters have quite 4x better success rate picking 1-0s than 3-2s which might make the 1-0s better value.

Bore Draw Refund

Another reason to consider smaller score lines is that the bore draw refund many bookies offer. This leads to your stake being refunded if the sport ends 0-0 and if you’re depending on a 1-0, or maybe a 1-1. The most threat to your bet being a winning one is probably going to be the 0-0 score line so to urge your stake back if that’s the result are often an enormous help to your profitability.

FixedMatch.Bet often offer this concession on matches whilst many other bookies will offer it on selected games and albeit they create counteract the offer by offering slightly worse odds it’s still worth taking those slightly reduced odds in most cases if the 0-0 looks a possible outcome.

Look Far And Wide

If you check out the Premiership fixture list and check out and pick several correct scores fixed matches bets you’re getting to find things extremely difficult. For one the games within the Premiership tend to be open games with goals at both ends so low scoring outcomes are often quite rare and hard to select.

Certain leagues and nations tend to possess much tighter matches and these are often those to consider.

Although a number of these have opened in recent years a number of rock bottom scoring leagues are often found in Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Israel, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Turkey and Slovakia amongst other countries.

VIP Fixed Odds Matches Betting

The lower leagues in these countries are often particularly low scoring so it’s worth checking which leagues are covered by your preferred bookmakers then studying all of these leagues for bets.

Correct Score Daily Tips

Be Selective

Because you’ll be trying to find low scoring fixed games in probably 30-40 leagues in total you’ll be very selective and only pick the strongest bets.

It’s no good finding a team that has won it’s last 6 games 1-0 if they’re playing a team that has 3 or 4 goals in it’s games.

Ideally the shape figures should look something like this if you’re picking the foremost likely team to win 1-0.

If you’re unsure about the result then it’s probably not worth a bet unless you’re sure about having narrowed a game right down to two score lines. During which case you’ll want to think about covering both outcomes or placing some cross doubles (see below).

Cross Doubles

Two correct score singles on an equivalent match are often a sound strategy in some cases but since the combined odds you’re getting to be getting is about 2/1. You would like an excellent strike rate for those kinds of bets.

When watching the shape you would possibly encounter a couple of matches that you simply think are very likely to be either 1-0 or 1-1. one among the simplest bets for these are often cross doubles:

  • Match A 1-0/1-1
  • Match B 1-0/1-1

Cross doubles are going to be 4 bets and you’ll win at combined odds of around 30/1 (a conservative estimate supported the chances you’ll be getting). Do not forget if your games are covered by the 0-0 refund provide you with effectively have three outcomes covered in each match for just 4 bets.

Correct Fixed Matches Result Betting

Lucky 15s

I have often found that combing correct scores fixed odds 1×2 with another so-called mug bet, like a lucky 15, it are often quite effective.

When you place a lucky15 you get the bonus of double the chances on one winner (can sometimes be triple the chances if you’ve got a generous bookie).

If you back 4 1-0 correct score bets during a £1 lucky 15, all at 6/1, and you get only one winner, you simply lose £2 on your bet.

That’s great considering how big the returns are often if you choose 2 or 3 correct results Fixed Matches. In about 100 approximately attempts. I’ve only ever got all correct once an the returns for that were huge (4 fold alone paid about 3500/1) but I’ve got 3 correct several times. 2 correct many times and my least common result would definitely be no correct.


Whether you’re only finding one good correct score bet and placing one or finding four and sticking them during a lucky 15 backing low scores. Within the correct score market are often an excellent strategy, especially on the league they know less about. That’s all from our end regarding correct score daily tips.

Weekend Score Prediction Tips

Weekend Score Prediction Tips

Weekend Score Prediction Tips

Correct Score Predictions & Tips for the Weekend
Day: Thursday     Date: 08.04.2021

League: BRAZIL Campeonato Mineiro
Match: America MG – Patrocinense
Tip: Over 1.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:1 Won

weekend prediction site robert7weldon@gmail.com

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Coming soon new YouTube Channel! Due to the bad competition we have, all our videos have been submitted many times and when YouTube saw that we were selling fixed matches then our two YouTube channels were frozen and YouTube deleted all our next videos. You can contact us via WhatsApp and we will send to you our Last Video Proof. We work on it can publish new video proofs again.


If you’ve arrived on our site, you’re probably looking to seek out top free weekend score prediction tips. A prediction which will hopefully lead you to scoop an array of winnings! We concentrate on giving the simplest weekend score prediction tips around and are doing so for several years now. we’ve masses of readers returning again and again, as they know that our betting predictions winning free tips are the absolute best they will find on the online for free of charge.

We’ve been offering free weekend score prediction tips for several years, and most of our expert punters are here throughout the entire time. Our experts know their specific leagues inside-out, giving them the power to ascertain bets that other less experienced punters might easily miss.

Weekend score prediction tips for several Competitions

Every week we offer fixed matches that cover games from the highest leagues in Europe, including the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. That’s not everything though, as we also cover soccer predictions fixed matches for both the Champions League and therefore the Europa League, also as for major international matches and events. Essentially, we provide more comprehensive football coverage in our top football betting tips than just about anyone else around!

Read our free football betting tips and predictions

We do everything for your convenience: see our additional tips sections. for instance, you’ll examine recommended football fixed bets for today or score predictions for in the week.

It is always more interesting to back the match which you’ll watch yourself. Therefore, choose the foremost reliable weekend score prediction tips and luxuriate in the method. We release our weekend score prediction tips few days beor the game. We provide you time to understand and make decisions in light of those tips. Hopefully, this article will guide you more about our weekend score prediction tips.

So, why not take a fast look around our expert weekend score prediction tips page and consider backing your selection at one among the high stakes betting fixed matches sites we recommend? Get our free football betting predictions today and luxuriate in the games.

Weekend Score Prediction Tips

Recommended bookie Bet365

Football predictions

Are you keen sports bettors? If you’re, you’re probably always trying to find the simplest betting football tips you’ll get. That’s why fixedmatch.bet has decided to place this list of proven advice. It will assist you become a touch better, when it involves placing wagers on football fixed games and experimenting with the various matches.

In fact, there are a lot of reviews on football betting and match predictions are calculated, but the great news is that you simply don’t need to actually allocate hours of forehead-wrinkling effort into finding how to put a wager that might end up a win.

In fact, all you would like to try to to is follow some proven weekend score prediction tips and predictions practices and see how they compute for you. Let’s have a glance at them immediately.

Football Betting Tips that work

Now, before you begin placing your bets, you ought to acknowledge that simply because you wish a particular team doesn’t cause you to quite qualified to bet yet. you ought to consider soccer predictions and see how you’ll make the foremost out of any situation.

  • Always pick teams you wish – Don’t hesitate to side for the rival teams. If you recognize what they’re capable .You can use this data to your benefit.
  • Don’t follow football predictions blindly – Every game is slightly different, which means you’ll need to adopt a rather different strategy even as well. attempt to use past competition stats, goals, and scores to your benefit.
  • Stick with bet types you understand – the foremost successful bettors all agree that their success isn’t necessarily some unique juggling of overly-complicated bonuses. Instead, they’re going to always specialize in match bets.
  • Don’t overspend on betting – Betting is meant to be fun, and that’s why you shouldn’t be placing an excessive amount of money on one match. albeit you’ve got some great prediction for upcoming matches, consistency is vital, and to be consistent. you would like to be smart about your money.

All of this put together will provide you with a reasonably good overall offer and assist you find your way through the seemingly complicated world of sports betting – and soccer especially. Let’s mention predictions now and if they’re any good.


The truth is that you simply will need to do your own shopping around for predictions. Fixedmatch.bet usually recommends to specialize in the chances and build your online wager around them. Expert predictions and previews definitely have their upsides.

Whether and how during the weekdays or weekends, you’ll definitely find some upsides and luxuriate in yourself a good bit. Yet, predictions are going to be largely subjective. Weekend score prediction tips usually need to do with how you perceive the sport .

Whether and how during the weekdays or weekends, you’ll definitely find some up That’s to not say that football betting tipsters aren’t worth consulting with, quite to the contrary. As an excellent football bettor within the making yourself. You’ll want to form that each one the knowledge you read is, in fact, relevant. It can assist you pinpoint the simplest betting opportunities and luxuriate in yourself a good bit. Yet, predictions are going to be largely subjective. Weekend score prediction tips usually need to do with how you perceive the sport.

However, you’ll got to find exterior sources to verify a suspicion you’ve got a few team. They analyze whether or not they perform well or not. Thankfully, numbers are always an excellent help, as you’ll run past results and performance results to ascertain for yourself.

This means that you simply must use an equivalent strategy and historical statistics as in SRL matches. They are supported with historical data from thousands of previous games and results. These SRL predictions are often used for depending on sports events in various markets.

Hope these tips will make your weekend more exciting by helping you win each of your weekend fixed match bet.

Sure Correct score Site

Sure Correct score Site

Sure Correct score Site

Matches 1×2 Sure Predict Tips
Day: Wednesday     Date: 07.04.2021

League: SINGAPORE Premier League
Match: Tampines – Young Lions
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 7:0 Won

League: SINGAPORE Premier League
Match: Tanjong Pagar – Hougang
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:3 Won

League: ITALY Serie A
Match: Inter – Sassuolo
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 2:1 Won

correct fixed betting matches tips robert7weldon@gmail.com

WhatsApp support: +43 681 10831491

Reliable Fixed Matches

Welcome to the FixedMatch.Bet, which offers you a true opportunity to earn money with sure correct score site you can trust. We and our team are completely independent. With us, fixed matches no chance to mistake. If you create an error, you get your a refund or we offer you subsequent fixed games for free of charge. Above all, we guarantee your victory.

We concentrate on the gambling industry. This suggests we will offer our customers an exceptional and good earnings offer with our sure correct score site. Our analysis and work provides good earnings with fixed games. Our content are often customized to your specific fixed matches requirements. We adapt to the requirements of our customers and quickly change the event of the fixed matches. We guarantee our sure correct score site will provide you with secure fixed matches.

Our company is into account a broad multinational website whose audience is that the whole world of gamblers. The aim of the location is to assist people round the world find a sure correct score site with secure fixed matches like ours. This is often FixedMatch.Bet, best site for fixed matches. Since years, we’ve been providing our clients with the tools they have to form the foremost of our Legit fixed matches tips and make money with us. We are only partners with the simplest when it involves fixed matches.

Fixed Matches Betting Today

Before we make a final judgment to start out and lunch this sure correct score site, an ideal place where you. Our respected visitors may get info about most secure fixed matches with the simplest odds. After a few years of preparation and research we had secure multi play sources for our sure correct score site within the world of soccer.

With an already established sure correct score site. With reliable information from our collaborators we will provide you with info about fixed matches from 4 continents. It includes Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Our betting tipsters team invest a lot of effort, time, money. They determine cooperation with the simplest and most secure sources for fixed matches. But now after a few of years of presence within the betting industry on our satisfaction, tipster from all round the world confirm our diligence. All positive review from our subscribers and certificate for the simplest fixed match website make us proud.

To establish reliable sources fixed matches for sure correct score site is time and money consuming work. You’re within the right place to form a significant money income from soccer betting.

All you would like is to take a position a little amount of your fund at the start of this betting journey. And to sum up, start out earning big with our secure fixed matches.

A variety of betting offers for soccer betting fixed matches. And also you’ll select what’s best suited for your betting strategy fixed matches consistent with odds offered on our website.

1×2 Fixed Matches 100% sure

We know what you would like and that we are here to supply the simplest service for everybody. We are cooperating with the foremost reliable sources available out there, that’s why we don’t make mistakes. The important connection makes the important betting profitable not luck! This is often huge business and therefore the bookies are very precise. That’s why we are here. FixedMatch.Bet also precise and that we share a true information for smaller price to express number of individuals. Most importantly, we are fair to our clients, so we expect an equivalent.

Sure Correct score Site

We don’t raise the worth, you ought to not attempt to lower it. This is often serious business for serious players! Our offers with sure football prediction and costs are bellow you’ll choose any of them. Moreover, we have different bonuses for various memberships. Our team of sure correct score site consists of the most sources of fixed matches in Europe and every one around World. Further, we are a team of dedicated professional soccer analysts working together. We work to assist punters everywhere the planet who fail to take advantage of their bets. With over 15 years experience, we are definitely the last word choice you’ll believe for long-term winnings on sport betting.

What is an correct Score Prediction?

A correct score prediction may be a forecast of what the correct score fixed matches during a football/soccer fixed games are going to be after time period has been played. Before kick-off, bookmakers offer a variety of odds on several of the foremost common scores during a match.

Manipulated Fixed Matches Betting

For instance that you simply think that Tottenham will beat Arsenal. Which you think that that the ultimate score after 90 minutes plus stoppage time are going to be 1-0. You’ll take the chances on offer from the bookie at that score and if the score ends at 1-0 to Spurs, you win. The other score and you have lost the bet. It’s that straightforward.

Correct Score Predictions

As you’ll probably tell by the high returns on legit fixed matches tips. So, this is often one among the foremost difficult football fixed bets to win. As correct score tipsters, we produce daily correct score forecasts across many world football leagues. We use our own analysis also because the aid of a mathematical algorithm. This calculation takes under consideration many variables and factors including form, defensive & attacking statistics also because the probability (per league) of score lines. This mix gives us what we believe to be as realistic an opportunity as possible to predict the right score for every match.

In short, FixedMatch.Bet aims to scale back the complexity of sports betting by providing expert betting picks. As we place great importance on always integrating current information into the articles. Above all, our legit fixed matches tips are present on our website approximately 1-2 days before the kick-off of the match. If you would like to require a glance into the longer term you ought to inspect our betting tips for tomorrow section. The focus of our prediction forecasts is on the foremost popular sport within the world, namely Football! You can get daily legit fixed matches tips from the simplest leagues within the world. Therefore, our forecasts include the subsequent football leagues.

Legit Fixed Matches Tips

Legit Fixed Matches Tips

Legit Fixed Matches Tips

WhatsApp Groups Fixed Betting Matches Football
Day: Tuesday     Date: 06.04.2021

Match: Cliftonville – Dungannon
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 3:0 Won

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WhatsApp Group Fixed Matches Betting Football

FixedMatch.Bet is the genuine platform that provides legit fixed matches tips. But here w want to clarify one important rule. If you are here to get legit fixed matches tips for free, you are at the wrong place. We don’t entertain any request for free fixed matches tips.

We do provide match fixing services, but these aren’t free. Since we’ve to pay tons of cash to repair these matches, we certainly can’t make them free. Sometimes we actually don’t understand what you would like. If you would like actual fixed matches to back and also win tons of cash, why are you posing for them for free?

To win money, you’ve got to take a position some money first! So, if you would like to win tons of cash , you’ve got to take a position money first. Please don’t invite free fixed matches. If you are doing not have money to take a position, don’t ask at all!

We’ve been within the match fixing business for an extended time. This is often because we’ve our own rules and ways of creating deals. We are very serious about what we do and that we want our clients to be serious about it too. If you would like to become part of our team at FixedMatch.Bet all we demand is your commitment and interest. We don’t entertain any request for free fixed match. We’re very sorry if you are doing not have the cash to take a position, but this is often a true business and hence we can’t tolerate behavior like this.

Betting Soccer Free Predicted Tips

Some of you are trying to be a touch cleverer than us by asking us to allow them to pay after a match has been won. This is often also something we will definitely not do nor will we tolerate it. Once we first started this business, we did do this as an option. We purchased the free fixed matches betting from out of our own pocket so our clients could pay us back after the match has been won. are you able to believe what they did after that? They created a replacement account with a replacement email address to undertake to form us buy the match fixing again which they might pay us later. does one skills we know? We acknowledged through their IP addresses, which aren’t that tough to seek out out.

This was an equivalent as giving legit fixed matches tips away as charity! Get more legit fixed matches tips! If you would like to win pile, YOU’LL need to use our legit fixed matches tips.

We work with people from everywhere the planet, but we always attempt to make a variety and still work with people that follow all our rules about how they pay the contestants we send them in order that they don’t come. to some risk of loss.

It is vital for our clients to respect us as we tell them, for instance once we tell them what proportion to take a position within the legit fixed matches tips they are doing it completely, another example is once we tell them an example of two rigged fixed matches to play those two once set matches and once together and like many other such things.

VIP Soccer Betting Picks 1×2

This is of great importance because a little mistake and quick information can come to the bookmakers. Then those matches are often banned and also our selection will have information that there’s a drag and therefore the legit fixed matches tips are going to be changed.

Legit Fixed Matches Tips

But what is going to happen to other customers who aren’t responsible for this error made by other customers? 95% of all readers of this post would ask that… – Don’t worry about it at all! First of all, it’s vital for our team to not lose you as clients and it’s able to do everything albeit there’s a loss of our fixed matches, then you’ll get new info fixed matches 100% safe for free!

We look forward to your first message so as to form a deal and you to be our new customer !

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Soccer Fixed 1×2 Betting Free Tips

With a little investment that everyone can afford, the primary time you’ll start cooperating with us you’ll and you’ll make not double, but ten, even hundred times quite your initial payment. After a while, well, after a while prepare yourself for your dreams coming true ! We just want you to not be shocked about the quantity of cash you’ll win wink. Also, this is often vital, please notify your friends after you begin using our services and prepare to possess the most important party in your life with the people you’re keen on, because the winnings have just started ! Yeah, there’ll be cash for each pleasure you would like to experience !


We gather and percolate all the knowledge from our partners round the world. it’s important for us to make certain that we offer the foremost precise information to our members.

If you would like to extend your profits, you’re within the right place. On our site you’ll buy good fixed matches with guaranteed profit. Contact us on e-mail or whatsapp. Make agreement with our team and after payment start with matches. Be one among our clients and make your profit amazing with our matches.

Hope these legit fixed matches tips will help you win each of your bet. You will be able to earn more and more through betting 1×2 winning free tips on fixed matches.

1×2 Betting Odds Tips

1×2 Betting Odds Tips

1×2 Betting Odds Tips

Betting 1×2 tips best odds prediction
Day: Monday     Date: 05.04.2021

League: SPAIN LaLiga
Match: Barcelona – Valladolid
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.50    Result: 1:0 Lost

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Fixed Matches UK Soccer

Soccer fans can now enjoy placing football fixed bets directly from the comfort of your house. Because of FixedMatch.Bet, you’ll access the broadest range of soccer bets via our intuitive Android/iOS sports betting app and a desktop betting platform. The matter is that if you don’t skills to read 1X2 football betting odds Tips, you’re getting to struggle to put any wagers in the least.

But don’t worry! We’ve put together this handy guide to point out you ways to read 1×2 football betting odds in football HT/FT Fixed Matches using FixedMatch.Bet. To know everything better, it is sensible to match the reasons to real-life examples always available on our website.

What Are 1X2 football Betting Odds?

1X2 football betting odds are a numerical representation of the likelihood that something and how on will happen. In sports, the 1X2 football betting odds Tips usually ask the likelihood or probability that a team will win or a goal are going to be scored, for instance.

The more likely something is to happen, the upper the probability. 1X2 football betting odds Tips show you ways high the probability is for something to happen.

If it’s more likely that something will happen. Let’s say a well known strong team wins. The financial reward on a bet is low. During this circumstance, the chances are low.

If and how on something far rarer, however, the payout are going to be higher. the chances are going to be higher.

Now, to know the way to read 1X2 football betting odds, you would like to differentiate between “chances” and “odds”.

If the probabilities of something occurring are 25%, then would be a 1-in-4 chance of the event happening. This is able to be written in matches as ¼ or 1:4.

Betting Football Odds Fixed Matches

1X2 football betting odds are often written in several ways, including the foremost widespread decimal, fractional and American odds. Below, we’ll mention these odds systems intimately .

But maybe you would like to find out the fundamentals first? Here is our ultimate guide the way to back soccer.

How to Read Soccer Odds?

By default, at FixedMatch.Bet, we use decimal odds that are the foremost simple to read. In FixedMatch.Bet site, you’ll find the format that you prefer. If you’re more interested in fractional, American or Hong Kong odds.

How does one read soccer depending on FixedMatch.Bet It’s simple. You’ll find odds explained below.

What Are the 1X2 football betting odds Formats?

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are represented by one digit with up to 2 decimal places. This is often far and away the simplest concept to urge to grips with, and decimal betting is simple. Let’s check out an example.

If there’s a 25% chance that Manchester United will beat Wolverhampton Wanderers, then the decimal odds are going to be written as “4.00”. the probabilities that the Wolves will beat Man U are therefore 75%, making the chances “1.33”.

Further, we’ll check out more samples of decimal odds in order that you’ll totally get wont to them.

Fractional odds

Take an equivalent example as above. There’s a 25% chance that Man U will beat Wolves within the upcoming game. In fractional odds, this is often shown as 3/1 or 3:1. This suggests 3 against 1. If there have been 4 chances, the ratio would be 3 of these chances against Man U and just one chance for Man U: 3/1.

Soccer Pro Fixed Matches Insider

American odds

Experts writes American odds as  -200 or +200. The “-” means the team is that the favourite, and a “+” makes it the underdog. If the amount features a sign, this is often what proportion you’d win if and how $100. If the chances have a sign, then this what proportion you’d got to bet to win $100.

1x2 Betting Odds Tips

How to Calculate Probability in Soccer Using Odds

1×2 football betting odds are a solid indicator of how likely an occasion is to occur. Bookmakers by evaluating the different factors regarding 1X2 football betting odds Tips make a decision about which team will win the match and which one must b supported. As we’ve already discussed, once we check out 1X2 football betting odds, the upper the amount the less likely it’s to occur. This is often true in reverse – the lower the amount, the more likely something is to occur.

How to Calculate Your Winnings From Soccer Bets

The decimal odds system is that the most straightforward thanks to compute your winnings from any correct bets that you simply place.

To work out what you’ve won, you would like to require your stake and multiply it by the chances. Then minus your stake from the entire and you’ve got your profit.

When you feel confident about reading 1X2 football betting odds, it’s time for you to review football betting strategies. We’ve compiled a guide for you in order that you’ll be more successful in your predictions free tips Soccer.


Learning the way to read 1X2 football betting odds Tips is integral to betting fixed games today successfully. Once we check out odds, we’re seeing the likelihood that an occasion will occur during a sporting event, consistent with the bookmaker.

1×2 Fixed Predictions Matches Soccer

In soccer, bets are often placed on all types of events, from the team winning to the amount of goals scored, to first scored goal, to the amount of corners within the match. These different events have varying likelihoods that they’re going to or won’t occur. the chances are the mathematical representations of this.

Bear in mind, that not all bookmakers have an equivalent odds. This is often because bookmakers realize some matches better than others, so their odds reflect how they interpret the potential events that would occur when two teams meet.

As for FixedMatch.Bet, we always offer the foremost competitive soccer odds on our online betting platform. Because of our in-depth knowledge of worldwide soccer, we offer the simplest soccer odds across UK.

If you’d wish to enjoy our broad range for soccer bets, head to our official website today or download the Android app for soccer betting fixed matches big odds straight from your smartphone. Hope these HT correct score fixed matches tips would be helpful for you

Hope all the info mentioned in this article would be helpful for you and you would have understood 1X2 betting odds completely.